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  1. I know, the title is a bit harsh but hear me out on this one. When you give game's assets a name, like "The Deadfire Archipelago", "Ashen Maw" or even "The Leaden Key", they all have a nice, even poetic, ring to them. Even if what it relates to isn't clear, you still get some meaning out of it like : - The Deadfire Archipelago: unforgiving, tropical, deadly - The Leaden Key: A heavy, unmovable key to lock away a shameful secret. - Ashen Maw: those who know what it is don't need me to explain. No Spoil right And here comes the translation.. stripping many names of their poetic sense, or not using the french language at its fullest : - The Deadfire Archipelago becomes "Archipel du Feu √Čteint", which means "Extinguished fire Archipelago", like it has been stripped from its life spark, losing all other meaning.-( - Druids' Rejuvenation (healing) school becomes "Rajeunissement" Which means getting younger.. This one is just wrong. It might sound appropriate for a healing school in english, but in french it has the LITERAL "getting younger" meaning. - The Leaden Key becomes "Clef Plomb√©e" which means "lead coated key", now this one is nice enough when it comes to its meaning, but there may be a better way to say it because as it is, it doesn't sound good. Now, the question is, is the game's translation still up for debate ? Or do we have to mod the game to get it right ? I know it sounds a lot like bickering over something not that important, but when a language as rich as french is so poorly used, as if the names simply went through google translator, I wouldn't mind spending some time correcting that.
  2. Description: I used the spell "Spiritual Weapons" with my priest (Magran), and now they won't disappear and I cannot unequip them or exchange them for an other conjured weapon (like the one on the fiery greatsword scroll). I'm stuck with them. I tried to respec, to summon them again, nothing works. Steps to Reproduce the Issue: Use the spell "Spiritual Weapons", and <<I THINK>> return to the travel map (from a dungeon or a city to the world map). I'm not sure on this one, didn't really notice when it happened. Important Files: Save file sent by email Output Log included AND sent by email System Specs included AND sent by email Screenshots are unnecessary I think output_log.txt DxDiagAgraell.txt
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