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  1. *stares over his shoulder in paranoia* Back to Serious Land, I just wanted to say hi and let you guys know that a lot of us here watch the forums, and love hearing what you have to say Weeehaaaaw! (cowboy style) You guys know that you are awesome?! Also as you are here already, please answer my question: What is the effect of FEV used on crates?
  2. I have personally slaughtered some barrels in it already. They explode nicely. Barrels? Not crates? BARRELS?! The new game is going to suck. He was playing as crate and he killed the invading evil barrels also I haven't seen this image before.. Seven Dwarves?
  3. Hey Eric nice to meet you, what can you tell me about the development of the windows in New Vegas? Just kiddin' But man, I want to see your dialogue sample! Especially after reading on Josh twitter how awesome it is! Also could you smuggle here some early screenshots and concept arts? We promise we won't tell anyone!
  4. And will there be crates or barrels? How can you imagine to roleplay your character without crates?
  5. I agree with Poland. Well, thank you my dear old Austria.
  6. We demand new subforum! ;) Also some concept arts would be nice
  7. to be honest i would prefer Firefly or Earth 2 Rpg
  8. Where did you heard this? If that's true than it can really be WH40k
  9. Top Secret New Project? BG 3 IWD3 NWN3?
  10. To be honest Alan Wake looks sweet!
  11. is it only teh product of my sick mind or are the graphics really significantly upgraded? the game looks much better now than a few months ago.
  12. This looks sweeeeeet! Definetly the best trailer of Alpha Protocol so far!
  13. I still want it, because i think it will be fun RPG light Also I'm really happy now that EA abandoned Ultima license, we would probably see a trailer with Limp Bizkit music .
  14. I have to agree with you. Also the textures are now really low-res, probably because of console version.
  15. Hahaha This reminds me of this: which(witch;)), aside from awful lyrics, fits The Witcher much better. Manson sounds totally out of place in Dragon Age trailer Also besides blood I smell EA in the air..
  16. weeeeeehaaaw ! I'm still excited about this news! If any of devs reads this thred, I would really like to see something like New Reno again, but this time with decent explanation of how it can exist in a post nuclear wasteland. It would be nice if the main location would be somekind of the centre of civilization in the wasteland, "all roads leads to Vegas", as Hover Dam was to be in Van Buren , I would love to see vegas a as a combination of New Reno and Hub. The place which is controlled by mafias but has pretty good economic and agriculture explanation. I would like farms outside
  18. From the videos it looks extremely fun It seems that it will be the first Action RPG with the good ACTION part. Also the martial skills looks awesome in action
  19. I was lurking some dungeon keeper forum and in the topic about DKONLINE there were youtube links to the earlier games made by the same studio. And one of them was Heroes of Might And Magic online. It's weird as hell.. Also no English version of the game... EDIT: more info and some screenshots from developer's site http://ir.netdragon.us/game/yxwd.shtml
  20. Hey guys do you remember the news about Dungeon Keeper MMO. It appears that the same company has made Heroes of might and magic Online almost a year ago. What's pretty suprising it's that this is full licenced product and I haven't heard about it till today. Just take a look here: and here: http://yx.91.com/ It's pretty confusing
  21. Did I mentioned that Fading Suns would be a perfect setting for Obsidian's writing? Fading Suns
  22. Sorry for my bad english today Anyway you guys would agree that it would be nice to have TBC in The Black Hound?
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