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  1. I have more or less stopped following Obsidian, but i must say, it is a good thing "The Outer Worlds" have a good patching policy like both "Pillars" had. This makes a huge difference to see a game being taken care of by devs after release. I'm relieved to see Obs beeing bought has not yet destroyed this good policy. I only hope for Obs to create good, deep, complex RPGs, like "New Vegas" was, rather than diluted things for the sake of accessibility, and prove me wrong when i say it will end up like Bioware or Bethesda did. Well, i still haven't finished Pillars 1 or even installed Pillars 2 and its auto-healing 'thing' though ^^'
  2. Yep, i really like your post. I think i get what you mean. But now, it's difficult to do. I mean, being accurate by using a way to say things that would be understood by everyone. Even more so on a forum, as you say. Most of the time, i fall flat on my face when i try Actually, instead of a GPS, oftentimes, i use a friend for that. So that he can tell me which direction i should go to find my home. Well, they're used to it by now, but, even after 14 years, are kind of amazed. The good point is that there are times when you won't get bored while having me there. I'm ok-ish at arithmetics. Never needed a calculator for just simple things like 4569 X 34. It's more problematic when there is something like f(x)=3x +2. I could never solve this kind of thing or even understand what i was all about. Though, i could write pages about what the line inspired me. I ended up with 0.5 in maths by my last year in high school :D. The other scientific subjects were not much better by the way. I was never good at languages either. Just think it took me 7 years to learn the little english i know, self taught through forum like this one and online dictionnaries alone. Considering one of my friend reached a comparable level in spanish in just one year while speaking it on a regular basis, i feel pretty awfully about my own skills. " It's not all logic and rational vs. empathic and feelings. " You may think so, and i bet many people would agree with you. But i always felt that people were more one or the other, always. Thing is, unless they are completely my type, results are more or less the same. I rarely find any middle ground. Either people get what i say, or they just don't. The only variation is about how deep i can go before losing them :o. So, quite long ago i basically stopped trying and just stay at the basic, boring level, while keeping more in-depths talks for a minority of people i know i can exchange with. I never felt wizards sucked in Pillars, but i always felt they were underwhelming, even though they are probably amongst the most powerful classes in my opinion. Does is it seem like a contradiction? Well, but considering how my MC sucked, pretty much all companions felt powerful in comparison. I actually don't like the way Josh designed the game in order to make sure every build can be playable. I know many people like the idea they can do anything and it will still somehow work, but i don't. It's the same as the auto heal. I always regretted never seeing the "Game Over" screen. Pillars 2 made it worse with auto heal. So, stating all wizards are the same anyway is at the same time true and false to me. Probably, some would be more like enchanters for crowd control, and others like damage dealers, but they are no drastic differences in their actual usefulness i think. Even while comparing companions, no one particularly stick out in combat for me. I like how in BG some companions were pretty crappy (Nalia?), and some others were really powerful (Edwin?). I don't know how to explain it properly, but i feel like it's more natural to have such differences in a party. Not everyone is equal or should be. But the way BG was designed, over several playthrough, because you needed a balanced party, all companions would come in handy at some point nonetheless. Honestly, the "all wizards party" concept just completely rebukes me. Although i'm sure some would love to try it and mix and match different kinds of wizards. There are many things that made me bored in Pillars (well, again, my worst gripe will forever be the "Might" attribute, even though i know by now that not many are bothered by it the way i am), and these things are treated completely differently in Pathfinder. That gives me a lot of hope for the game. PS: note that i do my best to avoid my trademarks hyperboles which are the basics for me :D. After all, my usual, everyday way to say things would be "That ****ing crap gets on my nerves so much i would want to slap the **** who even thought it was a good idea", would probably actually mean in the not hyperbolic way you use "I really disagree with the kind of decision the author made here. It feels unnatural to me and kind of prevents me from getting the thrill the good points in his work could have otherwise provided me". The whole difference between the two being actually the frustration that is conveyed in the first version, versus the more objective, composed, and analytical version. The latter is hard to handle for me, since it asks for a lot of self control i don't necessarily have.
