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  1. The family will decide "death" anyway, so why their decision matters again?
  2. Perhaps he wanted to know if they really work, not what vendors say? On the other note, I thought Vista has a decent integrated firewall unlike XP's atrocity, no?
  3. There is much less sense in defragmentation, but it is not completely eliminated. SSD are just flash memory, they do not have any rotational delay and seek time, and that's where HDD spends most of the time when reading a fragmented file. It is a major component, but minor delays are still there (greater number of actual read operations for fragmented files).
  4. So, realism will be outdated? What else could possibly be there?
  5. Arghhh! That reminds me of my first encounter with Kiwi Cuisine (although that toxic green glowing gunk was called "Vegemite") This one tops my personal List of All Bad Things about Australia. When I tried it first, I thought it was something like Nutella...
  6. Theoretically a 32-bit system will give you up to 4Gb, but there is a known problem in Windows which does not allow you to get it. Also, kalimeeri, maybe you are talking about virtual memory when referring to swap?
  7. You are forgetting that it is Sand, who does not ever need to bother with such mundane things like indicating own opinion.
  8. Resurrection time. The following program is valid in EIGHT programming languages: COBOL (ANSI) Pascal (ISO) Fortran (ANSI, f77) C (ANSI-ish) PostScript Linux/Unix shell script (bash, sh, csh) x86 machine language (MS-DOS, Win32, Linux) Perl (version 5) True insanity. (*O/*_/ Cu #%* )pop mark/CuG 4 def/# 2 def%%%%@@P[TX---P\P_SXPY!Ex(mx2ex("SX!Ex4P)Ex= CuG #%* *+Ex= CuG #%*------------------------------------------------------------------*+Ex= CuG #%* POLYGLOT - a program in eight languages 15 February 1991 *+Ex= CuG #%* 10th Anniversary Edition 1 December 2001 *+Ex= CuG #%* *+Ex= CuG #%* Written by Kevin Bungard, Peter Lisle, and Chris Tham *+Ex= CuG #%* *+Ex= CuG #%* Polyglot suports the following languages: *+Ex= CuG #%* 1. COBOL (ANSI) *+Ex= CuG #%* 2. Pascal (ISO) *+Ex= CuG #%* 3. Fortran (ANSI, f77) *+Ex= CuG #%* 4. C (ANSI-ish) *+Ex= CuG #%* 5. PostScript *+Ex= CuG #%* 6. Linux/Unix shell script (bash, sh, csh) *+Ex= CuG #%* 7. x86 machine language (MS-DOS, Win32, Linux) *+Ex= CuG #%* 8. Perl (version 5) *+Ex= CuG #%* *+Ex= CuG #%* Usage: *+Ex= CuG #%* 1. Rename this file to polyglot.[cob|pas|f77|c|ps|sh|com|pl] *+Ex= CuG #%* *+Ex= CuG #%* 2. Compile and run with your favorite compiler and operating *+Ex= CuG #%* system. *+Ex= CuG #%* *+Ex= CuG #%* Notes: *+Ex= CuG #%* 1. We have attempted to use only standard language features. *+Ex= CuG #%* *+Ex= CuG #%* 2. Without the -traditional flag gcc will issue a warning. *+Ex= CuG #%* *+Ex= CuG #%* 3. When transferring from Unix to DOS make sure that a LF *+Ex= CuG #%* is correctly translated into a CR/LF. *+Ex= CuG #%* *+Ex= CuG #%* 4. Keep the blank lines at the start of the program. They *+Ex= CuG #%* are important. *+Ex= CuG #%* *+Ex= CuG #%* 5. This text is a comment block in all eight languages. *+Ex= CuG #%* *+Ex= CuG #%* Please mail any comments, corrections or additions to *+Ex= CuG #%* polyglot@ideology.com.au *+Ex= CuG #%* *+Ex= CuG #%*------------------------------------------------------------------*QuZ= CuG #%* *+Ex= CuG #%*!Mx)ExQX5ZZ5SSP5n*5X!)Ex+ExPQXH,B+ExP[-9A-9B(g?(gA'UTTER_XYZZXX!X *+ CuG #(* *( C # */); /*( C # *) program polyglot (output); (*+ C # identification division. C # program-id. polyglot. C # C # data division. C # procedure division. C # C # * ))cleartomark /Bookman-Demi findfont 36 scalefont setfont ( C # * ( C # C # * hello polyglots$ C # main. C # perform C /# * ) 2>_$$; echo "hello polyglots"; rm _$$; exit; C # * ( C # C *0 ) unless print "hello polyglots\n"; __END__ print C stop run. -*, 'hello polyglots' C C print. C display "hello polyglots". ( C */ int i; /* C */ main () { /* C */ i=printf ("hello polyglots\n"); O= &i; return *O; /* C *) (* C *) begin (* C *) writeln ('hello polyglots'); (* C *) (* ) C * ) pop 60 360 ( C * ) pop moveto (hello polyglots) show ( C * ) pop showpage (( C *) end .(* ) C)pop% program polyglot. *){*/} See Polyglot.
  9. Not funny, but opening an "unfunny videos thread" would be redundant for a few posts. I'm a short film addict. 10 minutes by Ahmed Imamovic. MORE by Mark Osborne. . "Congratulations, you are dead". SAW, the original short film.
  10. Sennheiser are awesome headphones. The best I have ever had (well, I haven't heard the professional setup yet). I have a HD595.
  11. Dear Diary, I have never imagined that working with Scottish people in the management involves so much alcohol. And so much fun.
  12. My friend was testing it with built-in transaction management and the operations that were taking tens of milliseconds in XP, were taking about a second in Vista. But then, it is a Vista Home Premium vs XP Pro.
  13. Dreamfall and The Longest Journey are $25 on Steam, it is worth getting?
  14. Considering a recent story of a kid who got expelled for making a CS map of his school, I can't imagine a body part the teachers were thinking with.
  15. I don't understand what is wrong with Warcraft 3. I think it is a good game. And I don't feel any major difference in my interest in either WC2, WC3 or Starcraft. *shrug*
  16. I've got a scholarship (again) for the last semester at uni. Saving myself more than US$8,000.
  17. Yes, that was the last straw.
  18. Yeah, I admit these pictures radiate so much coolness that I'm going to melt. But this is only concept art, let's not jump to conclusions here.
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