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  1. Hmmmm... Steam has always been pretty funky anyway. Their licence agreements are lot of fun, too. And for weird reasons, i have almost all my games on GOG, and did not purchase any Steam Game since 6 years (New vegas). Why is that? I wonder...
  2. I don't think people ever stopped posting that they wanted Ydwin as a full companion. Yep, thanks for the input. It's just that i try not to talk about things i don't have a clue about. I spent several months away from these forums, so i wouldn't know about this. This. My memories were not wrong after all
  3. I kind of remember that the choice of Ydwin as the possible 8th companion (5M stretchgoal, never reached) induced quite a lot of bad reactions on this board. I'm not sure why but many things were assumed regarding the character, and many people did not really want her. I guess one complaint was that she felt, at first, unoriginal compared to the cast members and PoE1's. Correct me if i'm wrong (like always). I read quite a lot of posts here and there asking for Ydwin lately. Well, i don't really need to bring any conclusion to my post. It's not about condemning people who trolled the character at the time, but well. The general change of opinions still kind of strikes me. But... i want a cliched, grumpy dwarf, too (or 2, or 3 !). With a VA that does not sound like Mister Joe, Texas. Was a huge problem of the VA in original Pillars. Every NPC sounded like average Human Joe. Don't know how it is in Deadfire though.
  4. I always liked the idea of the multiclassed priest/fighter. But need some cool, quick cast self buffs to do so. Also, i'm going to get killed by saying this, but regarding priests specifically, i would have liked a total vancian with pre selecting system. Reason is easy to understand (i think)... When i played pillars 1, while i chose each and every perk of my priest to be melee combat oriented (in order to simulate a multiclassed Priest/Fighter), i generally ended up casting spells that had nothing to do with my idea of the character, just because there were some other more OP options available all the time. As a result, i won combats, but felt always dissatisfied by myself for not being able to stick to my character concept. Preselecting my spells like i did in the old IE games would actually put me at ease, granted the priest class is designed in order to allow this kind of gameplay (self buffs were too limited in Pillars 1). I would actually need 2 priests in my party: 1 that is AoE, support dedicated, and 1 that is more like a "Divine Champion" (the multiclassed version, my MC). I agree with the fact that priests need more spells. Having very situational ones is really OK. It was in BG. But you had a whole lot of different spells to chose from at each spell level. The very fact that the spells were per rest was actually helpful to me. Why is that? Because while you have a pool of like 5 spells/level to chose from in Pillars, you had 10 in BG. You could memorize this ''anti paralysis" spell once, and chose the rest of your spells from the 9 that were left. Since high wisdom granted more spells at low and mid tiers, memorizing these situational counters was not much of an hindrance. And the very existence of these situational options was not in the way like it is in Pillars. You barely ever needed to memorize very situational spells more than once. And this allowed more flexibility to the whole priest gameplay. In Pillars these situational spells are always there, and they take too much room in my spell list. Well, i think so, at least. Ah well, finally, it is cliché, i will admit it easily. But a priest which is all about healing should not be regarded as a bad thing. I never considered clichés to be bad in their own right. They become bad things when badly used. That's all. I really think there was no need to reinvent the wheel for the sake to do so, for everything. It's a good thing to do so at times, a bad thing at others, i guess. Healing would make more sense without the auto healing after combat crap which i despise though.
  5. Thank for this. I actually thought about using it on my simulated multiclassed priestess/fighter. But Eothas does not really allow other one handers than flails (which are the worst ones in my opinion, especially against crush resistant foes), and priests in Pillars lack the self buffs BG ones had. Maybe i shouldn't have picked the Eothas perk, and relied on the accurate 1 thing of Spelltongue instead, but for a Eothas priestess, this did not felt right to me not to pick it. I wish i could try it out in Deadfire now that actual multiclassing is there.
