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    Atton Rand?

    You are quite right. Though libertarianism existed in previous incarnations (such as classical liberalism), Rand was the first one to embody her political principle into a single statement that libertarians tend to accept as their modus operandi. That principle is known as the "non-aggression principle". Some libertarians also call it the ZAP, or "zero-aggression principle". Objectivism is far more than libertarianism. While Objectivism is a full philosophy dealing with metaphysics, epistemology, ethics, politics, aesthetics, teleology, etc. etc., libertarianism is politics-only, shared among those of many different philosophical roots, even Nihilism. The primary reason Rand didn't care much for the libertarian movement as a whole is the fact that it didn't have her ideal philosophical root. As an Objectivist I would agree with her Of course, I am a member of the LP anyway. I don't see much choice.
  2. I had a similar problem with HK-47 and Mandalore. I was gaining influence or losing it with everyone all the way up until I entered the ship at a certain point in the game. Once entering the ship, everyone is standing or staying still (i.e. not moving around). T3-M4 and Hanharr are standing still, and Atton is standing up rather than sitting. From that point on in the game, no activits gain or lose influence. Its very annoying, not just because it happens, but because I have absolutely no idea what spawns it. I am in my fourth game, and its happened midway through all of them so far.
  3. It's your personal crystal. It raises some of your attributes by A LOT and does other things. You find it in Crystal Cave. Additionally, as you level up, take the crystal out of your lightsaber and talk to Kreia. She will often times give the crystal even more power by focusing on it.
  4. Weird. I got more than enough influence with her just talking to her on Ebon Hawk, all in once conversation. I didn't have to do any of that. I am playing light side again, so I will tell you what I did when I get there. One thing is that when she agrees to let you teach her, she doesn't just become a jedi right then like the other do. You have to take her back to Nar Shaddaa, right outside of the Entertainment Sector where Kreia gave you that vision about the "real Nar Shaddaa". She will get a similar vision and then will become a Jedi Sentinel.
  5. I'm not. I like Mira... All I'm trying to do is not kill her and flip her to the good side. Okay, next time I'll try to avoid the whole thing... Won't even talk to her... <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I understand, but my goal was to turn them all to Jedi. I succeeded, but I had to keep going back to older save files. Still I am not sure what you are saying, or rather, who you were saying it about. Visas Marr, or Mira? If you try tro save Visas Marr and turn her to the light side, she will be in love with you. There's almost no escaping it. She is actually the easiest to influence, because you gained influence with her when she first sensed you (and fell in love with you in some small way) on the Ravenger with Darth Nihilus. Mira's Jediship is a bit of a puzzle, but its easy for the most part. It took me a while to realize that after I had her agreeing to learn from me that I had to take her to Nar Shaddaa, right outside of the Entertainment Sector, where Kreia gave me the original vision of the "real Nar Shaddaa".
  6. I believe that happens when Kreia tells her that you have a love interest with Visas Marr. When that happened to me, I just went to a previous save file.
  7. Yes, an evil, but VERY powerful Wookie He's worth getting on your dark side game. You can also get him on your LS game by starting out DS and then going totally LS. You can manage to get Mira if you let your DS game start out as LS as well, then you can go DS and train her as a Sith. I've done it, but its a hard thing to manage.
  8. Yes that's true, losing maximum influence will also open those dialogues, as well as most other options. However, if you train Jedi with low influence, they will be trained as Jedi opposite of your alignment. If you are Sith, they will be Jedi. If you are Jedi, they will be trained Sith. I went about this by gaining maximum dark side points all the way up to my first planet, then choosing Nar Shadaa. On Nar Shadaa, I made sure to do light side things, plenty of them, around Bao Dur, with him exclusively in my party, to gain enough influence. I did a combination of light side and dark side things with only Atton in my party. Oddly enough, you can gain influence with Atton by going in and killing the innocent, or by helping them altruistically. Eventually out of all of this, Bao Dur tells you that you have an effect on him and that he didn't notice it before... this convo will end up with Bao Dur training to be Jedi or Sith. Atton's convo requires that you ask him early on at the academy on Telos about his Echani training. You can only do this if one of the Handmaidens tells you about that in a convo with her after your convo with Atris. Then later, while walking through the Refugee Sector, two Twilek's will approach you and tell you of his history. Start talking to him and being nice, and you will gain influence, and he will tell you of a Jedi woman he loved and killed. Then he will want to be trained. With the Handmaiden, its actually easy. Everytime you gain two levels, ask her to train you. Also, ask Kreia about her mother, when that option comes up, or after a training session, as her to put on some clothes. She will put on a Jedi Robe and tell you it was her mother's. You have to ask her that WHILE WEARING CLOTHES yourself, or she will shrug off your request. After the three training sessions (you have to win them, and not cheat), and after she tells you about her mother, you can press the issue of becoming a Jedi. Mira is not difficult either. When you first come to Nar Shadaa and walk in front of the door to the Entertainment Sector, Kreia gives you a vision of the real Nar Shadaa. Keep that location in mind. Once Mira is in your party, try every combination of good things to say until she opens up to you. You will eventually get the option to "teach her", and she asks that when you show her, don't be smug about it or something like that :"> At that point, leave the Ebon Hawke with Mira in your party and walk to that point where Kreia showed you the vision... she will be startled and let you train her as a Jedi. Hope that helps.
