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  1. May I reckomend a walkthrough.. its pretty nice, and it will help you if you're stuck or anything.. They also have walkthroughs and strategy guides for other games. www.gamebanshee.com and select Kotor II P.S How do I link? D.S
  2. I also voted The Camp. But.. except the guy who owns Ramana, he was the only one (as far I as can remember) I ever played against.
  3. I mean when you run outside peragus, where Atton spots you and all, the exile moves at hyperspeed. Is it supposed to be like that to keep the player alive (kotor1 almost killed me with the SLOW , walks in space; the leviathan and manaan. Or is it a bug? Or maybe something wrong with my computer. NOTE: This is NOT a complaint, but I just want to start a discussion, and maybe get some answers too.
  4. What kind of "bonus" does Counslar and Sith Lords for achieving Dark Side Mastery?
  5. OK, I've accesed that regedit screen. The only Kotor1 "leftover" was a file (?) (it has a file ikon though) that is named BioWare Corp (befor I did anything, I exported the stuff). I just deleted it. I didnt found anythings else that has a connection to kotor1. Then, I pressed the X in the higher-right corner of the screen, and popped the CD in. And it fked up, just as before... Did I do anything wrong? I didnt find a SAVE button though.. maybe I'm just blind. OH.. if anyone's able to type the answer and stuff in swedish, please do so.. its not necessary, but IF you can please do so.. Judge Hades.. I noticed that your online, (atleast now when I'm typing this) and maybe you could answer (just a suggestion, not a demand ). /Thanks in advance!
  6. Ok.. I'll try to do everything you've said (I'm not so good at computer-stuff)... Oh, and yes, I have windows XP..
  7. Ok.. I'm trying to do as you've written, but I don't exatctly understand how to bupass the autorun.. Shall I delete the autorun things, or what? NVM the things I've written above, I understoob what you meant with the setup and all.. but that still doesent change a thing.. And how do I acces the registry?
  8. My favorite race is.. *drums* **more drums** ***alot of drums*** the (I dont know what they are called) the alien you see in the Star Forge system in KOTOR1.. I remember one "sound-string" from them : Oonka-doonka schmack!
  9. I have a problem.. I once un-installed Kotor1 with the thingy called "Remove or change programs".. I didnt know then that you shall never do things like that.. SOoo.. I wanted yo play Kotor1 again, and I decided to install it. So, I pop in the cd, and wait a sec. and then the stranges things happen.. I get the Bioware's special "box" (the blue thing).. it says Install and Exit. I press install. Now, install shiled Wizards asks if I want to confirm my un-installation.. I press OK.. the Install SHield Wizard asks, if I want to keep my saved games.. I select no. Now it says :: Star wars : Knight of the old Republic has been uninstalled from your computer. I press Finish, and nothing happenes after that. if I re-pop the cd in, the exact same thing happenes.. Please, does anyone know what this problem is, and more importantly HOW TO FIX IT.. I really want to play BOTH kotor games.. (My copy of Kotor2 works perfectlly). [sorry for my bad english, but I'm in a hurry]
  10. ... Ok, back to beating the ol' alien.. Thanks for the quick reply by the way.
  11. I just want to say: Hi again.. I've been playing WoW alot, so I havent been able to play kotor/kotor ii... So.. I loaded up a game of a Darkside Counslar (lvl 13 [male]).. And I wanted to play Pazaak, beacuse it was so long ago.. ANyways, I win a couple of rounds, and I try to change the stakes, to Armour Upgrade-stuff, but he only says something like this: I only play with those, when I dont have anything other to play with.. How can I make him give me armour-upgrade-stuff??? Thanks in advance, <insert_name_here>! :ph34r:
  12. Yeah.. lets say you HAVE to use the Random Name Generator... And the game could say all the combinations that comes from the RNG... hmm.. but some people like inventing new strange names.. BTW, its been like 3 month's since I
  13. Damnit... I think you should close this thread and start a new one!
  14. Could a friendly soul please tell me mandalore's story?? I would really appreciate it! P.S Am a an idiot for playing Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi academy? D.S
  15. Great picture.You should be able to make money on that stuff!
  16. How did you get all of Mandalore's stories? I've found it difficult to gain influence with him... Maybe you're better at the influence-system! Anyways... STOP SPAM plz?
  17. The coolest language in the SW-universe is Jawa-speak... It sound's like some one is fast-playing a tape of basic...
  18. My guess is that he was faceless. Kreia told the Exile that he no longer can be called a man. At first I thought she meant: man-male, but after an hour of thinking I relised that man also can mean human. My conclusion is that he was nothing. He was like a spirit filling hos robe, his gloves, and his panties. I'm also guessing that he was'nt of this(that) world.So maybe his mask was some kind of window to see whats in our(sw universe) world. I'm Truly sorry if I've misspelled ANYTHING on this post. I'm looking forward to the day I can wright a single post without it being misspelled. I also hope that this was well formulated.
  19. watta watta moliraaa - your toes are cheating on you
  20. The Exile is getting stronger by killing all the people who stand in his way... Its called XP!!
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