  3. I personnaly like difficulty that forces me to reload many times while trying different things. But i don't like to optimize my characters too much since their base is a written background rather a build, and dump stats never exist for me. I played pillars on hard with sub optim party (Though, i dropped the game). So, it's not really about rolling over things. Other than that i can see why you would find some things to be hyperbolic and such. I believe it's tied to what i explained. You're the clever and logical type and understand things for how they are written, and are able to discern everything regarding the details of the explanation someone gives. I can't do that. I can't understand things with logic alone, and can't understand how a cell phone works just be reading the manual. I tend to get lost in town while being only 150m away from the home a live in since 4 years, so i can't go out without a map or GPS... I'm more the type to care not much about what is written (and are even unable to clearly grasp the logic depicted sometimes), but more about the intent i tend to perceive behind the words. I'm the kind who could never grasp anything from a technical/scientific point of view to the point i'm utterly unable to tinker with things at all. But on the other hand, i often just need to talk a few minutes with someone in real life to grap completely who they are, to the point i can even tell what they eat for breakfast (once again, don't take it literaly, what i perceive depends on the person actually. But it's true that when someone talks to me about someone else, i can accurately tell things others can't. I've experienced that many times). That's probably why i often have a hard time communicating with the logical type. That's probably why many people will say i'm hyperbolic, blunt and such, and the easiest way for me to communicate is by using hyperbole and metaphors. Whenever i try, like here, to make sense in a normal way, i tend to struggle quite a bit. While a few people will actually understand the feeling and intend behind all of it. I believe there are more than just one sort of intelligence. I respect intelligence, i respect yours. But at the same time i found myself, sometimes, in real life, incapable to communicate with some people, even at a very basic level, because of how extremely different our sense of logic were. That's probably the reason why, when i watch animation or movies, i tend to get easily exasperated at how shallow everything feels to me, while at the same time i read critics that claim everything is great and beautiful, because their sensibilities are not turned towards the same things as mine. That's why i'm not shocked at all when i see a statement saying the observation is beautiful. Because while not being accurately and factually true, i kind of get where this feeling can come from. The letter does not matter, the idea behind does. To me, at least. On a side note, i'm french. I'm passionnate about japanese people. I mean there are so many things that kind of irritate me in their ways, and that fascinate me at the same time. It's like trying to understand the logic of aliens. If i could, i would like to spend years forgetting everything i think i know and build my sense of logic from the ground up again, in order to see a whole different world. That would make the world twice as large, and leave a lot to explore. But well, this part is pretty much off topic, i guess.
  4. I kind of get, i think, what he may have meant by "not packing of punch". Since i felt the same with Pillars 1. If i were to give an example, it would be with spells. While my brain fully understand that casting this one spell that lasts for 6 seconds may have a positive effect on the battle for me, and that i should try, always come the time were i feel bored and end up thinking "**** these spells, i can't help by be too bored to bother for these mere 6 seconds". This was probably made for balance purpose, with the idea that each type of character should be equally usefull, and make sure mages are not overpowered compared to others (regarding their usefulness as a member of a party at least) As you said, it's certainly a matter of taste. You tend to illustrate your points with really concrete and objective facts that look oftentimes to me like maths formula. Well, i can understand how people would find your points excellent. But there are people like me who never could get into maths and logic and work they life through feels and intuition. This kind of reasonning, however true or logic it is, will never strike a chord and convince me not to get bored. I felt satisfied by the system of older games like Baldur's gate on the other hand. You would probably argue that the fact that you could win or lose a combat with a single spell thats lasted for 2 minutes was way too much, and cheesy. It probably was. But i personally liked to work coordination between my spell casters to make sure i manage to debuff the saving throws of my opponents to get better chances with the said spell (chaos?). And there were times that worked, and times that did not work. And when i failed, i oftentimes struggled with the combat (SCS mod) only to see that i lost the upper hand and suffered heavy damage by the end. Since i had a dungeon to clean before resting i tended to reload and try something else. Same can be said, for me, at least, about said over powered builds in Pillars. Yeah, they may be super strong or whatever. Still, it feels underwhelming. And i will be accused again to look for overpowerdness while i'm not. I don't expect to see, at long last, my point about how things feels to me come across. I will be demonstrated how i'm wrong with concrete build examples and formulas that try to speak to my brain when i'm utterly unable to function like that. So yeah, it was probably captured incorectly. You proved many times it was. But that does not change the simple fact that one game entertains me even 20 years later while the other bores me. Please, note i used the spell casting as just one example. I don't intend to review all details and systems of the game. I'm not confident, either, i can manage to convey my non rationnal way of feeling about things to someone who harbors a very well constructed, analytic mindset. Well, i was never able to. In real life, i will sometimes meet people who would understand what i mean without me needing to speak, and then, people who would consider my way to think completely obtuse and devoid of any well grounded argument. I'm used to it. Maths never made any sense to me in school after all, and i could never understand how Thales theorem was more than a succession of symbols with no actual meaning. While at the same time, i could ace almost anything in literature without even reading the book i was diserting on. I was never the rational type. And it looks that even if i try to be for communication purposes, i'm bound to fail. I'm grateful for this topic. While reading, i feel pretty much in line with "xzar_monthy". I will definitely give pathfinder a go at some point, since it seems it has many things Pillars lacks for me. Someone said here that the Pillars's system is the future. To me, that would mean the future is grim.
