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  1. How about GO-TO and Hanharr? It would be awsome to hear if Hanharr ever met Zaalbar, or something...
  2. Mira: Rockets + when she leads the party, nobody set off mines. Bao Dur: He shoots elektricity out of his arm + he can disable personal shields. Atton Rand: If he's not the last man standing, he cant die. Hanharr: He has Wookie Rage/Fury. Crazy This is the skills I know of, but I'de love to hear about the others. So please, can you tell me about the other charakters special skills...
  3. I'm a PC gamer, but I want to know about the charakters background, motives and other personal stuff you only get with *very* much "influense". Any charakter is fine, but if you could find juicy about Atton and Kreia, I'll thank whit a song. :">
  4. Maybe u could try out Atton Rand? He is practically invinsible
  5. 1)Who is Remote? 2)Is he the droid Bau Dur is supposed to have? 3)Can you control Remote? 4)Can remote hurt enemys? 5)If not, what's he for? 6)Why does GO-TO hurt/kill him? ____________________________________________________________________ If you have time and interest, please answer my questions.
  6. That sounds good! I whish you could have them both... What a team...
  7. Which of them are best? I know Disciple is good beacuse he makes some kind of medpacs. When the Exile trains him in to a Consluar he beacomes a balanced fighter, with both forcepowers and combat feats. Tell me, who is better than the other?
  8. If Mira and Hanharr would fight, then Hanharr would win. This means that Hanharr is better than Mira.
  9. I've heard things about Bao Dur having a pet droid. Is that true? Can it be upgraded? Whats it called? If you have time and interest, please answer my questions...
  10. Iv'e heard that ATTON can run behind the bar. There the twins cant follow you. Then its just to shoote the shields until it cant take no more(I think,I'm a PC gamer)...
  11. Thanks! I'm just wondering if he has a special skill or something? Ex:Miras rockets, Kreia's forcebond and extra exp-points. (w00t)
  12. Are they good characteurs? How are their beginning stats? How do you get influense over them? What wheapons are they strongest with? If you have time and interest, please answer me...
  13. I think u cant be good and then turn to be evil, if u dont consult it whith Kreia :D
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