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  1. Is there any plan to bring Torn back into development? I just remembered that game and I think I remember you guys almost being done with it and then cancelling it. I bet you could finish it really quick and everyone would love it!
  2. The ideal romance would be long and drawn out, with a whole lot of dialogues. By comparison, I consider KOTOR's romances to be way too short, so 50 dialogues would be a good start towards the ideal romance. The romance should run the gamut of relationship levels, from acquaintances to friendship to something deeper to lovers, and it should run the gamut of emotions, with tragic moments, and happy moments, and everything in between, while ultimately ending up with the parties involved being together for the rest of their lives (at the end of the game). I also think basic romantic pleasures
  3. Did I say Fallout itself was a mistake? No. I said not including a romance in Fallout was a mistake. Please read more carefully in the future, but don't worry, I post without reading carefully a lot myself, so it's not a big deal. And who is MCA?
  4. Obsidian, you better not cut romances out of KOTOR 2. Romance was by far the best part of KOTOR, and we're talking about a game that included lightsabers, force powers, Star Wars, Jedis, and let you be a Jedi in an RPG for the first time ever, so that's saying something! Romances let you reach a level of immersion that nothing else can match, as you truly care about that particular NPC more than anything else could make you care. Romances are also the deepest example of NPC relationships, which add depth to the characters and immersion to the game. Don't make the same mistake that you
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