  6. Which doesn't mean you shouldn't be able to try. You just might not be successful. You have got a point there.
  7. Like Injurai said, i guess monogamy and heterosexuality are generally the more common things. I did not play the game yet, but it may just be that Maia assumes monogamy. It is not necessarily the game that assumes so. Companions are companions because they have a background: beliefs, identity, and such, after all. I, myself, always felt that my female character and Eder should get along very well. I was let down in the first game by the fact that i could not make things evolve between them. How would their relashionship end up to be? Nothing? Friendship? Hurt Eothas believers that would make them closers and end up like siblings? Lovers? I really hope the companion relashionship system will end up being refined enough so that things can turn out in several different ways and feel natural. This natural sense of development is something i look forward too. I, personally, never wanted relationships in the DA:O way, where polygamy, bisexuality and crap like that is all over the place. Note that i have nothing against it. It's just that i think that when Bioware thought they NEEDED to put emphasis on polygamy and bisexuality, while developping a shallow relationship system, they utterly failed to provide anything that could make feel like the relationships developped in any natural way. Almost everyone in my group, be it male or female companions, wanted to date me if i gave them some crap items i found. I even question the actual intentions of the dog, actually... For one, i have confidence Obs will not do this kind of crap with Deadfire. I always wanted romance. But not this way.
  8. Yeah, that was fun. You're nearly at the end of a 15min fight, suddenly your opponent casts a bull**** spell and you have to reload. Yeah, i was always fine with this. Though, i'm not quite sure any fights would last this long, aside from very important ones, like the one against Irenicus. Being able to OS a kobold on a crit was ok, too. Did not need to spend 3 minutes spaming auto attack like it is against xaurips. Matter of taste, certainly.
  9. Well i would agree that when i first played Pilars , i had kind of the feeling that fights were about weak exchanges of slaps:p. Spells were especially so. You had this wonderfull spell you could use twice a day, that would lower, let's say, will of the opponent by 5 for 3 seconds... \o/ By the time you cast your willed based spell to take advantage of the first one, the effect already ended. BG had spells that could kill instanly several opponents (or your whole team) if you failed a save throw. Even the level 1 orb spell could petrify the target once caster is lvl 12. That was bad ass. Needed to reload quite often in the end. But i felt that everything was more significant. While it's true that if the IA could cast successfully an immobilize spell on 3 of your party members, you were pretty much doomed (since spell duration were so long, unles you prepared the right spells with one priest, which i always did actually (and it's the reason i loved priests so much while i dislike them in Pillars)). I kind of liked the idea that every one of the spell i memorized could influence things greatly. I never had this feeling in Pillars. With anything. This game combat is more like a war of attrition, often needing you to hit a mob countless times with your crappy flail to achieve anything. I don't especially like it, and it's not even rewarding since no XP and crappy loots are the rule.But it's just one of the many reasons i never finished the game. And it is not one of my worst gripes (still looking at you, magical healing nap and Might attribute).
  10. I was never able to find a way to use properly the rapier "Spelltongue" in Pillars 1. Altough the increasing of effect duration seemed quite powerful at first, i could only imagine it being usefull on some kind of multiclassed caster/fighter. Well, i never got past the end of Act 2 , and never played White March part II (and may never do so), which may not help. Even though my playthrough is about 150 or maybe 200 hours long right now. But well, i almost wrote a novella worth of entries in the the personal diary of my MC, which is quite time consuming Still, if some base mechanics of Pillars 2 end up being changed along the way, i will probably try to play the game someday, and thus, give Pillars 1 another try. And may learn some new things while doing so.
  11. Looks like you need to be a "Builds God" to be able to use it properly. I very much like special items with special effects though. Pillars 1 lacked this at first. If i end up actually playing the game, i may be able to grasp enough about it to use this weapon really efficiently in my 23th playthrough. Which is actually fine by me. Because this means that there will always be something new for me to master in the game. Even in 10 years . I will probably start using items with simple, flat out bonuses though. EDIT: Actually, true problem may be that if they're going to make such niche items like this, they need to make like, way more unique items as a whole. If i think about Pillars 1 or the Pillars 2 wiki, at the end of the day, they may lack a variety of more straightforward options, equipement wise.
