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  1. Noone in present mind wouldn't do any painting with a mouse (I wish I could have Wacom Cintiq, so I could draw right on the screen *drooling*). And, yes, Photoshop sometimes is used to create images from scratch (however there are other editors more suitable for that, like Painter), there are many people who do that. Some people sketch on paper and color in Photoshop. But its main purpose is still editing images, not painting.
  2. Speaking of algorithms and algorithm efficiency, you would want to know theory of computation as well. Well, hehe. To sum up, you will need knowledge of a degree level.
  3. I think these are TOO expensive to buy just for playing around. Wacom tablets are good and more expensive, than others. But it takes a bit of time to get used to looking at the screen while drawing.
  4. I think this situation causes smaller companies to fold. There are penalties for missing milestones and shipdates. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Initial topic was about big companies with draconic work conditions (EA). I guess, smaller companies _tend_ to care more about their employees. If devs on some EA project say 'I quit!' all at the same time, management will be forced to negotiate, but it is the main problem to say 'I quit!' at the same time - one or two persons can get replaced, replacing people from the whole project will bring more expenses, rather than paying more/cutting down work hours to 40-50.
  5. IMO, DnD magic system is good, as it fits the context. Different game styles must have appropriate magic systems, would it be mana/slots or whatever. No system is bad or good, it's the implementation and balance.
  6. Probably, I will just backup myself with a major in Information Systems :D
  7. ...But this "Crunchmode" or "Death March" thing in the game industry kinda bothers me Especially EA's.
  8. Yes, indeed. But I never said "Gosh! I don't have a chance!" :D
  9. They'd probably just hire new devs. Theres a surplus of people who want to break in to the gamming industry. Many of them would be willing to take a job for a couple years, even if they knew it was going to be horrible hours, just to get the experience on their resume. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> In the middle of the project? No, they wouldn't afford that. But he problem here is that ALL of them will say 'NO' at the same time.
  10. Thanks for the hint. Things are not so bad, as I thought :D
  11. The ones that you have taken will be the base for further studies in linear algebra and discrete maths. As a game programmer you would probably find useful to do: - Linear Algebra ("equation of the line" stuff, matrices, vectors) - ESSENTIAL for 3D graphics, game physics. - Discrete Mathematics (that's where permutations come from), useful for AI models, and generally a close area to programming. + And any other math you like, because being a competent programmer usually implies to be a "mathematically mature" person (that means, you have suffered through a lot of maths and you have altered your way of thinking) + a lot of programming/problem solving practice wouldn't hurt
  12. I think you have confused 2 systems. DnD had (and still has) slot-based system, not mana-based And, on topic, I don't really see why everyone hates mana-based systems so much. If it is used it doesn't make game worse or better, but just *different*. Mana-based systems are just for fast-paced kind of games, like Diablo 1, 2 (if it used slot-based system, I'd shoot myself in the head). Why *PUKES* and *2X PUKES*? It's just different.
  13. I would agree with Memengwa, everyone has the right for opinion, and her point was that people who are waiting for NWN2 will buy NWN2, people who want DA will buy DA, and people who want both will buy both, not "tis topic has no purpose". And I would agree that this topic is in the wrong subforum (EDIT: while I was typing it the topic got moved ).
  14. In Australia, even a Trainee Programmer position will attract 100+ applicants. How are the things with employment in US or Canada (gaming industry, IT, etc.)? Competition, expertise/experience/knowledge required, etc.
  15. Trust me, there can be 100,000-people cities, that not only have no PnP players, but also not a single comic book and/or sci-fi/fantasy store
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