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  1. OK, sorry if this has been posted before (I didn't read the whole thread). Anyway - my believes are that true evil, is neutrality. To sit idly by while te world rushes by, is truly sinister. When your not doing something to help the world (in the case - the galaxy) your automaticly un-helping it (lol)... When you are evil, you act by a patter (goodies do that too). That pattern is a part of the force, and helps it evolve (remember, its just my speculations). But as a neutral person, your unaffected by changes, and just sits there...
  2. For the sake of the Galaxy, I would exterminate both the Jedi and the Sith. They have brought nothing by trouble.
  3. could you please post a picture of DS Mira? I haven't seen her yet.
  4. I'd rather be something in between.. an assasin! sneak attack - yay!
  5. I tried that with the first game in the Kotor series.. but it totally #@&
  6. So, I want to un-install KotorII, but I just don't know how I should do it. My guess is that a button exists, somehwhere, that says "Un-installation". I want to find this button. Any help would be appreaciated. P.S Is this question has been asked before (and answered) feel free just to post a link to it, rathner than explaining). D.S
  7. Lol.. just use energy shields and master speed, and she'll go down fast.
  8. If you decide to look at what I typed below, be warned, beacuse it MAY cause sensitive viewers to flinch. Yeah.. its soo sexy that FEMALES have two sticking out from the back of their heads.
  9. Name: Zeish Age: 35 Homeworld: Kashyyyk Weapon: Anything he may lay his hands on. Lightsaber Forms: Not trained in the lightsaber way. Appearance: Shifting. Same as Rulan Prolic (shifting dude in Upper Shadowlands Kotor1). Force Side: A bit below Neutral. He does what he does to survive. Affliction: None Powers: Shapeshift: Allows him to turn to a Wookie for +6 STR but -6 DEX, allows him to turn to a Tach with + 4 DEX and -4 CON, but disabling his ability to equip other items than one-handed blasters, allows him to switch back to neutral form, allowing no bonuses. He looks like a Human in his neutral form. Backstory: As a tach, Rulan Prolic mated with one of the Tach matriarchs, and made her pregnant. When the Tach matriarch gave birth Zeish, she died, allowing the Katarns to feed on her body. Zeish was thought to be a regular Tach, but he soon realised that he was far more intelligent that those other Tachs. He studied the other inhabitans on Kashyyk, and foun that he was a master of mimicing their movements. He trained in walking with his back straight, as wookies, he learned how to stalk prey for miles befour he killed it (mostly bugs). One day, he noticed that he had grown larger. When he looked down upon his body, he saw that it was a wookies body, not his own. He realised that if he concentrated enough on being a Tach, he could transform into his regular form. Shortly after he discovered his shapeshifting abilitys, he began to experiment with it. He studied the other animals so closely, that ne understood everything there was about then. He also learned to take on their forms. A while after, he climed up to Rwookrroorro village, and lived as a Wookie for a while. Then, he let slavers take him to other planets, and show him the universe. He soon learned how to mimic humans too, which he did, and escaped. Now, he's looking for his *real* form. He can take on all the appearences in the world, but he still doesent know how he looks like. (I've surely misspelled alot here, but bare with me).
  10. I never said she killed the force, I merely stated that (according to how I see Kreia) Kreia will do anything to kill the Force, beacuse it's what she hates.
  11. Kreia. Her hate for the very Force is what makes her stand out and do what has to be done to finally kill the awful Force.
  12. HEY! You didnt add Master Zei-Kai Ell (I can't spell his name). His Force Moustache powers are great!
  13. Pharafrase Kreia- You must see both sides as what they are - pieces of a whole.
  14. I voted Kreia. I think her love for the Exile, and her hate for the Force, are the two most beautiful things. I truly loved her as a charachter, both story-wise, and in combat.
  15. It's easier to read if you check your spelling sometimes. I'm not saying that everyone except you spells perfectly, but all I'm asking is that you look over what you've just written. Even though *I*'ve looked this message through, I'm sure there are a couple (or more) spelling mistakes. On topic now: Kotor happened like 1000 years befoure the movies, right? That can mean that the plans for the Ravager-type ships surived, and was starting to be massproduced again, at a later date.
  16. Does anyone ever hear what G0-T0 says? All I hear is mumblings and stuff (oh god I hate his voice).
  17. I mean, whats up saying you'll be someones doom, when your a JEDI!??! What happened to pacifism? Or doesent that apply to crazy catwomen?
  18. I have lke one influence "Obstacle" left, before I can turn Mira in to a jedi, and I want to know if there's a big event or anything that gives you influence with Mira in Dxun/Onderon? Maybe the trapped Mandalorian?
  19. Add http:// infront of what you typed! <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Thanks man, I've been trying to figure that out for ages now.. http://www.gamebanshee.com YAY!
  20. This won't take long! - Kreia Yaaaaah!! - Kreia (Thats) another one for me! - Mira Let's get this over with! - Bao-Dur Combat mode: Active! -Hk-47 I shall/will honour them with battle! - Handmaiden I shall make this one see! - Visas Marr Together then! - Disciple For clan Ordo! - Mandalore I'm not sure about some, that's why I put ()'s around them. And these are far from all battlecrys.. but I just dont have time to write them al down now (and I wont do so later). Thats all from Swedish Dark Lord III, signing out.
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