  5. I just realized i'm not interested in any of these. Well, probably, if Tim were to work on a true Fallout again (after a good samaritan bomb Bethesda), i would change my mind. One could say, it's just a post apo universe, and there are others, but there is something you could find in the good old Fallout that definitely defined a genre, and were never ever reproduced or equaled. Aside, maybe, if you consider New vegas. I like Wasteland universe too, but It can't compare to Fallout 1 and 2. Hell, i will never forget this sore ass of a Brotherhood guy who sent me to this crappy radioactive hole, certain i would die (and i did, once), in order to get rid of me. And to begin with, the moment i understood i may need a rope and had none with me at the moment, i wanted to hand over his ass to him to pay him back for the hole in my shoes i got after back tracking to town. Still, great fun.
  6. Well now, i always understood the problems with stability and the problem of surviving. I guess the stress can kill people over time. So i have never denied this problem, and that's why i supported Obs on Kickstarter and Fig. I even backed Pillars 2 while pretty convinced i will never play it (and in fact i never installed it). But now, Feargus, you spend your time speaking about family, while pretending that one of the 4 bros never existed (Chris?). You spend your time talking about how great Microsoft is (we all know that they are gaming industry's philanthropist), explaining how they will give you money for games, stability, and technical expertise for development. That's all nice and great, but there is one thing that bothers me... You never speak about what Obs will give Microsoft in return. Well, Ensemble Studios gave them their skin and their life, after all. I believe that if you don't bother to speak about it, it's because it's only obvious and does not need an explanation. Please, take note: i'm only trying to be rationnal here. Still, i just can't see any other reason why this question is not tackled, and since this one (the answer is obvious and does not need explanation) makes sense, i will say "Ok". But now, if the answer is obvious, that should mean that in order to understand the answer to this question (what Obsidian will give Microsoft in return), we have to look at how Microsoft and the gaming industry work as a whole. Especially when a studio which is struggling to survive as an independant company is bought by a bigger fish. Ok, i explored my memory a bit, tried to use wikipedia and some other websites and skimmed through things again. Well. From there, this is all about my own feelings regarding this. And feelings can't be explained rationaly or demonstrated, so i won't claim i'm talking the truth or predicting accurately the future. I'm not God. So, my feelings are... I don't buy any of this bull****. Microsoft changes, cuts anything that may not bring enough money for their tastes, and closed quite a few studios they bought (Ensemble being only the most famous for me). And you know it full well Feargus. What's more, you're trying to strike a chord in the people who trusted Obsidian but are rightfully defiant of Microsoft, emphasizing family, passion, freedom, legacy and crap like that. There is no freedom or legacy when everything you created becomes immediately the property of someone else, nor their is family. The way this video is made only awakes some memories i have of others developers in the past spouting the same things with the results i know. It almost feels to me that Microsoft bought the successful Kickstarter trio (Double Fine (2019) inXile (2018), Obsidian (2018)) precisely because their crowfunding successes guaranteed their images were good in the customer eyes, and Microsoft now tries to benefit indirectly from that. What, do they think trust can be bought? And you Feargus, that trust can be sold? Even if i were to be mistaken, and the fact that these 3 studios were bought by MoneySoft is actually a really good thing, i don't live in fantasy world. There are always counterparts to everything. For anything you get, you need to abandon something. Life is just like that. The fact that you spent 6 minutes spouting that just about everything was wonderful and for the best only makes it sound more fishy to me.
