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  1. This time around I'm using Hanharr and HK-47. I'm the only force-user!! ([(no heal)])
  2. Statement: I will kill you, Fat one!!! *shoots him in his big asssss*
  3. Why cant the Exile just open his chassis and take the @#
  4. I'm playing as a female... And I've just got the Disciple(GAY " ) and I've walked in and out of the Hawk and... (drums please) I've seen how Kreia teases him... LOL P.S I would like to got tips on how to influense himD.S Tralalalalalalalalalalalalalzhahahahahaalalalalalalalalalala
  5. I have this friend... and a let him have his own file in KOTOR2. Then, when he was about to save, we saw that MY file was gone!!! So I look around and all, but I cant find it. Has anyone ex. this?? In that case, what did you do about it? And I'm actually sad 'cause I had tranied Atton to be a , EXACTLY before I saved... I was planning on having him and Hanharr (love the psycho guy) as my main party-members.
  6. Might I add... There's a teenie weenie thing called; THE RANDOM LOOT GENERATOR... That means, you dont get a sliver-crystal evrytime in the rodians shop. But... I have a trick! SAVE before you look at ANY merchant goods. If you dont like what you see, just load the saved game and take a look again. You'll see that the merchant will still have the same KINDS of items but not identically the same. EX: A merchant has a padawan robe, you LOAD, talk again and the merchant MAYBE has a dark padawan robe!
  7. And I thought I was doing a splendid rendition of an early 1900 Irish immigrant..
  8. You know on malachor... there's supposed to be sith maurodeurs everywhere, but every maurodeur I see looks like one of those "common people"... You know everywhere... On telos walking around and so... Otherwise, the maurodeur is fine... its just the texture(?)... they have lightsabers and everything... If you dont understand my BAD english, read the post again :cool:
  9. Look at mine... Bel`Sto Sorel :"> Thats kinda good, huh?
  10. One time, when I was playing KOTOR 1, I made a ds male... his name was "Grim Reaper"... I didn't even finish Taris with him... random name is best... P.S Hyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah D.S
  11. Whoa!! (w00t) You people are REALLY old... I'm only 13... P.S det
  12. I'm in Gotos yacht, and Iv'e entered the bridge... Then what I think I'm supposed to have some kind of "program" but I dont know where to find it. ... help?
  13. When I was talking with Kreia about who she was, a cutscene appered where Sion and Nihilius kicked Kreias ass. Then, when I looked on her face, I thought it looked like a Twi'lek... So, is she Human, or Twi'lek? P.S Sion is strong. D.S
  14. JUST ONE ANSWER PLZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. Yeah-Yeah... If you're not going to answer, then why are you posting?
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