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  1. It seems random, depending on the items that are generated within. Some become damaged, others don't. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> If a container contains ex: grenades, does the grenades blow up?
  2. Does bashing hurt the objects inside some/all of the containers? Does bashing with a plasmatorch hurt objects inside some/all of the containers? Is security worth spending skillpoints on? P.S I'm thinking of doing like this when I get the game: I don't take any points in STR and put many points in CON, INT and WIS, oh sorry, I'm changing WIS to DEX. The first feat I'm gonne take is melee finesse so the missing STR doesent make a differens. Is that a good plan? Of course before I'm getting my lightsaber I'm gonne take lightsaber finesseD.S I didn't know wich forum to put this in... Forgive me if i *am* in a wrong forum...
  3. I'm with you all the way! BTW they have already a walkthrough of Peragus.
  4. I've heard that some times, sith enters your ship sometimes? Is that true? In that case when? Any other information about this will also be much appreciated!
  5. What are the stats of Padawan, Jedi and Master robes? List the stats of other robes if you wish! (w00t)
  6. The Random Loot system makes it impossible for one to say where items are.
  7. Where in the Hawk does everybody stand? I know stupid question.
  8. To seek out some Jedi Masters lol I swear Swedish, you know so much already, including the ending, story plot, etc., you might as well just save your money and not get the game rofl - dr cloak <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Let's say I have a bad memory, OK?
  9. I mean I dont have the game but I want to know why you go to all those planets. Is there a *real* reason or is it some crappy *get to know the locals* quest?
  10. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> To bad! But, in the beginning of peragus it's smartest to give her DUELING right away, huh? BTW, which arm's cut away?
  11. I'm sorry... I was in a hurry so that I forgot to tell you I wanted to know the NPC's classes...
  12. You read my topic now answer it. P.S No rude behavior on this thread! D.S PP.SS Got it? DD.SS
  13. I've never really understood why your strength bonus gets included into a lightsaber's damage in the first place. Higher strength lets you swing a physical weapon harder and faster, meaning more kinetic energy, resulting in more impact when it connects. A lightsaber, being composed of energy, should theoretically be very close to weightless (except for the hilt). Any increase to kinetic energy from swinging it harder would be negligible due to it's lack of mass. Besides, the damage is energy based and not physical. If anything, your Dex bonus should be added to the damage due to well placed strikes (though that's a bit of a stretch in and of itself). <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
  14. When she's back in the party does she still only have one arm? Btw, Ostkant are you from Sweden? I am!
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