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  1. The amount of spam on Fallout forums is staggering. The number of posts jumped from 65,000 to 75,000 overnight.
  2. Oh and if anyone didn't notice Alexander Brandon is now Audio Director at Obsidian Entertainment (thanks, funcroc!).
  3. I didn't. After a lot of fiddling around with 3DSMax I just can't bring myself to use Blender. Also, I have never heard anyone calling its interface "intuitive".
  4. Forget the last one. Now I have a new favourite "programmer's webcomic": xkcd. Haw, haw, haw.
  5. Gives a fresh perspective on what it means to be a hardcore Falout fan.
  6. Well because BIOS doesn't have any concept of "drive letters" to start with. What exactly it is that you are referring to? IDE channel? But that depends on how you hook up your cables. Elaborate.
  7. I believe Mr Holmes knows how to generate publicity.
  8. Well, there is a big stink about anything at the Fallout boards.
  9. Not always. Mine is F. And you can actually remap drive letter allocation via Control Panel.
  10. More of a flawed premise mixed with appeal to emotion (directly resulting from bitterness).
  11. I see too much focus on US monuments, and in conjunction with orchestral music I begin to smell some "epic" and "patriot" type of crap. But maybe it is just me.
  12. Wasn't there a tradition where a newly appointed moderator must lock his own introduction thread?
  13. So, how many people on these boards are not moderators right now?
  14. Diamond


    But if a post consists of smilies only, technically there is nothing to ruin...
  15. Sounds a bit awkward from a technical standpoint. Why not having a saved game file store state variables and thus achieving the same effect of carrying over the decisions of a previous episode? The next episode will then pick them up and use them in scripts and dialogues. Unless, of course, you want to cut development costs by producing a sequel episode tailored to N most popular submitted state combinations. Otherwise the same amount of effort is spent on implementing the possible story combinations, but the distribution of it is pushed online. You are not saying that developers should watch every single incoming savegame real-time and implement an appropriate set of outcomes, are you? That didn't make much sense technically at all, or I simply did not comprehend it. "Load it locally"? What is the point of a locally stored game data in such kind of a system then? The content still has to come from somewhere - either from optical media or be predownloaded (in which case you still have to pay for the same bandwidth).
  16. So it's like Torment, only it's not. Especially the last part. A focus on combat vs a focus on character relationships sounds like being worlds apart to me. Mask will hopefully turn out to be a good expansion none the less. Yes, but primary characteristic is still similarity, otherwise why mentioning PS:T at all? Why not saying "it will be like Madden only that it is not".
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