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  1. It is likely a bug in a visual representation of a wireless connection (lock icon or whatever), or maybe some funky WDS setup. It is hard to say without specifics. With the way it works, it is safe to say that you did not suddenly "crack" someone's wireless access point. As a side note, I would not recommend connecting to unknown access points, that is, the ones you or your host did not set up, as they may be rogue.
  2. What are the card's and router's models and security settings?
  3. Because the cost for a card that is equivalent to two current cards would rise exponentially.
  4. Probably you did not have enough scrobbled tracks. You need something around a 1000+ to get decent recommendations. Well, the system worked for me rather well, at least.
  5. I won't post my profile name, as I like to keep all my on-line identities separately, but instead I'll put in my tag cloud, excluding way too general tags like "electronic", or idiotic tags like "seen live" and "favorites". You can get one too! P. S. I'm growing fond of last.fm.
  6. The effect of converting a digital signal to analog and then back to digital (noise) is noticeable on an even background (like these forums).
  7. Boot in safe mode. Or try using Process Explorer to kill the processes that hold the file.
  8. That's why I love Ubuntu. Restricted modules package gets updated along with the kernel, so nothing breaks.
  9. I would like to point out that building a custom kernel is rarely needed. In fact, it is often recommended to stick to default kernel version that is shipped with the distribution. Security updates are be distributed automatically by the distribution vendor. I am not quite sure what exactly do you mean by "configure the security" when it comes to the kernel. If I get you correctly, this is also a non-issue. Kernel upgrades do not affect user-space programs settings, and the kernel itself needs little configuration.
  10. Not all emitted electromagnetic waves are observable. "Cosmic microwave background radiation" in Wikipedia Image of the void
  11. What is really sad is that you are so sure about MS server products because you do not know any better. What is even sadder is that you are not willing to change your position because you are "a fan". Ultimately, bad decision.
  12. Funny that all Mac people I have met (all are Computer Science students) are exact opposites of what you described here. Given your track record of Apple hate, what conclusion can be drawn here?
  13. And Linux/*BSD is not even an option? I understand, it involves some learning curve for someone who have never used UNIX, but the documentation is abundant on the topic in question. Especially, if the cost is an issue. OpenBSD, hands down. Some people though would find it more complicated than Linux (which is getting easier every year). Still, Linux is a good start too. LAMP is pretty easy to set up these days, you can't go wrong with Debian-based Linux distributions. Installation of MySQL and PHP is actually harder under Windows. All you have to do in Linux is to tick them in the package manager. My strong (and probably biased) advice is NEITHER, considering all the above and also the fact that Win2000 is no longer supported and Win2003 costs a bundle.
  14. I have never played Oblivion, but this dialogue system sounds bad enough already. When was it confirmed officially?
  15. "Nuclear catapult" is not technically implausible. The problem is that it just does not make sense in this game. Usually, you'd want to fire with something like that to a distance of a few kilometers, I don't see how this fits game scale and combat system. Handheld nuclear catapult is, however, incredibly cheesy. Not even Fallout-humor-type cheesy, just cheesy.
  16. Actually, exactly like you, before the university I wanted to go in IT so badly, but I ended up in engineering.
  17. Tagging music at last.fm...
  18. Not to Linux however. That's why DirectX10 = fail. LONG LIVE ID SOFTWARE!
  19. Safari is still in beta though, beware of security vulnerabilities.
  20. ...says the graphics engine programmer. I must say that's a very biased advice. Most developer teams will not have the expertise to develop a state-of-the-art engine. If you have time and money, license a better engine. A new one must be built only if it is more expensive to maintain any licensed technology.
  21. It looks like you configured Windows to be a part of the domain during the installation (as opposed to a workgroup), which needs a domain controller. Do you get a classic login window or XP's "welcome" window? If the former, there should be an option to login locally and not authenticate against the Active Directory (or whatever funky thing MS has at the time).
  22. A glass of teeth-rotting coke. Love it.
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