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  1. or Connect to your router over wired connection, and use your browser (above addresses) to configure WEP key (or WPA if possible as WEP is total rubbish).
  2. I suggest we should look at the list of recently registered members then.
  3. I don't understand the fascination with it. Is it a cultural phenomenon? For me personally it is the stupidest thing I've ever seen.
  4. Diamond


    Is that a new hobby or just sleep-posting?
  5. You are likely not to need Java at all, unless you use Java applets or, say, use Azureus. I'm not so sure about .NET, some software may require it even if you don't suspect it does, you may want to check this.
  6. Still listening to Torment soundtrack. In fact, Mark Morgan is ranked 3rd in my last.fm profile. My only complaint about game soundtracks ripped directly from games is that they are mostly of a very poor sound quality. PST is one of them, by the way.
  7. Firefox is a top memory hog in my system. It is basically a mess of JavaScript/XUL on top of Gecko components and such. But memory was not a problem for me for a long time (my swap partition is never used). However it is also very extensible. Much more than any other browser.
  8. Fallout 3 Portal (I hope it will prompt the creation of mods with custom puzzles)
  9. Either way, writing something from scratch should be the last option.
  10. Unreal definitely surpasses Quake 2 in graphics, artistic direction, music, AI and single-player mode. The only aspect Quake 2 owns Unreal is multi-player, IMO. So did Unreal. But it was released later than Quake 2 though.
  11. It was done using game assets, but it was not rendered using game engine.
  12. Some comments actually point out the flaws in the article. And yes, it is not effective for a regular coke drinkers (like me).
  13. One more can and I'm going to have a caffeine intoxication.
  14. Am I the only one thinking of a cleverly disguised famous site in a .cx domain when looking at that picture?
  15. 14 hours and 2 cans of RedBull till the project deadline. It is the last time I'm doing this again. Really. No, really.
  16. It seems a bit of an overkill, but media tends to withhold some information and/or putting a subtle change in tone to create such sensationalist headlines and get more hits. While I think it is insanely retarded, there must a reason the school administration have put such restrictions in place.
  17. Drama. You are not going to create another alt, are you?
  18. Yes, that would explain the amount of spam and retarded posts. They are all adults after all, how did I not think of that?
  19. bethsoft.com does not respond to ping. It means teaser is out, I suppose.
  20. I hope Fallout 3 will be RT and FPS just to see Sand scream.
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