  12. You should play Blood Bowl. And come back to the game once all 3 expansions are out. You will, then, probably, find some other fun ideas of characters that work, are balanced, along with a better game overall. Since Pillars is not Skyrim, patches are inevitable along the way. If it bothers you, just wait. Though i guess everyone got your point by now. And i don't think anyone is trying to deny that it may, indeed, be a bother, depending on the person and the specifics. Since many people (me included) consider that patch balances are inevitable for such a complex game, there is not much to argue about the matter anymore: Obsidian certainly feels the same. There is no point anymore in arguing about whether patches are a good thing or not; either. They will come anyway. For sure. Only, just think of what you really want to do yourself now.
  13. 1) Death to the Might Attribute 2) Death to auto healing Short wish list, but these are 2 things that rebuke me from even playing the game. So, i will just check patchnotes as time goes. Hope never kills.
  14. Pretty much what i'm doing :D (still hoping for more significant mechanic changes, too)
  15. I think I see what you mean. If they create a game for specific audience, it is obvious that they will do what they can to cater to that audience so that they keep supporting them. Okay, that makes sense, I just feel like it might be a poor move from a marketing perspective. I'd be fine to be proved wrong on that, though. Time will tell. Also, slightly off topic in case you aren't aware, neither POE1 nor POE2 was actually published by Obsidian. It was done by Paradox Interactive (Tyranny too) and Versus Evil respectively. This is, however, an extremely common practice and studios that actually develop and publish the games by themselves are very rare. Not quite right. Paradox and Versus Evil only took care of distributing the game after release. The box copies. They had never anything to do with development of the game, nor they could influence it in any way. The publishers i talked about are the ones who pay for the game to be made and that have full power over everything during development, to the point that they can even change the whole genre of a game at their leisure, cancel it, or change a release date to be set 4 months earlier than previously planned (Zenimax did that to Obs with New Vegas, which is why the game was so buggy at release. Well considering that the bonus payment they promised to Obs for the game was dependent of the fact that New Vegas would reach a 90% ratings on metacritic or not at release, this release date change was pretty nasty lol. Though, this is something i read somewhere at the time on some online newspaper i guess, so, i still lack enough accurate and proved informations). But that is why many studios look for independence, i guess. After all, Obsidian was on the brink of being closed because of a major game cancellation by a publisher before their first kickstarter. Check this out for further details if interested (documentary: Road to Eternity). You may understand why they NEED their Pillars IP to last, and to be recognized even years from now, and thus, why they need to constantly improve it, even post release. Pillars, Shadowrun, Wasteland, Divinity, and such games are under full control of their developers, not any publisher. That is what being independent developer means. This is a very important thing to grasp, because i you don't grasp this, you won't make any sense of what i said in my previous post.
  16. I'm fine with boring snide remarks, really. Please intervene if he starts roleplaying though This is a gameplay issue. I covered that a few pages ago. Basically you start the game with a particular character, and with a specific playstyle. Now that playstyle is no longer possible because suddenly damage and survivability is gone. You can try to salvage the run by respeccing, but you are eg. stuck with a subclass that is literally hindering you and the game is no longer fun. That is pretty much what i understood. Which would mean that the point of disagreement between you and others is simply in the way you consider things long term wise. Maybe this is something you don't know, but Obsidian was in a big pinch before they started their kickstarter for the first game. Now, they finally have their own IP. It's unbelievably precious for them as a company. I strongly believe that they NEED people to look back at their work in a few years and think: ''yeah, it was great''. There is no publisher involved here. Obsidian, who was known for years as ''King of Bugs Company'' can't use any excuses as publishers tyranny anymore. They bet their very reputation on Pillars franchise. And thus, they need to make the game the best possible, even if they achieve this only in Pillars 3.5. They can't allow this game to be just another AAA ''hastily done'', ''hastily realeased'', ''Barely post launch supported'', ''Immediately forgotten'' game. When you look back at good old games, balance was definitely a huge problem. But Pillars can't rely on the forgiveness for nostalgia sake of their customers anymore. At least, this is how i see the matter.