  9. Uhm... not true at all. My Consular/Jedi Master game had the Handmaiden, Mira, Atton, and Bao Dur all turned to Jedi before I reached level 15 and became a Jedi Master. Similarly, my Consular/Sith Lord game had the Handmaiden, Atton, and Bao Dur all turned to dark Jedi before I reached level 15 and became a Sith Lord. I did all of this on the first "choice" planet, the one I picked being Nar Shadaa (sp).
  10. Nah. I only had to go to her the first time to reject the lesson of strength. I don't know if this works when you accept the lesson. I am not even sure if you have to go to her at all at this point -- most likely, you don't have to do anything to the lesson of strength to keep going through the Hanharr interview and getting this bug to work. I posted this exactly as I did it however -- the way I did it, I know works. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Having tried it again, I don't have to go to Kreia at all. In fact, if I pick Hanharr for Goto's yacht, once I've been rescued I can gain all the influence and follow that convo-line I posted right away, to infinitum.
  11. Nah. I only had to go to her the first time to reject the lesson of strength. I don't know if this works when you accept the lesson. I am not even sure if you have to go to her at all at this point -- most likely, you don't have to do anything to the lesson of strength to keep going through the Hanharr interview and getting this bug to work. I posted this exactly as I did it however -- the way I did it, I know works.
  12. I wouldn't be surprised at all. Now that I've played the game a few times, I can honestly say I like it. I've had a lot of fun playing it; however, it just doesn't compare to the first game. There are some exceptions of course -- I happen to think "Darth Treya" (i.e. Kreia) is one of the most interesting characters out of either game, and for that matter one of the most interesting Sith Lords in the entire Star Wars genre. She is like an ancient female predescessor to Darth Sidious (Emporer Palpatine). I also happen to think that the gameplay, prestige classes, and the ability to train your party members as Jedi/Sith are significant gameplay improvements. All that being said, none of this is enough to tip the balance in this new game's direction. It is true that Lucas borrowed from "Flash Gordon" and "Hidden Fortress", but for anyone who has seen these for what they were, its obviously more of a tribute to both of these than intellectual theft. For that matter, Lucas took those story elements farther. (Note: He did it with well written, properly punctuated sentences comprising properly composed paragraphs as well. Period.). I don't want to spend too much time on the exclusive ad hominem use of the term "hack" in respect to Lucas or his masterwork, but its obvious that the story of the "Kotor2: The Sith Lords" itself, by the very nature of taking place in the "Star Wars" universe and relying heavily on concepts such as "Jedi", "Sith", "The Force", etc., is at least as much of a "hack" of the Lucas fantasyworld we have all grown to love as Lucas' originally titled "Journal of the Whills" was to "Hidden Fortress" and/or "Flash Gordon". My advice to each and every gamer who is trying both games is this: if you want the most fun out of this experience, don't turn it into a tech version of the cola wars, or for that matter, a tech version of male "appendage" envy. (w00t)
  13. I tried playing previous Resident Evil games, but I simply could not get used to that moronic control scheme. Frustrating. The game looks beautiful, though; the Gamecube needs more games like this. I just wish I had any desire to play it now. Darn you, Capcom! <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I don't know what the reviewer meant by that. I am halfway through RE4 now, and the control scheme isn't like the previous games. In fact, I think that is probably the most fundamental improvement I've noticed so far. The graphics are good of course, but they were just as good for the RE remake on Gamecube, and RE-0. The story is also a great break-off. The only complaint I have is that its not a puzzle game anymore, not really. <_<
