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  1. I've been gaming for 20+ years and have forgotten more bugs than I can remember, and none seem particularly legendary, but here are a few I can recall. Ultima IX - falling through the floor (you and certain items); dead guards spinning in place and zipping around the map in Wrong; triggers not firing properly if you don't walk over them just right (running could break lots of things). Oh, and watching 'dead' skeleton bones travel vertically up an elevator shaft to join other bones three levels higher... creepy. Oblivion - crashes while exiting to desktop most of the time; has a chan
  2. Dragon Age - check; the only game I plan on getting 100% assuming EA doesn't pull any DRM stupidity. It's the only CRPG I care about in 2009. Interesting to see Seeker on that list. Logic Factory hasn't done anything in something like 10 years. I played both their earlier games; they dance to a different drum for sure so their games are always unique. Lots of Adventure games to drool over, but I'll pass if they're too cartoon-like or feature real-time combat (I play Adventure games to get a break from hack-n-slash.) Diablo 3... only if singleplayer is balanced properly. I'm going t
  3. Hmmm... is all I can say. WoW is my current MMO but it's a love/hate as usual because Blizzard is the designer and we go back a decade (as business/customer). WoW appeals because: - Fantasy setting involving dwarves, elves, humans, and all sorts of creatures both plain and fantastic; something the D&D/Ultima/Bard's Tale player in me enjoys being part of. - I can solo from 1 to 70 (current cap) without ever setting foot in an instance (area designed for groups) - Professions, both primary and secondary. - Talents that let me choose how I want my character to develop. - Many
  4. Now that Intel is getting ready to release Nehalem, I'm waiting for that and it's motherboards to mature before I decide about video. Odds are I'll go with a GTX 280. By the time I'm ready, the price and die size may have been reduced. My current rig is adequate for what I'm doing, so I'm willing to wait and see.
  5. WoW again... Echo Isle Various characters, all played solo which means I'll reach 70s in blues and greens and will be fortunate if I ever see purple. I hate PVP so no welfare epics for me (I'd rather earn them in instances anyway). The game is a love/hate thing because I hate having to group for anything after decades of solo action, and the drop rates on common beast parts like boar snouts is laughable; killed 30+ murlocs tonight and apparently all but 8 were finless. At 70 I can solo most 5-man instances up to level 60, as long as they aren't like Uldaman in requiring multiple pl
  6. I voted no sale. If they're still behaving like the Chinese government when it comes time to release Dragon Age, I'll have to pass on that game as well. It's getting ridiculous. Jay's post makes me think someone in upper management has been handing out frontal lobotomies. Sorry Jay, but I don't lose discs. That's a lame excuse to slap us with online activation, especially online activation that must be done every time the game is installed, for a limited number of times. Thankfully there are plenty of games out there that don't have this crap in them. Of course that'll change once EA buys
  7. I'll always remember Feargus as that frightened animal trainer in BG2's promenade. That's where I first "saw" him.
  8. I'm currently 40, with 41 arriving before the USA gets a new Pres. "Over the hill" is when I can no longer play computer games.
  9. Yes, I think I saw every episode at least twice when I was a kid. Let's hope the moon remains in Earth's orbit this time. (BTW, they never addressed the issue of the broken surfing on Earth after that happened, since the only remaining tides were solar.)
  10. I remember tentatively buying a copy of BG1 after reading reviews. I didn't do any pnp D&D but I had played SSI's Gold Box series for years (had every game mapped out in detail on graph paper). The result is that BG1's "personal initiative rounds" and hokey pause system was jarring and ruined all sense of tactics and strategy that I'd come to know. Thus I started rolling maximized characters. People repeatedly suggested using auto-pause to play "turn-based", but this was hideous due to every character having their own round, rather than there being one round for the entire combat zone. At
  11. Stuff like that is always exciting. When I worked for a former employer a truck carrying silos went by and next thing I know the internet goes down and the phone goes off the hook, at the same time as a loud noise. I looked out the window and saw our telephone hookup mast sliding across the lawn. The silo had hooked the overhead line and ripped the mast right off the wall. Good times.
  12. I've been playing NWN2:MotB since I'm late in getting it. Tried my hand at fixing a few glitches with the toolset so now I get to play it again and see if they worked. Also thinking about writing a module since the learning curve isn't as steep as I thought it might be.
  13. The King of Crossroad Keep With my queen to my right, and my peasant girl to my left. re: Assassin's Creed shots Wayyy too blurry. My eyes aren't what they used to be yet I see things much sharper than they're rendered in that game. The third shot looks good though.
  14. In no order other than how they pop into memory... NWN2'2 forced companions, and resulting contrived/fabricated conversations. I love the campaign but the party system makes me want to kill someone. (MotB is a vast improvement in almost all respects. I love that campaign.) AOE II's Trebuchet bug: unpacked trebs counted as nothing in the engine so the AI would happily build more packed trebs. Lost count of the number of times I got waylaid by 8+ trebs on a map that supposedly allowed 2. NWN's multiplayer-supporting OC that left my singleplayer game feeling like a massive Fedex campa
  15. I just recently got MotB, but since it's been several months since I last played NWN2, I created a new character and have been playing through the OC. Now I'm all patched up for when I take my character into MotB for the first time. (Sorry Elanee, were you talking to me?) The spell fixes are awesome. I've been wanting to make a warlock but held off after reading the patch preview notes.
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