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  1. We don't know anything about the situation back then.There could've been many problems, for example the most of publishing companies, are expecting some Elves, boobies,standrard Fantasy ****world with manga stylized graphics, as a big attidue and on Xbox 360 of course, not Dark Post Apocalyptic Hard Core RPG on PC. I hate EA they bought some great franchises (Ultima, Dungeon Keeper, Populous, Syndicate) just to screw them up, or ignore. Ea is the biggest Bad Guy in computer gaming market, it has the style of Sauron from LOTR or Crimsong King from The Dark Tower, screw things just to sc
  2. I enjoyed and still enjoys all three troika's games, Arcanum is the best however. I hate those publishers who didnt want to fund their 4 game which was going to be a Post Apocalyptic RPG, the spiritual succersor to fallout. And what happened to Troikians? I've heard that Tim Cain is now is now doing something not connected to games industry (some financial things? i don't remember), Leonard Boyarsky is now working for Blizzard, but i don't know what Jason Anderson is doing.
  3. I just saw the cinematic trailer which is exclusively put on the cd of biggest polish magazine, but it will be released in the internet for a bout week or two . It's created by the good animation studio (nominated to oscar), and you can see it in this teaser, it's really good, moody very original etc. the way they've done the animation is pretty artistic. So far i'm more and more looking forward! I will buy this game for sure [if they screw the game (and i doubt they will) I will buy it only to see the cinematics ]
  4. Which is modified Arcanum's engine, ....I miss Troika....
  5. A black & white, pencil concept from indie RPG project,the setting is Wild West in Fantasy world http://img195.imageshack.us/img195/2734/wfw32cn0.jpg if anyone is interested to join the team, please write an email : wildfantasywest@o2.pl EDIT: sorry for a little offtop the main informations is concept
  6. A beer 4 SEGA !!(For supporting this project) And I hope we will see some infos after NWN2 is released And still i have that strange feeling that's gonna be PA RPG
  7. I was brosing an internet and i found this J.E. Fallout Wiki and it seems to be PNP RPG being created by J.E. Sawyer, Do you know something more about it, is it just someone using Josh's name or is it Josh himself it's quite interesting. I'm looking forward to try this system.
  8. This would make sense 'cos why they wanted to buy these things, without a plan to use it?
  9. Maybe it's something Post - Apocalyptic based on all the Van Buren stuff
  10. What are your favourite books, and how would you continue the story of Nameless after the end of Torment?
  11. Great Work! i'm waiting to see more of revan's clothes
  12. It's quite strange that they closed the forums at the time of E3. there are two possibilities :1. Pnj is dead 2. There will be announcement soon.
  13. I don't know why but it's pretty strange it would be nice to get an announcment.
  14. No word on pnj and I think that's good omen, if it would be cancelled it's forum wouldn't be existing anymore. He mentioned that PG will not be at E3. He didn't mentioned PNJ maybe because they want to anounce it on E3, suprises works perfectly for pc audience . i'm pretty optimistic.
  15. i'm maybe to optimistic as always but do you remember the topic " E3 Exhibitors List " If there isn't any other game at E3 he would said that there's no other game , whe people asked him. I agree with interpretation of Spider, but does it make any sense the man who wasn't working on NWN2 and as he claims he will be playing it for the first time is there because of nwn2? I think he couldn't talk a lot about nwn2 because he's completely unfamilliar with it. So i think there is a hope for PNJ to be there
  16. We will actually be showing NWN2 at the Microsoft area. We'll be in the PC gaming section. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> But maybe there's still hope for an anouncement ... sometimes i'm getting excited a bit too early
  17. Hey guys official trailer is out check it out : Trailer
  18. very good idea, i don't think that so many people will be interested in this type of game, you know only the chosen ones are . But Steam is rather strange choice i would prefer to download this game from website or whatever, I don't play FPS so i don't have HL 2 this means i don't have steam as well. so how can i get it?
  19. I think that's PNJ. NWN2 has nothing to do with Microsoft or XBOX 360.
  20. nwn2 banner hmm it's quite a good proof that obisidians will be there
  21. eehhh Jefferson reminds me of another canceled BIS title Van Buren Josh, is there any possibilty to get som e design docs from Black Hound ? to recreate it as a nwn2 module?
  22. Dagon


    Maybe that's because neverwinter was released 1,5 year after the first screenshots from torn.
  23. Jon Oliva's Pain - Tage Mahal
  24. The number of things which they try to put in the game is maybe unrealistic but still It makes respect what they have done so far (look at the graphics) without any money, remember that's still Indie project(but made by professionals), now they're trying to find the publisher.
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