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  1. When the assasins attack you on the Harbinger, how do they decloak? Is it like the mandalorians on Kashyyk in kotor 1 or do they just jump out if thin air?
  2. +you dont get visas or a prestigeclass
  3. Assuredly. I've been watching Star Wars movies longer than I can remember, and I'd be lying if I said that there wasn't part of me that thinks some of T3's lines were cut directly from the movies. Those lines sound identical, and I have a fairly good ear. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Well... I have two ears, YAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA *lost the little sanity he had left* yahahahahahahahahahaha
  4. If he has that chip installed, can he still fight?
  5. I DON'T UNDERSTAND *ANYTHING* OF THIS "COMPUTER-TALK"!!! mumble grumble ATI, grumble mumble geforce?????????
  6. I'm thinking of starting a sentinel-watchman with high DEX and CON. Then, the first feat I would take is finesse melee weapons, then class skill repair and the other non class skill. After that it's flurry and two-weapon fighting!
  7. Laser-toiletbrushes NOT: zoom, swish or ziang. INSTEAD; splash, splosh and wack!
  8. Correct me if I'm wrong here, but on Malcor5 can you have you partymember with you?
  9. Thank's that was the answer I was looking for... Now... it's comfirmed T3 is useful!! YAY P.s What does IIRC mean? D.S
  10. Iv'e been checking out gamebanshee.com's items selection on Kotor II and Iv'e noticed a couple of items that only can be used by T3. It's my belive that if T3 has those items equipped he actually hold his own in combat! (w00t) That would be great... I has always loved the little guy... :cool: The items in question: the "renewable droid shield", the "shock arm" and the "droid sustaining unit". Shield; Absorbs energy, sonic, cold, heat, ion 80 pt total. Upgrade; Regeneration 3 "Arm"; Damage electricity. At each level (up tp level 10) T3 damages 1-6 more damge with this arm. = level 10 (10-60 damage!!) If the enemy saves it with a fortitude save of DC 5 + the attakers level, the damage is reduced by half; level 10 (10-16 - 50% = 5-30 damage) If he had those items equipped, he would beat HK-47 anytime... NOTE: those items I listed, can only be used by T3-M4. Not GO-TO or HK-47!
  11. Hey guy's... you were to late, I'm already mad... YAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA or something like that...
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