  14. I have run into the strangest bug using Hanharr on my darkside game. Hanharr joined my party and I chose him and T3-M4 to use on Goto's yacht and to rescue me. Once they had rescued me from the main chamber, I spoke with Hanharr and did every conceivable dark combination of phrases and gained a lot of influence. Eventually, a question came up "Why do you follow me?" I followed it to the end, and gained +2 strength for Hanharr, and -2 intelligence, 1000 experience points, and dark side points. Then on the Ebon Hawk, I asked Kreia about the lesson of strength, then went to Hanharr and asked him about it. Then I returned to Kreia and rejected the lesson of strength which gave me a +2 wisdom bonus. (To accept it gives you +2 strength and +1 constitution). This is where the strange bug comes in. I went back and re-did the question line "Why do you follow me?" with Hanharr, over and over again, and each time it gave me additional dark side points, another 1000 experience points, and Hanharr +2 strength and -2 intelligence. Eventually the -2 intelligence went below 0 and because the developers used an unsigned single-byte integer to represent those values, it reverted to 254 intelligence... which gave all of my intelligence-dependent skills, such as computer, repair, security, and demolitions, a +122 bonus. My ranks are now huge. This also serves as a way of getting unlimited dark side points and unlimited experience points. I redid this tons of times just to see if there was an end to it, and there definitely isn't. I don't consider this an advantage. its ruined my game, and now I am going to have to start all over. However, I was wondering if anyone else had seen this strange bug. The line of conversation I took in the "Why do you follow me?" question line I have included below: Me: Why do you follow me? Hanharr: Because the weak obey the strong! Hanharr: As long as I am here, I will force you to be strong, for the moment you show weakness, I shall be at your throat. Hanharr: When you die, our debt shall be settled. Me: Does that mean you serve me? Hanharr: Serve you? I watch you, I shadow your movmenets through the dark places in the galaxy. Hanharr: My reasons are my own, but know that I shall one day show you what hatred is, and what life is. Me: As long as you obey me, I couldn't care less. Hanharr: I believe you are correct human - and so wrong, at the same time. It is enough, I think. Hanharr: I see the slaves you have gathered around you. You are as much a slaver as the tribe of Czer-ka, but the price of that slavery lies behind your eyes. In the heart. Hanharr: Do not think we are different, you and I. You are as much of a monstor, an exile, as I am. We both walk in the Shadowlands, to prove ourselves great. Me: The debt you mentioned - what are you talking about? Hanharr: Among my people, there is a custom, a debt that is a form of slavery. I did not see what it was until your kind came to our planet and showed it through your eyes. Me: What kind of debt? Hanharr: For my people, to stop one from dying, from traveling to the Shadowlands, makes their life yours. Hanharr: These bonds are called "life debts." They are invisible shackles that one wears upon the wrists - and in the mind. Me: You are a fool to let your primitive customs chain your actions. Hanharr: [influence: Failure] If I give up everything of my people, then the Shadowlands will have my body... and my mind. Me: But to adhere to the codes of your people - that is only another form of slavery. Hanharr: It is what must be. Me: All you need to do is give them up. Hanharr: That... I cannot do. Me: Then you shall always be prey, Hanharr. You are your own prey, and such things are weakness. Hanharr: [influence: Success] To give up everything of my people... means I will be no longer one of them, even in the place that exists beyond the Shadowlands. Hanharr: When I die, I shall become part of the Shadowlands... and never return from my exile. This blackness that surrounds me will be where I die, forever. Me: You are already damned beast. It only requires that you face it. Hanharr: :: Silence :: Hanharr: Enough... human. You wish to break me from my people - you wish to make it so I am no longer prey. Hanharr: You have done this - shattered the shackles in my mind with your words. Hanharr: The last path to the place beyond the Shadowlands is now denied to me. I honor no life debt now - and I will walk with you and your tribe, by choice. Me: Then walk my pat, and realize that nothing should keep you tied to this galaxy or others. Hanharr: You have murdered that which made me weak, and killed it in my spirit. Hanharr: And I am here to be the predator of such things which stalk within you. Me: [You have broken Hanharr fully into your service, making him stronger. He has gained +2 Strength and lost -2 Intelligence.] Hanharr: Leave me, human. There is nothing more for us to say - only battle, and the death it brings.
  15. If I remember correctly, on light side when you've defeated the main villain (left unnamed for the sake of those who haven't played it yet), that villain tells you the fate of your companions, and if you ask, the fate of Revan. That villain implies that Revan is still alive. Am I remembering this incorrectly?
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