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  1. Well, I've seen the romance ones, but none of the rabid devotion and cults that seemed to result of Carth and Bastila, but I probably AM missing them. Oh the pity...
  2. Score, kotor comics! It'd be kinda cool if they made a comic on the backstories of all the characters. At least I think so.
  3. I thought most of the sayings in the onderan cantina were great! The waxed lekku were the best though!
  4. Dumbass. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Hahaha, nice, very nice :D I have my own theory as to what happen to the women. Feeling pressured to keep up with their husbands in this politically correct world, the wives, girlfriends, assorted females turned to steroids. In our world, while it's tragic, this does happen. While their physical performance did improve, there were side effects. As stated in the article at this site: http://www.wired.com/news/politics/0,1283,...n_story_related, these side effects included: "Two former East German swimmers now charge that the drugs caused birth defects in their children, and countless others face such ongoing troubles as excessive body hair and deep voices. " Seems familiar, no?
  5. So true, so very true. I wonder why they bothered to do that? Maybe they didn't want to step on any canonical toes by making any definitions as to the appearance of miraluka in regards to their ocular make-up. Of course that didn't stop anyone with their make-over of the Cathar in the last game *shrugs*. I would have liked to have seen Visas' face, Vestigial milky white translucent eyes that don't work or NO Vestigial milky white translucent eyes that don't work.
  6. I love how the same sounds/music have popped up in lucasarts games over the year. No, that's not a bash, infact i love it cuz it brings back good memories. For example, the music in the Telos cantina was also used in "The Phantom Menace" game that came out for playstation and Pc. The speede sound you hear on nar shadda is a classic from the Nar shadda multiplayer map in Jedi Knight. When I started playing this game, I had detirmined that Kotor 1 was better. But now after a couple months of playing it, I'm starting to think I like it better. The only thing i miss from the original is Bastila
  7. I'm pretty sure that if you equip visas with the jal shey armor, or whatever the gay little butt-cape outfit it, it does appear as different than her normal garb.
  8. Maybe I misinterpreted what I read, but I'm pretty sure they didn't put the KOTOR patch on a disk because they couldn't. Again, i'm not 100% positive, but that's what I thought i read/heard from numerous sources. *shrugs*
  9. Yeah, i've never triggered much of a backstory either. Seeing as how i can't stand him and his voice, he's not in my party enough for me to gain enough influence or whatever. Oh well, I'll take Visas over Goto any day That reminds me though, after the release of Kotor, a whole lot of Bastila/Carth lover's threads popped up. So far, unless I just missed them, I haven't really seen any for the characters of Kotor 2. I wonder what that means?
  10. I could get used to the "no eyes" thing. A jedi cares not about such trivial things But getting back to the original topic, I wish you could develop more of a relationship with Handmaiden or Visas, or even Mira. It just kinda fitzes out....very frusterating.
  11. Old school Lucasarts games rock. Man, X-wing, Tie-fighter, Darkforces1, 2, all good stuff. Man, i miss those days...
  12. Wow, i'm rather conservative, but compared to my classmates I'm a flaming liberal!
  13. I have to think that, seeing the response for the Kotor series, that Lucasart will cough up the money or bum it off of the other branches.
  14. Personally a HUGE x-files fan :D , I did enjoy Voyager when it was still on the air, although it may have tried to hard to be politically correct, ie first female captain AND first black vulcan, no complaints. The series got much better once kess left and 7 of 9 came around, although I doubt it was her Borg implants that recieved all the attention Has Enterprise gotten any better? I started watching the series but it was so painful that I had to turn it off.
  15. So I'm supposed to be doing homework, but I'm staring at my Xbox, and wondering if whether or not it would be cool if they came up with an AI program for Xbox. Like you could buy the basic program, then use xbox live to download different personalities or character appearances. You could use the xbox live headset or a different mic setup to tell it to play the different songs or something. I have no idea, but it beats homework. It seems like there could be a market, maybe. whaddya think? I should probably get back to my work now dangit!
  16. I've had my Xbox since they first came out. Since then, I've accumulated a total of 10 games. the first four, where of questionable quality and were given to me with my xbox. Since then, I've bought Rainbow 6 3, Ghost Recon, Halo, Halo 2, Kotor, and Kotor 2. When games cost a spendy $50, there are a LOT of games that aren't worth it. *thinks wistfully back to when $20-30 bought great games like Tie-Fighter*. Out of my collection, the kotor series has proved it's worth over and over again, definately worth the dough spent on them.
  17. Or the fabled sub-basement of the telos base. I'm curious, how far along are those areas before they are cut? Is there something actually back there or is it just out of the game zone? I know on some games where such areas have been cut, the forbidden area is textured and detailed and everything. Othertimes they've just put up a wall there. Is the fact that its still on the map representitive of it's existence? or is the map just out of date...
  18. I'd like to say Bastila, her being my dream-jedi-girlfriend . But truth be told, while it was good, it wasn't great. I did like Visas's, I thought that one line she kept repeating while you listened in on her thoughts was pretty cool. Maybe I'm just biased as she's the hottest character in the game ... Atton's backstory was pretty cool too. Carth's reminded me of every sad, lonely, hero story. Kreia's was pretty good, awesome character over all. Darth Nihilus was cool, i'd like to learn more about him.
  19. I was hoping we'd see more like it. Instead we got the stock graphics that were used on just about everything kotor2. Which is sad because they didn't pic the best pc face to use, and it's totally irrelevent if you're pc was a chick. Hey Lucasarts...more pictures like that please!
  20. I don't see what's dumb about it. This is the "way-off-topic" thread anyways *shrugs* Johny Carson will be missed. God Bless him.
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