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  1. No offense, but I don't think you have ever been in the Netherlands right?
  2. I think this is just as much rape as anything, just in a different fashion than usual, but that doesn't make it non-rape.
  3. I missed it the first time as well.
  4. Why not? A person is violated in a brutal fashion.
  5. Thats the Star Wars Universe. Female Twi'Leks always have been, and always will be slaves to gruesome gangsters. And remember, Return of the Jedi, it was a female who rescued herself, while being a slave. No more complaining. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Exactly, all the important female characters in the Star Wars movies(i.e. Leia, Padme) are strong and independant women.
  6. With aggressive I don't just mean physical aggression, I also mean the manipulative nature of the women. THe comments about how men view the lightsaber as very important, while jedi women do not have this. And don't forget that in both Kreia's and Mira's situation the aggression form the men has a source which is not at all stereotype. Kreia used to be the MAster of Nihilus and Sion. MIra saved Hanharr once, etc.
  7. If there are any movies in which gender, or for that matter race or whatever, don't play a large part, it's Star Wars.
  8. I concur, once again women take advantage of their supposed inferior position in society and start bashing people.
  9. You shouldn't complain, I've had dozens of times when people in the game are much more aggressive against men then women. Are we supposed to tke those instances as jokes and the times that women are commented upon are discrimination. Yeah right.
  10. You are all saying that women cannot be good leaders, but the New Republic that is created after the Empire, isn't it led by Mon Mothma. BTW, in my games Revan is a man, but that is just because I finished my KOTOR1 games mostly with men so the choice for me is more obvious, but I am sure I'll play KOTOR2 someday with Revan female.
  11. But you did manage to get to nar shadda within less than a week?
  12. As a lightsider I always go for the violet single saber as a sentinel(/watchman) and a guardian(/weaponmaster) and for th green single saber as a consular(/master). As a darksider I always go for single red sabers.
  13. I remember choosing the option where you say that you wouldn't do it differently because it made the person who you are.
  14. It's normal to meet them, but I didn't get any darkside points so you must be doing something wrong in the dialogue. Just pick the option you, as a lightsider, would choose and it will go right. With me it does.
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