  7. For one thing, if it's Tim/Leonard who are free to create the game system they like, i personnaly have no worry regarding this point. I don't expect to see a copy paste of what already exists. "Beauty" was actually a pretty surprising idea in Arcanum at the time, and there was quite a few others like this. And after playing a while, it all made full sense. I'm more worried about how these game systems created will be used, considering how Obsidian has clearly shifted its focus regarding game mechanics in RPGs since Pillars II, going more towards accessibility/practicality than making sense. Bioware and Bethesda did the same back in the day. Hum...
  8. I had a pretty completionist 300H run of New Vegas years ago (But i never finish games). I liked it after being so bored by Fallout 3. The hardcore mod became an instant must for me. It's been years now that i've wanted to play New Vegas again. But at some point i failed a big mod install (like 30 mods. While Skyrim requires 70 to be remotely interesting for me), and always felt too lazy to do it again from scratch... Otherwise, it would be one of the games i would never uninstall, along with Fallout 1 and 2, Baldur's Gate, Dune 1 and 2, Wasteland 2, Civ, and stuff like that. Other than that, i believe the only game i played during the past year or so is probably Wasteland 2 Director's Cut. Since i can spend 6 or 10 months without playing any game, it's probably normal. But i had some incentive to play Pathfinder and Phoenix Point. I will, one day. New Vegas is certainly a good idea.
  9. I feel you Let's hope the better in this case . I actually may have more faith in 2K than in Microsoft.
  10. Well, thanks for the details, i'm not fully aware of everything, and your post helped. Still, i would oppose one concrete example to what you say. I'm not sure these are things you know about or even remember about, but i'll take the bet. When Bioware was bought by EA, Dragon Age Origins was almost completed. But we know many things were changed in a rush at the very end of the developement by EA. I had looked up the topic quite a lot back in the days, but i can't remember an accurate list of all the changes (they were obviously never made official, for obvious reasons). Still, here is one example i still remember of the things they did. In the game, you had a golem that you could use as a companion. Originally, it was meant to be found in a certain house in some town. Everything was written and implemented in the base game, and from what i read, it was pretty well thought out and interesting. But now, EA thought it would make a good opportunity for a DLC, and made Bioware remove it. And so, when the game was released, you could still go inside the house through using the console, but obviously, no golem. Instead, they released some day 1 DLC. I can't remember if the DLC adding the golem was a day 1 one though, but the way they ended up adding it to the game was pretty lackluster. But they filled a short, over priced, bland DLC in order to bring content that was already in the game but was cut just before release. So, that's the kind of things a publisher can do when they buy a developer which has almost completed his last game. It's certainly my own perspective, but i would definitly warn anyone against that kind of thing. This may happen. It happened. And it was 10 years ago. I think many people would agree that the game industry and publisher's policies haven't gotten any better since then.
  11. That's probably the best way to go in my opinion. I believe pre ordering games is dangerous since quite some time, especially considering the new trend where many publishers tease their games before release and dumb it down when released (sometimes regarding features, actual content, or even visuals). I can't remember which game it was, but there are some, like EA, who went as far as to downright lie and heavily publicized features before release that never existed in the final game. It's even more awful how they got the developers to lie for them on video before the release :s. I have personally no idea how Microsoft will impact the end result for this one. I am one to believe that since it's the first Obsidian release since they bought it, they will want to be careful, the way Bethesda tried (more or less successfully) to respect the Fallout universe with Fallout 3 (before butchering it completely afterwards). So yeah, if you have total faith and confidence, go for it. As long you are aware of the risks involved, anything is fine. Although, i personally would advise increased caution over time with future games. I mean, trusting Obsidian is one thing. But now, they are not the ones in full control of their works anymore. So, even those who still trusted them six months ago should be fully aware that Obs won't necessarily do things the way they see fit anymore.