  17. You couldn't have given off a more neckbeardish vibe if you tried. Such a great orator you are! To be fair to you though, your ability to so engagingly undermine your own position really impressed me. You're a hair's breadth away from a well-argued point on the one hand and demented ranting on the other, being able to maintain that fine balance is a rare feat indeed. I certainly wouldn't be able to match it. lool. Just because, honestly, i laughed, sorry. Both of you are pretty great in some ways. It's troll and good humour at the same time. Made my day, thanks
  18. You can already re-spec and hopefully they will allow stat re-speccing eventually as well. I find it very hard to imagine that your character was irreparably made unplayable. It is just a guess (correct me if i'm wrong), but i would suppose that he found some build that he found fun to play and very powerful, too. Once it got nerfed and became just average as a whole, it, naturally, induced frustration. Which i can understand. Still, i will admit that even so, i can't see the point of questioning the whole balancing process because of this. Especially when you can respec your character.
  19. Internet crashed, so i will admit i have not read the few last pages. But this post is probably my last one in this thread anyway, so forgive my laziness... >>> copy/paste. First i fail to see how classes overhauls is exclusively done because of PotD difficulty. It would be assuming that no one should care about balancing unless they play in PotD (Btw, i never played PotD). I failed to see this obvious thing, and that's why i told what i told. I simply assumed, myself, that game balance and difficuty modes where 2 different things, that, even if they should be considered together won't mean that balance is relevant only on the highest difficulty mode. It should be important, even in Classic. For basically the same reasons. Second. My point was not about how you think of Sawyer, obviously. It was about how the way you spoke of posters here seemed to imply some nonsensical things to me, which i tried to illustrate in my post with the Sawyer thing. The way you think of Sawyer is irrelevant to my argument. And i already knew that you probably had a better opinion of him than myself. Problem is, it looks like you are confused: things i say don't necesarily reflect my own opinions about matters, as i said before. I may defend something i dislike, only because some people who dislike it too throw unfair things based on rumor-type assumptions. And once more, i strongly dislike it. Because doing this kind of thing is the opposite of educating people. And it's a poison of society. I want to be educated myself, i value knowledge, sense of criticism, and open minded people who are able to think their own way, and help me consider worlds i could never even think of by myself, because of who i am, a human being, defined by its own limits. And i need people to bring fair points to do so. Though, it is my own way to think and live. If you are to criticize something, go ahead. Criticism is progress. It helps people and things grow. But only if you do your best to be fair while doing it, whatever combative you may get. I don't see being combative or passionate as a bad thing, unless you use groundless affirmations in order to discard thoroughly part of the point that may prove to hinder your own argument. The very title of your topic, and your first sentence, made me feel immediately that OP would never educate me. Because these 2 things were groundless. I am not sure whether the problem is my bad english (i'm french after all, and self taught. I try hard every day to improve it by myself since years, along with Japanese. Participating to these english forums is actually one of my means to do so) or if you just see one word in a whole sentence and use it to get back to others without even trying to consider what they wrote. In any case, it looks like it will not be possible to discuss together, altough i tried to adress things in hope it would end up being possible. Whether it's because of your limits or my own limits is not important anymore. So, have a nice day.
