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  1. Thinking of doing my first PotD run with some kind of 2-handed build. Did my first on veteran as a Beguiler/Rogue. Haven't paid much attention to the recent patches though. What's a good class/build for using 2-handers? Wouldn't mind something inspired by Death Knights..
  2. I'm about to hit level 19 and I only have a few bounties left in the quest log. Just wanted to check if I've missed something, or if the factions will pick up again after "He Waits in Fire"?
  3. Not exactly the same issue, but I've been experiencing worse performance since the patch hit. Same settings, but considerably less smooth.
  4. Just got my hands on Grave Calling. Cool looks and already legendary! Thinking of pairing it with Tarn's.
  5. Thanks guys! Playing a Mindstalker (Rogue/Beguiler) at level 14. Still not sure which items are BiS for me though.. Changing around pretty liberally, but don't know what to commit to and enchant. Any recommendations? Best weapons, armor?
  6. So far I've only spent money on food/drinks for the crew. Think I've got like 120k and feel like I should spend them, but I also don't feel like I really need anything. Any vendors with particularily good gear worthy of my money? Should I buy a new ship?
  7. Quest triggers are my biggest problem as well. I enjoy the exploring part, but it messes up both current quests and quests not yet discovered. Which is a bummer since the main quest isn't particularily exciting..
  8. Even the starting abilities? When I tried respecing at a vendor, my main character couldn't change the first ability. Maybe it only applies to the other characters though..
  9. What is the best way to go about gear progression in this game? Should I be crafting my gear, worth buying it or should I rely on drops? Currently lvl 5 with basically no gear at all. Cheers!
  10. Thanks! How's it working out, is it any fun? Is the damage good? Gonna play with a full party on my frist playthrough so should be fine Still quite unsure how all the weapons work/matter, I chose Sabres and Axes I think. Bad choice?
  11. I didn't know about this and picked Bleak Walker/Soul Blade.. Feels like it's kinda limiting me in my options. Do I have to be an **** to my companions as well? I have no problems being it towards strangers and so on, but companions are the most important features of these games (for me) and I want to treat them well and get the most of them. Also, where can I see if I get the stats penalty? Thanks!
  12. I've decided to give the Mindstalker (Beguiler/Rogue) a go, but I've got no clue which abilities to get. What should I start with? Also, is it possible to respec in this game?
  13. I feel like I've changed my mind regarding dual wielding, and would prefer a big two-hander. I think it's "worse", but is it still viable? Soul Annihilation should benefit from a two-hander, yes? Almost time for release now!
  14. I'm like 90 % sure of maining a dual wielding Soul Blade/Bleak Walker. Seems like a super solid combination. What are the primary stats for an Inquisitor? Being new to the game, I'm not sure how to build my party around such a character. Inquisitor (me) Some kind of tank (Fighter or Paladin?) Support/healer (Single class Priest?) Caster/AoE DPS (Single class Wizard) ? Appreciate all help and input!
  15. Most likely an Inquisitor (Soul Blade/Bleak Walkers). Always prefer melee, and this multiclass looks cool with some magic in the mix as well. I'm a new player though, and I'm a bit confused on how different weapons work. Would an Inquisitor benefit more from a big two-hander, or is dual wielding (something) better? Looking forward to the game. Cheers!
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