  12. I just realized... I still haven't even downloaded the game oO. Guess i will never be able to get over some things.
  13. Well, you probably haven't seen the same interviews as me. The reason they needed to lay off people at Obsidian, to begin with, was because another project was cancelled by a publisher. This kind of things happen all the time, too. And Both InXile and Obsidian explained that they wanted to be independant so that they could create their own IP and be able to keep it their own, because whenever a publisher is involved for more than just distribution, the intellectual property of said franchise become the publisher's. Being bought by X rather than being hired by X does not guarantee your safety since Microsoft could decide to just close the studio whenever they feel like it. This, too happened a lot in the past. If they were bought by Microsoft, that means that both Pillars of Eternity franchise and Wasteland franchise became Microsoft property. It's even more funny when you think how Brian Fargo explained in details how he struggled to get back the rights for Wasteland for almost 20 years before giving up because EA wouldn't give in. And how he chose Kickstarter in order to create Wasteland 2 independently, and why he did so: a deep rejection of publishers. He even made videos for his kickstarter campains making fun of publishers. One, particularly, where he used a child to play the role of a publisher representative, and where he ridiculed everything regarding their way to think video games.
  14. Well, i haven't read the whole forum (but still, i've read it a bit), but it looks like not only Steam is not for certain, but i did not find any mention of GOG. I already stated that i would not buy a game that force me to run a third party program to play. Last game i purchased like this was new Vegas on Steam (so, it was a long time ago), i won't do it again. I learned very recently that not only Obsidian, but InXile, too, were bought by Microsoft. I find it funny. Both stated that they wanted their own IP in order to remain free from publishers. We backed their games to make it happen. And now this. Why? But it's not that big an issue, after all. Even without a publisher, i was worried as to what Obsidian was up to with Tyranny and Pillars 2. There were some weird ''quality of life'' downgrades in there. So, whatever place i would have to download the game from, and whatever weird spyware/DRM would be added to a game i payed for.... i won't fall for it. No GOG or DRM free solution, no money. Let's not even talk about this store or pre order mentionned in this thread, by OP. Who still trusts publishers and buy a game before the game is even out? Looks like regarding Obsidian, the Kickstarter times are long gone. And no way i would trust Microsoft store, or Square Enix Store, or GoShoveThisUpYourAss Store... That's it for Obsidian. For me, at least. But well, if i'm bored and happen, in the end, to be curious to try it a few hours nonetheless, and if there is no DRM-free solution, there is still the Pirate Bay Store... Believe it or not, but i've never, not even once, downloaded illegally a game that was sold without DRM, even in order to pre test it before buying it (which is a good method to ensure i'm not taken for a fool. I download New Vegas on a pirate website in order to test it, and once i was sure the game was worth my money, i bought it). Never ever.
  15. I would, for one. To the point that i used the console in Pillars 1 to lower the total XP of my companions, in order to not have them lvl up all at the same time. There was one lvl difference at least between my MC and the party member who had the lowest XP.
  16. I always smirk when i read the word "accessibility". This kind of suggests that everyone who played video games 25 years ago are genuises. Or maybe is that the other way around?
  17. I played Witcher 1. Because there never seemed to be a good or bad choice, even from the subjective point of view of my character, i never felt involved in the main plot. Why would i side with anyone when no one would side with me? I played as long as possible without siding with anyone... Until i had no other choice in order to progress. That is when i dropped the game, and the whole franchise. I've never played it again.
  18. Because Deadfire was released with no bugs at all :D The biggest reason is that the hardest difficulty level (>LITERALLY< called "Unfair", so you kinda know what to expect) kicked everyone's asses to the moon and back. Players couldn't handle it, lost bragging rights, and had to vent somehow. You have to know the system inside out and play a well powergramed, custom group, not story companions (who are really bad). That's how highest difficulty should look like, but ezmode games like Deadfire spoiled everyone. One thing that the game doesn't prepare you for is that without any knowledge about PnP (at least D&D 3.5 if not Pathfinder), you will have a bad time, because it's very easy to completely mess up your character. Well, i tried not to act like a Kingmaker fanboy :D. But yeah, you're absolutely right. Same reason why some players here complained about the idea of PotD getting ramped up. I personally never played Pillars 1 in PotD. I don't min max, my MC is the weakest member of the party. I don't spam rest and barely ever use camping supplies, because my rule of thumbs is "one rest per day, no rests in dungeons". And even playing like this, i still had to go up to Hard difficulty in order to have a proper challenge. Deadfire is even easier. I'm pretty sure i would need to go up to PotD if i were to play it. They made sure Kevin, 10 years old, could beat the game without using his brain. Because Kevin's parents may become customers for Obs. Lame. But to be fair, at release, you could consider Deadfire bug free compared to Kingmaker. I've read issue reports, and Kingmaker was really riddled with game breaking bugs. Here is a short list of examples: -CTDs -Crashs to main menu -Quest triggers broken -Many save corrupting bugs -Invisible characters/equipement -No text in game for some localizations (preventing players to even create their character, because buttons were empty) -Characters disappearing from the game -Random encounters had some lvl 14+ encounters attacking lvl 2 party. -and so on... Looks like the guys at Owlcat Games are in the middle of a big crunch. There was hotfixes adressing tens of bugs, every day. But still, you won't find, in their game, any auto heal, any "click to win" button, and you have to manage your resources instead of brainlessly spamming everything each and every fight. As a side note, they're adding tutorial and tooltips to help the player understand the rules. And they modified combat log in order for it to tell the player about immunities and resistances. That was much needed.
