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  1. Nah, I like Maia as a character, and her reaction is indeed very human. But just because someone's personality is believable doesn't mean it's also likeable. And as it's already been pointed out above, she drags us into doing some really nasty stuff for her faction saying that we should trust her, and it backfires terribly. Yet it still comes to her as a surprise that we might not want to support them after that? I agree, a good character is not necessarily a likable character. For example I think Cersei Lannister from GoT is an absolutely horrible person, but she is a good character.
  2. the results are not set in stone. I basically answered the questions however I wanted and they ended up with "we will free giacolo, but destroy his research" And then I talked him into both freeing Giacolo AND giving me the research. Edit: Also pretty sure if you wanted to save Giacolo, all you really need to do is answer one question correctly. The one about someone doing lots of great things, but potentially do lots of small harm to others.
  3. In my game: Aloth seems to like Pallegina for the most part. Tekehu likes Xoti, but Xoti hates Tekehu. Serafen and Eder both seems to like most people Tekehu and Maia don't get along for obvious reasons. Also bear in mind, the companion's disposition for the three returning companions can change depending on how their PoE story ended. It won't be completely different, but there will be differences.
  4. So I'm trying to create a list of all the elemental weapons and armor to help me plan out future builds. This is what I have so far, was wondering if anyone knows of anything I've missed: Corrosive: Blightheart Arquebus (chanter, ranger, wizard) Voidwheel Great Sword Saru-Sichr Morning Star Hel Beckoning Sword Lightning: Daryn's voulge Pollaxe (Barbarian, Druid, Fighter) Thundercrack Pistol Aldris Blade of Captain Crow Sabre Burn: Marux Amanth Dagger (Paladin, Priest, Rogue) Magran's Favor Axe Sungrazer Flail Dragon's Dowry Arquebus Modwyr Sword St Droga's Skull Sabre Wind: Amira's W
  5. to be fair, I know real life people older than Xoti, who is significantly more immature. Physical age is not really an indication of maturity.
  6. I like Tekehu, his initial first impression is bad, but he grows. Although cheeky, he is probably the kindest companion personality wise. His arrogance/pride comes from naivety and ignorance. Serafen is ok for me. Didn't particularly like him, didn't particularly hate him. Maia is very useful for me in terms of abilities. Personality wise, I think the interactions I've had with Maia has been mostly bugged, so can't judge yet. Xoti, I like her generally speaking, but I don't really use priests much. She seems quite intense, but that may also be because of bugs causing her interactio
  7. It would be nice, a lot of the MMOs I play does that. I really like the Vailian Frock Coat thing and want to put it on everyone, but it does mean everyone has basically no armor rating.
  8. That is probably because the game had more hype going in this time, and everyone and their brother is focusing on idiotic user reviews and internet BS than actually playing the game. Even this forum had tons of idiotic posts in the weeks leading up to the game talking about "I will wait 3 months to buy the game because of no real good reason". I am sure the "Obsidian makes bugged games" stuff is also doing nothing to make the bugs in this game highly exaggerated. I mean I still see people daily makes posts about the import bugs..... which were fixed in a patch that came mere days after re
  9. even though I agree with the facts that have been stated, I have to say I disagree with the conclusion. For example, your accomplishment isn't stopping a god or anything like that. Your accomplishment is being able to stand there in the first place and surviving the outcome. At the end of the day I actually like the ending(s) that I've seen. I think it fits with the overall theme that was made clear if you reject Berath at the beginning. With or without you, the world moves on. Sure you may have feelings for X companion and they for you, but at the end of the day, their loyalty is to their
  10. if he's not there to greet you then he died in your poe save
  11. Um, excuse me? The religious fanatic from the rural backwoods is way hotter. Pretty sure referring to Berath, not Maia? Maia has long hair tied in a bun, Berath actually has short hair (my interpretation may be wrong, but it looks like she has shoulder length hair.) Berath > Xoti > Maia
  12. The best crit effect that ever occurred to me was when my cannons hit their ammo stores and I think their ship exploded because it was instawin for me. At that point in time I had maybe 20 hull left, they still had like 80ish.
  13. My vote goes for monk. It's not due to any kind of technical performance or balance or whatever. I just personally don't like monks and monk type classes in any of the games I've played so far. I always make one or two attempts initially, then fail badly because I just don't know how to use it. The only type of monk class that I've liked is where Monk = Healer. Martial Monks usually results in me dying horribly over and over again.
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