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  1. Project New Jersey was also going to be a console exclusive. Project Georgia and Aliens RPG are both going to be published also for PC market & both are going to be published by SEGA.
  2. The Sega thing is the Alien RPG. This is something new. Pg was the first project for sega, Aliens is something new and is also for SEGA
  3. To be honest I find the Cia RPG to sound pretty exciting and original. That's why i'm looking very much forward the announcement. I hope that the rumor will turn out to be true and the game will be dialog-heavy detectivistic roleplaying game with conspiracy theme, you guys have to agree that this type of game might be pretty refreshing and fun to play. As for KOTOR3, it would also be nice to play it one day, but right now I would prefer some original Ip's made by OBS, fantasy would be nice but not standard medieval-like, but let's say, maybe XVIII century equivalent with rapiers and muskets i
  4. I believe it's the other way around. But don't quote me! Just once pleashhhh
  5. Hey guys relax a bit! I have to say that i kind of believe him, If he would like just to start internet drama and rumor, he would create another account or something, he's on these forums almost from the beginning, so it would be quite stupid for him to lie. So there are two likely possibilities one that he just misinterpreted some information given to him by someone, or that there's in fact Kotor 3 in (pre?)production. Anyway Thanks for the concepts Jorian Drake. They look great even if they are coming from the canceled LA's kotor.
  6. Unlikely you have to remember that PG is being made for SEGA. That's why i think it's CIA RPG
  7. I'm homeworld fan myself and since some of these guys worked on Homeworld Cataclysm i'm pretty interested in the end result
  8. what the hell is that, it looks more like the properties made by the studios and being made at the moment, not the actual games in work. There's no 3 in kotor's name
  9. Great work , can't wait to see what I can do when editor will be ready! Your work is awesome!
  10. They're ugly, the only good thing that can be seen on those is architecture that looks similar to Fallout. Very bad art direction, even the technical standards - they look 2 years old, and it's still a long way for the game to be published. This Super Mutant (?) with skulls looks stupid.
  11. Not indie really, this is the company that was found by people from Barking Dog, company that made Homeworld: Cataclysm, they already developed really nice (after few patches and addon) 4x game - Sword of The Stars. They're now called Kerberos Productions here's their website: http://www.kerberos-productions.com/
  12. Have you seen it yet? The game looks very interesting so far! here you can find some informations about it http://sots.rorschach.net/Category_talk:NorthStar Turn Based isometric RPG and Space Trading Game in one sounds awesome!
  13. How about "hell yeah"? Agree, plus Warhammer Fantasy would also be nice. Nicer than D&D anyway..
  14. good find! I still hope that as it was said earlier both Obsidian games made for Sega will come to PC as well. I hate and don't have any console.
  15. If rumor is true, than it must be Project Georgia. P. New Jersey was canceled wasn't it? I wonder when they will finally reveal The Dark Brotherhood
  16. Zayne Carrick is the main hero from KOTOR comics. And he is often speculated to be Darth Nihilus because of some Jedi vision featuring a guy in Zayne's spacesuit, who will become destroyer of worlds. But on the other hand the prophecy probably was about Squint aka. Alek aka. Malak.
  17. Yep it makes sense, But don't you think that it's quite absurd that EA would make a deal to publish game via LUCAS ARTS,i don't think so. Unless the game was pretty far in development using LA license.
  18. Or even deeper! It's quite strange for Electronic Arts to work together with another of the giant publishers don't you think? And allow them to publish the game made by their division.
  19. No Kotor 3 for you guys! just take a look here http://www.lucasartsbioware.com/ Probably it will bring the confirmation of Kotor MMO rumor.
  20. Mkreku get in touch with Fargo once again and tell us new informations (or give me his email on PM)
  21. What we really need is V.A.T.S. system implemented to Eschalon just kiddin.....
  22. Very nice graphics, much better than most of indies, probably because of their minimalistic nature.
  23. Nice orcs And WTF is handheld nuclear catapult? I wan't my Van Buren :/
  24. Pretty interesting game especially for for me and other old Dungeon Keeper fans But what we really need is the proper Dungeon Keeper sequel or a game which will be a total copycat!
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