  19. Same for GOG. Reasons for the bad scores are mostly: -Extremely buggy on release (even though 6 hotfix patches have already been published) -Balance problem (many players find it insanely difficult (although it is said that difficulty beyond "normal mode" is meant to be clairly unfair). Dev claims that some encounters were indeed messed up, and have already solved the most well-known (the wolves and the glitch in random encounters)) After reading several dozens reviews on GOG, i guess that these 2 points represented more than 90% of the complaints (many gave minimum score just for that). I have personaly more hope for Kingmaker than for Pillars.
  20. As far as i know, Tyranny was published by Paradox (while they only distributed Pillars). And from the looks of it, it was not really successful. Paradox seems pretty disappointed by the sales. If i were you, i would not hope too much.
  21. That's what i thought. But we have the same problem in France with french. I sometimes have to explain the sense of many words i use in the every day life. I was accused more than once of speaking like a dictionnary. Even though i never thought i spoke a particularly high level french. It's kind of sad. But it's better than seeing people who have lived in France for years, but never learned a single french word ^^. At this point, it's downright infuriating .
  22. Nope. The description does not say that. That would be: "Has a chance of creating a shockwave each time he or she receives a wound", or something to that effect. If this is what the description attempts to say, fair enough, but it fails miserably. The description as it is is logically nonsensical, because it is impossible for anything to happen both occasionally and each time. It's tantamount to saying something like, "You are given a spherical cube as a gift". Makes no sense. I'll wager my English is far superior to yours, but that's beside the point. English is definitely not my first langage and still, i completely agree with you. I was about to give pretty much the same example as you about how the tooltip should have been writen in order to make it clear. It's strange to see that even english native speakers seem to, somehow, fail to recognize poor english for what it is. My own english is still far from perfect, but pretty often, i kind of have to correct sentences i read in order to make them understandable (not on this forum though). It strikes me as weird. More than once, i was told by an english person that my english was better than some native speakers'. At first, i definitely thought it was just some flattering. Pretty recently, i started to wonder if it was really just that... Anyway, the tooltip looks confusing to me. Especially since we're quite used to the way they were done in Pillars 1. I think it's only fair to question the way the ability functions while reading it.
  23. No, i guess it's probably more about hand holding for people who stubbornely refuse to use their brain, because they never tried to do so. Reaching level cap mid game serves the same purpose.
  24. Well, Josh definitely is a great designer. He has lots of great ideas, great imagination, and the ability to come up with things only he could come up with. But at the same time, the only game he designed i loved was New Vegas (with its mandatory hardcore mode, which should have been the base rule, really). Because even the game mechanics were a vast improvement over the crappy Fallout 3. The problem i have with Sawyer has nothing to do with his actual skills. More about the choices he made. I don't know if he disccussed with Urquhart the goals for the game, and if the CEO actively asked for the game to be more appealing to masses, or if Sawyer actually felt doing it this way was for the best. But in the end... *sigh*. I had hoped Obsidian would become the guidepost on how to craft great RPGs, with mechanics well grounded into the world itself, and great writting, rather than just patched over the game and labelled as "here is an obvious game mechanic, but well, it's for convenience, so it's ok". As an example, i would have expected crafting to be a thing in the world itself, with lore, NPCs, recipes, dedicated shops, and such. Rather than just a lame UI with "click there, and it will do magic" oO. So many game features are done this way, it hurts... so much.
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