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  1. A random note about Sion: The spelling S-i-o-n (to the nearest I can tell) orginates in Old English. You can then trace it back through Late Latin into Greek, and, finally, to Hebrew. It can be used as an alternate spelling of Zion. The only definition I found that did not refer to a Biblical place was: Noise, tumult. Which is interesting since tumult has the following definitions(among others): A disorderly commotion or disturbance, Agitation of the mind or emotions. Is this what the Devs meant? Perhaps. I don't claim to know their mind, but this is my $0.02 on what they might have been trying to convey. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> you need to get out more
  2. boba fett is just another clone remember the freaky aliean said janaga asked for another clone but without the age enhancements. (sorry i is a little drunk so spelling is abit off)
  3. i really need to play again coz now i hear you can turn mira into a jedi which i didn'y b4 and there is someone called disiple!! who i've never met
  4. Has anyone found the best 2 characters to take with you on each planet to get the best back story/infu. Which combos work best for fighting also.
  5. when your equiping items some say they cannot be used by wookies, so have i missed another character or is the game just giving me a pointless fact.
  6. mgs2 consited of the boat level. That's it. The rest of it is just twodel, crap story, gay lead character and stupid bosses.
  7. strange when i reloaded my game and beat reven again as i defeated him kreia popped into my head which she didn't do the first time and the door opens. is this a bug?
  8. help please i've just defeated reven in the tomb but i'm stuck inside, three doors are behind the tomb but all are locked. how do i get out?
  9. is there a history thread where i can view the history leading upto the first kotor, as i'm playing the second one and i want to know who the mandorleans are and what was there war about?
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