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  1. Yeah, the only bad thing about Jar-Jar was that he wasent a jedi. "Force tounge"
  2. What's so interesting with Atton's story? Tell me please... (tag the response)
  3. Sherruk was so easy... he seemed very non force resistant. With one wirlwind ind a couple of flurrys, he's dead on the ground (w00t) !! P.S Sneak attaks helps ALOT!
  4. Well technically, females could too: The Sleeping Man. Albeit, I'm not attracted to green men donning adult diapers, but when I asked the Knower of Names who was the Sleeping Man's true love, she said it was ME! Kind of annoying since I had asked who my true love was and she said Valen, but after I asked about the Sleeping Man's, my journal entry erased Valen as my love and replaced it with the Sleeping Man, but they were both my b****es in the epilogue! ...though I am curious... what sort of "action" did BGII involve...? Perhaps I shall buy if there's some S&M involved! <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Oh... *sigh* Anomen. He starts out like the biggest horses a... oops... behind, but if you stick with him, he really is wonderful. At one point, in an inn, he will say something along the lines of... "Help me off with this old armor so that I may feel your skin next to mine." Squeeeeeeeeee! <{POST_SNAPBACK}> You're one h.ell of a sick human being!
  5. Take it our of your lightsaber, then ask Kreia to fix it...
  6. It changes with your ls or ds preferenses... when you have gained a bit of ls(ds points, take it out of you lightsaber and let Kreia atune it to you...
  7. To the original poster: ooh look at me... I'm wrighting(sp?) this with the FORCE... ooh I can make the mouse float ooh...
  8. ,kajdy kadgj8a64svd45646bkhzxftkvy yu fdsfduf464yoiszuyfiaidfsoir8er79se5ksd f'dgd6
  9. ,kajdy kadgj8a64svd45646bkhzxftkvy yu fdsfduf464yoiszuyfiaidfsoir8er79se5ksd f'dgd6
  10. Can he still fight, when he has the pacifier installed?
  11. I'm also thinking of having Bao in my party. One question though, where do you put Bao's attribute points? I've seen that he has low DEX... that means he has low defense...
  12. Bantha poo-doo tastes good in milk!? That's disgusting! ...and where did you get the poo-doo? <{POST_SNAPBACK}> OMG you found out the secret Kolto recipe(sp?) !!!!!!!!!! OOOOMMMGGG
  13. Darth Traya: Exile, could you pass me the sugar, sugar? Darth Sion: Atris, could you pass me the honey, honey? Darth Nihilius: Visas, give me the milk, cow! LOL
  14. When I used the grenades , they kind of went 'poof' and then it looked the same as if you threw them. Sorry , I guess its not that amusing but I'm entertained pretty easily <{POST_SNAPBACK}> LIKE POOF??!! Ok, there is no emotion...
  15. I'm thinking of having a party with Kreia and Bao. I'd be using them all the time. Is this a good idea? I want to take Kreia for the xp bonus and force chain, and I would like to have Bao in my part thanks to his skills, Remote, repulsorstrike and the unarmed combat feats. If you disagree or have a better solution, please tell me.
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