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  1. PS: I appreciate that the game is about consequences and you can't have everything but this one seems so *close* to being doable within all the quest lines that the game sets up for you that I'd love to know if it's an achievable outcome.
  2. I just came here to post this. I romanced her, I took her out of my party when blowing up the powderhouse, and she still eventually left with the note. I really want to fight colonialism and also keep my favourite party member for the final boss fight! I've been putting off finishing the game because I can't figure out a way to do both!
  3. Thanks for reporting this, I just figured it wasn't supposed to be there because it was like toggling a weapon mode, but I'd love to be able to script it.
  4. Just got here myself, I can probably stop playing the game until it's resolved, but would also love to know if I'm just missing some random loot or something more.
  5. So I'm really enjoying this game, *much* better than the first one which felt fairly by-the-numbers most of the time; can't say enough how much it's improved in my opinion. The only aspect of the writing that's let me down so far -- and this is a funny nitpick, sure -- is that the game seems to assume my character is strictly monogamous? Case in point -- when Tekehu joined me and starting flirting with me immediately, my first thought was "OK, sure, it's in character for him, he seems pretty sure of himself, plus I really enjoyed the Shape of Water, who wouldn't want to fool around wit
  6. Cabalist's Gambeson's item description suggests it provides 9 AR, but when equipped it only provides 7. I'm fairly sure it's supposed to be 9 given its rarity and armour type...
  7. The Saru-Sichr weapon is listed as dealing 0 Corrode damage, which seems like a bug...
  8. Here's a crash log, by the way (the game only successfully dumps them like every other crash): https://www.dropbox.com/sh/s9jh97gk9qsq49q/AABluR2RivyjMVx3mENMZTrTa?dl=0
  9. Hi, I'm getting hard Windows crashes when trying to run this windowed with GSync. I think I have an idea of what's happening but I wanted to confirm whether this use case had been tested at all prior to release... I'm running the game off of a spinning drive (I only have so much space on my boot SSD) and the engine doesn't really seem to have a concept of "load times" -- it just hangs the app whenever IO is bottlenecked. I noticed Battletech doing this too last month so I'm assuming it's an issue with the current version of Unity. Pretty jank in my opinion and I hope it's been flagged
  10. As far as I can tell this is handled not with the prefixes, but with the "target" field, where you can specify ally, self, enemy, or ally/self. It's a bit confusing at first -- everything in the prefixes that isn't "self" is "target," and then you specify target. I was getting confused myself about whether "surrounded by > 0 allies" or "surrounded by > 1 enemies" in the prefixes was supposed to be a relative property -- i.e., whether, if you're targeting an enemy, you're referring to *their* allies or to yours -- but I'm pretty sure enemies always means enemies and allies always mean
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