  20. That is not what you said. First, you assumed since the start, that only a minority of players saw any interest in overhauls of the game. I never made polls on the topic myself, but you used this preconception deliberately to give weigh to your opinion, without anything to back your claim. You basically said "why care about overhauls when only a few people want them", while not having a clue if what you said bear any truth. I call that dismissing other people opinions without even trying to consider them. Which is something i dislke. And since i am who i am, i tend to say it when it's the case. People can evolve, but never change, you know. This is something i believe in, at least. Second. You assumed that the reason for these overhauls where some posters here, once again to give weigh to your point of view. I would have been ok if you had made a humanly mistake, but assuming this kind of thing like this has nothing to do with a simple mistake, unless you are narrow minded, as i said. You just assumed that Josh Sawyer was some kind of braindead machine which obeys posters orders, or something like that. Because, once again, it was usefull to illustrate your idea that "It's because of the posters here that i can't play the game the way i want". Which is, once more, just a usefull preconception you are using. If you have a problem with the patches, just say so, don't throw accusations towards posters here who, according to you, bear the fault for it, when they just posted opinions. Even more so considering that most of these persons troubleshooted both games during beta testing for everyone's sake. I think it is disrespectul towards their involvement. And i dislike it, too. Finally, you gave you opinion about the patches (which is fine by me), but failed to consider the whole picture, and others posters have already adressed this point. I won't rince and repeat. As a side note, i don't personally care this much about perfect balance either. Unless it totally breaks the game like in the examples i used (arcanum and Fallout 2). Which basically means that if you had brought your point in the way others like Katarack did, i would have posted a reply to say that i , at least, partly agree, and that your point may have some truth to it, depending on the person and what they need to enjoy the game properly.
  21. It may be weird for me to say what i will say, knowing that the real important thing for me in games like Pillars is Roleplay opportunities. The capability the game gives you to Roleplay. While the writing is great and inspiring in this regard, i believe mechanics are mostly hindering it in the Pillars franchise. BUT... If i try even a bit to be in the shoes of other players, i just can't agree with anything you wrote here, dear OP. Even i tend to try many different things in many different playthroughs in RPGs i like. I would even say that once i've roleplayed 3 playthrouhgs with 3 different characters, playing the same scenario over and over again may become tiresome. What hooked me to BG even past this point (something Torment, best RPG ever, lacked) was creating Roleplayable, but conceptual characters, too. This basically means that, even without min-maxing, i started to experiment concept builds and to try to make the best of the builds i created. I looked for fun, powerful ones. But you know... once the point where i not roleplay my playthroughs as much in a given RPG anymore is reached, lack of balance can ruin everything. 2 such games i love have majors faults in this regard, and i can tell you, it's no good for the future life of the game, modding or not. Because even i ended up being bored, while not finding any mod that could drastically nerf the game, or even get rid of quite a lot of perks/items. These 2 games were: Arcanum (technologist dwarf brawler) and Fallout 2. The problem were the same in both: my dwarf and my fallout character ended up making anything and everything trivial. The whole character building did not make any sense anymore, since i could sweep everything, even naked. Even while trying to lose in combat, i couldn't even achieve that past some game time. For many people, games like Pillars or Wasteland give opportunities for replayability, because of their very essence (being a RPGs with choices). But without a strong work on balance, the whole thing can become pointless. Why even thinking to discard the problem while arguing that modders can do the job, when the very mechanic designer himself is willing to do it for us? I can't grasp your point. If you like the feeling of being overpowered, it's even easier to cheat with the console than mod the game. In the end, even if i will daresay that i would rather a good roleplayable game with roleplay friendly mechanics (which Pillars lacks), i definitely understand that the players that love the game and want to experiment with it in a different way than me, desperately want thorough balance. Especially if Pillars want to live a long life. I agree with Lord Mord. I tend to dislike people who can't consider anything but their own viewpoint. People who think that the whole world can only work in one way, the very one they see for themselves. These people tend to have a lot of opinions, and give you tons of advices on how to live your life that can only apply to themselves, but completely fail to understand this. When you fail to understand that the way you feel and experiment life and things (even in this case, games) can only be true for you, you become narrow minded and engage on the road of pointless proselytism, forgetting that you should just defend your point of view, try to weigh on things, while never discarding right off the blue the one of others, just because you can't see anywhere further that your own nose. Regards. Post scriptum: No, i'm not an Obsidian fan, in case you wonder about it. I have plenty of problems with the way they do things, while recognizing great potential at the same time. So, i definitely won't defend Obs just for the sake of it.
  22. Sorry, i really think there is a poster here who needs to be adressed. I really look up to TheisEjsing for being able to stay pretty calm after this insane flame he took. I will certainly keep an eye on future patches to see how gameplay evolves after some time. More character customization is always welcome, thanks for it.
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