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  1. Hey Josh I just read your blog about Damage Reduction and new feats and it sounds cool. I've got the question to you, is it possible to make a Turn Based combat on NWN2 engine?
  2. Have you seen Evil Mastermind, the indie project trying to create spiritual successor to EG? Evil Genius was kewl, but It's very different game than Dungeon Keeper, and it's more of an standard Theme game. And yes i prefer DK more
  3. http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=28mRGEDiv1s&...feature=related Dungeon Keeper rap in German
  4. I find it to be the best game BULLFROG ever made. I read somewhere that this noname china development studio will pay EA for the license only if it make some good income, it sounds as everyone could take this ip and then just pay EA some % of the income. And this company so far made only 2d grind-heavy mmo's with ****ty anime graphics.. it's really (f***in) sad
  5. It's so depressing... EA is really a sauron of computer gaming
  6. Yep, you are 100% correct. Kotor 2 already exists. And I hope for something completely new from obsidian and not KOTOR3, it would be nice for them to create WH40k RPG or WHFR RPG though.
  7. Anyone heard anything about Wasteland 2 by Inxile? Last time I heard it was planned to be very much in vein of old Fallout games.. BTW. If i remember corectly Todd Howard said that they would love to make Turn Based Isometric Fallout for Nintendo DS that would be nice.
  8. It would be nice to get something isometric and turnbased from this relationship
  9. 1. Fallout 2. Dungeon Keeper 3. Planescape Torment 4. Fallout 2 5. Homeworld 6. Arcanum 7. Homeworld 2 8. Mask Of The Betrayer 9. Gothic 2 10. Knights of The Old Republic 2
  10. I will roleplay necromancer once more . It seems that Afterfall is going to be published, because the team was hired by a polish publisher Nicolas Games. They're opening studio "Nicolas Games Intoxicate" in Dabrawa Gornicza (Poland). AFTERFALL becomes their full time job now, the new website is going to be made, and the full steam production is going to start very soon. The game is still Post-Apocalyptic Roleplaying Game with turn based combat, but this time they will have pretty good marketing and of course we can be pretty sure now, that the game is going to be released! source: (i
  11. I'm hyped too, the only thing mentioned that I really didn't like was those emo-icon dialogue options. I really wood prefer the good old text than this: "So mr. Thorton are you gonna tell us what you know? - - -
  12. Yaaaaay!!! :D for the new forum section! It must have crates!
  13. We know the name is fixed but still there is possibility that we will be able to choose the appearance, don't you think?
  14. Sounds cool! Are there any screens in magazine and when can we expect the new section of the forum to be opened?
  15. I hope it does game without potatoes isn't a game at all for me
  16. BTW if Obsidian is 3 -project company as Feargus stated many times. And as we know it they aren't working right now on Neverwinter Nights NX2. Then what is the third project? I remember the rumor that wass spread once by RPG Codex's Vault Dweller abou obsidian working on the first Neverwinter Nights2 expansion (not anounced then yet) and another D&D game, not connected to Neverwinter Nights series, it's pretty interesting. Personally i would like them to work on Kotor 3 and finish the storyline started by The Sith Lords.
  17. BTW if Obsidian is 3 -project company as Feargus stated many times. And as we know it they aren't working right now on Neverwinter Nights NX2. Then what is the third project?
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