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  1. I loved this game. The last few parts of the game (from the battle with Nihilus to the end) are its absolute weakest points, though really, they're its *only* weak points. Had Obsidian more time to work on this game, it would have been spectacular throughout. From the prologue to the final gathering of the Jedi Masters on Dantooine, K2 gets a 9/10 from me: I would have liked to see more involved character interaction, but the influence system was a great idea and, if a KotOR3 is ever developed (please?), it should definitely be retained and improved upon. The combat difficulty also left a lot to be desired. Next developers (hopefully Obsidian): don't throw out hordes of weakling enemies to slaughter. Give us mixed groups of enemies with different abilities and powers or even environmental hazards. Anyone remember the last fight with Sarevok in BG and all his cronies and those damn traps? Talk about a satisfying victory! That exhiliration was matched only in its sequels' final battles, and then never again... so far. Always keep the story in mind first, but don't overlook the immense satisfaction a player receives after winning a difficult battle! Heart-thumping moments of tactical challenge were what made combat in the Baldur's Gate series such an enjoyable experience. After the gathering... well... I hate to do this, but I'd give it a 7 or even 6/10. Things happened fast, as suitable for a climax, but I think they went *too* fast and left too many things hanging and the ending was frustrating. No, I didn't expect a happy-happy joy-joy ewok dance (and neither did I *want* one), but I *did* want a catharsis. Even TESB had some emotional "cool-down" scenes after the loss of Han and Vader's revelation. I expected the game to last at least another few minutes to let you relax and let the story sink in and set *real* framework for the sequel, instead of an overly-vague and frustrating "you must go where none can follow" ending which, though it perfectly suited Planescape, did not sit well for me in the Star Wars universe or the character of the exile. That said, that ending *could* have been done convincingly, but that didn't happen. At least, not for me. And now I shall disappear into the darkness once more.
  2. I completely agree. LucasArts screwed Obsidian and KOTOR fans over with a one-year timeframe.
  3. Kreia: After speaking to Kreia about the destruction of Visas' homeworld, you can return later to ask her questions. Respond with "I have thought more about the destruction of Visas' homeworld." Select the first dialogue option, then, with enough intelligence, the first dialogue option again, then the only options in the next selection screen. You will earn influence with Kreia and gain neither LS nor DS points. You can keep doing this, but it will eventually stop giving influence.
  4. They *do* look cool. Don't know what some others are talkin' about (not in this thread). <_<
  5. Male Jedi Guardian 15/Jedi Weapon Master 11 100% Light Unmodified Stats: Strength: 18 Dexterity: 14 Constitution: 8 Intelligence: 16 Wisdom: 12 Charisma: 14 Modified Stats (with Master Valor): Strength: 29 Dexterity: 22 Constitution: 14 Intelligence: 25 Wisdom: 27 Charisma: 21 Equipment: Head: Meditation Band (20% Damage Immunity vs. Dark Side, Will +1, Wisdom +1) Hands: Sith Power Gauntlets (+3 strength) Implant: None Left Arm: Rosar's Armband (+1 constitution) Right Arm: None (reserved for shields, but I never use them anyway) Belt: Nerve Amplifier Belt (Immunity: Stun, Fear, Horror, Wisdom +1; switched out to CNS Strength Enhancer when facing non-Jedi) Right Weapon: Lightsaber (Damage: Energy, 12-40. Light Side: +6 vs. Dark Side. Damage Bonus: +3 Light Side. Critical Threat: 17-20, x2. On Hit: Slow 25% chance, 6 seconds, DC 14. Defense Bonus: 2. Attack Bonus: 2. Dexterity +3. Strength +3. Wisdom +4. Restricted to: Light Side. Usable By: Rosar) Damage Range: 42-70 Attack Bonus: +45
  6. Somehow, this kind of petition doesn't seem complete without some sort of... threat.
  7. No. The bonded crystal doesn't change your lightsaber color.
  8. That's what the Masters believe. It's not quite as simple as that.
  9. I guess so. But I'm a goody-goody, and I'll likely never find out on my own.
  10. I'm sure you fight all of them, but don't you do it one at a time? I know Kreia kills them all at the enclave if you're LS.
  11. That fight was great! I actually beat him in a saber lock the first time. I love the Jedi Knight series, but only for the action. Locking lightsabers with Dark Jedi in an action game is the closest we can get to actually doing it for real. Uh, real swordsmanship aside, but I don't know of any sword in existence that can slice a person in half just from falling an inch off a table. :D
  12. That *is* explained, actually, and it's not *too* far from your theory. The exile can form spiritual bonds with living beings effortlessly, and one of the effects is that their pain becomes his pain, and the pain of so many lives being extinguished at once was enough for him to actually disconnect himself from the Force in order to *protect* himself from it. That's how the Masters explain it, anyway. They see you as a wound in the Force, one who feeds on others to become more powerful. They refuse to accept that a living being totally untouched by the Force but still able to feel it could ever prosper without negative effects. They see in you the end of all life - with that comes the end of the Force, and they are taught that the Force is eternal. You threaten their entire belief system, and for that, they truly do fear you.
  13. Jedi always seem to be harder than Dark Jedi in all Star Wars games. I remember playing through the last levels of JK:JA as both Light and Dark, and the Jedi were just a *lot* harder due to their shielding and healing abilities. Eh, off-topic, but just adding my two cents anyway.
  14. Right. I just think they shouldn't have so blatantly *tried* to be Planescape or Fallout and just created the ending to suit the story.
  15. I liked that, too. On another thread, I said that a cutscene involving the exile getting a feel for a lightsaber again - his motions and expression depending on whether he was light or dark - would have been a nice touch. Totally unnecessary, but a nice touch.
  16. Agreed. I love a dark romance (or dark anything, really), but I also want it to be satisfying. Tragic, emotional endings are better than a sudden drop off a cliff, as was the case with the interactions in this game. And to add frustration, you're told what will happen to all of the characters (in one case, up until their demise) and the main character is never even given a chance to respond! I didn't feel much attachment to them, either, but yeesh... they could have been given the opportunity to come into their own in a sequel. They had a great base. It just needed to be built upon. Obsidian abandoned them, in my opinion. But maybe that was just another side-effect of a restrictive timetable. I'll always hate you, LucasArts.
  17. The ending almost satisfied me. I fully understood the need for the exile and Revan to do what they did. I just wish it wasn't trying to be PS:T or Fallout.
  18. It doesn't sound like everyone here knows who these developers are. They have it in them to create masterpieces - at least, gaming masterpieces. Ever play Fallout or Planescape: Torment? How about Baldur's Gate? These guys know RPGs. With more time, KotOR2 could have been spectacular. I'm truly hoping they get to develop KotOR 3 (if there will be one - LA, please? :D), even if it means it will be delayed until the completion of NWN 2. And next time, give them a less restrictive timetable!
  19. I think that's exactly what happened, but I don't blame Obsidian. LucasArts was the company looking to cash in on the KotOR series. It's their property, afterall.
  20. I think it was a matter of time constraints. The developers of this game also made Fallout and Planescape, and I think they were more than up to the task, but just weren't given the time they needed. I don't hold them responsible, personally.
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