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  1. ekhmm ekhmm they are Polish :] So am I :] it's quite big diffrence between polish and russian people just look at the history of the eastern europe and how many there was wars : Poland Vs Russia most of them in middle ages
  2. hehe yeah you will play AFTER(the)FALL
  3. Look at this page : Afterfall.org Graphics looks fantastic, the game is set in izometric view and there is Turn Based Combat. I'm looking forward to play this game!
  4. Dagon


    Yeah Torn died with BIS. But remember that obsidian may be well-skilled at the necromancy And i hope so
  5. Here in poland we can buy used FO1 and FO2 using 10 zlotys (around 3$)
  6. and his voice doesn't express any feelings. But the artworks are really good! And still I have very big expectations.
  7. Any Post Apocalyptic or S-F titles developed by Obsidian in the future?
  8. hey guys ! thx for you replies !! And maybe some knows who is the leader of the 4rd project? Yeah i look forward to this year's E3, hope that there will be something bout Fallout 3 aswell. it seems that i should collect some money to buy next-gen :/. It's almost like betrayal.
  9. I want to ask you about the lead designer of the 3rd OE project, who is he?
  10. yes it will be,but the most optimistic version is the one , that it will be released somwhere in Q4 of this year.
  11. yes i agree with you, more good game companies, the more new good games
  12. IWD 2 was better than the first one,and puzzles was ok the atmosphere was really cool in two IWDs and style of interface much better than it was in BG , icons in inventory looks fantastic ,I have to play through game once again
  13. Neverwinter Nights 2 and The Witcher - both of these games in my opinion are going to be the great experience ,.Even if NWN 2 will be better (And I think it will), and the witcher just good I will play them with fun . And yes as i know CdProjekt localised Fallouts, Torment and IWD for some countries in europe.
  14. Hey people don't you think that is to early to say if the withcer will be forgettable or not, only time will tell . But i hope that it will be really good cRPG ,and from infos which i found ,Witcha is going to be really good, maybe a little worser than NWN2 but still really really good, and ithoink worth playing yep, that's all i think
  15. I find graphics are really pretty But as somenoe mentione the movie with the multiple choices ,gameplay seems to be very Rpgish ,in the old meaning of this word
  16. I found somewhere one short story translated to english i'll post link here if i find it once again. I'm Polish so I'm pretty familiar with the setting and the novels , they are really great deeper than classical fantasy novels .more psychologic and darker. EDIT: Well here you can download the first The Witcher story it was written in 80's and it's not the best one but still it's worth reading Lesser Evil the tranlation is made by some fan ,so isn't perfect And there is also one short story set in th world of King Arthur to read here (in two parts) The Malady part I The Malady
  17. What do you people think about this cRPG, are you looking forward to play this game after release? I am pretty excited of this game , it looks that it will bring classical elements of old RPG into the new, good looking graphics and new style of cRPGs .
  18. look at this: http://www.creativeheads.net/JobDetails.aspx?JobID=1532 "PS3, XBOX 360, PC Unannounced - 3rd Person, ACTION, RPG" Hmm kotor 3 ? ya know new jersey is console exclusive ..
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