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  1. Necromancy once again! Hey guys, any new info 'bout PG, when they will finally anounce what is it?
  2. FADING SUNS would be really really nice 4 all the fans of Cthulhu Mythos Calls For Cthulhu
  3. Quite nice video http://www.insidegamer.nl/eventussendoor everything looks amazing
  4. Sure that fallout tactics was fun game not perfect but good. And it has some faults But the furry deathclaws wasn't the biggest one For me the biggest problems were: The lack of 50's feeling, no retrofuture. <--- MOST IMPORTANT The militaristic BOS Talking deathclaws before the experiments of Enclave? (WTF?) Too much futuristic BATMAN-like power armor Advanced Power Armor before being invented by Enclave (WTF?2) the stupid look of Supermutants and Ghouls Vault 0 which i don't know why was not the part of vault experiment Yeah, great brotherhood recruiting Deathclaws, Ghouls an
  5. Oh yeah tell him to do Turn-Based combat and isometric view. That's what I want! Oh but let's be realists no wiki-dialogue al'a Morroblivion please. And no FPP I have Quake for Deathmatches. and for the god's sake tell your bosses to give us some hope at least...
  6. you hear that? no? never mind, it was just my expectations and hopes dying silently... <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Oh it's not as bad as it may sounds. It's just not so good as I thought it could be. Just very linear ,not so well designed, budget game with many bugs, and bad story. But it can bring some fun, and graphics are nice. I just think it sucks compare to Fallout or hopefully Afterfall
  7. It wasn't released in the US but in Poland we have it since last summer and it's sucks. Oh and Germans have it since 2005
  8. The Fall Last Days Of Gaia sucks much of ass. Really the low budget game in style of BG with idiotic dialogs and story seems Ok before you actually play it , However it has nice gameplay which may bring you some joy but overall it's ****. And as for Afterfall i have really high hopes for this game after i saw all these things I find it to be really worth waiting for. And all the team knows quite weel what they want to do. It may become the real Fallout sucessor just like Fallout was real Wasteland sucessor and not some Fountain Of Dreams. 'cos in case you didn't no that allready bethsoft
  9. I have to agreee with all posts above and also seeing how Arroyo is looking after using GECK would be cool. But it won't happen 'cos it's going to be set on east side. New York, Statue of Liberty, Planet of the Apes... etc. " I don't understand myself, i know that F3 is going to be a crap & piece of ****, but still I'am pretty excited about the future anouncement. Anyway if it will become a crappy Fallout sequel it may also become decent Post Apocalyptic Shooter.
  10. Soon we should see the first screenshots (In march probably). If it'll be **** then our only hope for real fallout successor is in AFTERFALL I hope that F3 won't suck much, 'cos I want to see Fallout's wastelands once again.
  11. So can we take this as a confirmation that there are two other projects for sega in development right now? "
  12. tell us more tell us more :( and about other licences it would be nic e to see Fading Suns and Deadlands i crpg gaming. Both of them would be quite interesting for developers\players after becoming computer games I think.
  13. Ihave problems with running it, I install OpenAL copy Master.dat & Critter.dat and change .bat file and still there are problems, and the classic window appears with option of sending info 'bout the problems to Microsoft. What i am doing wrong?
  14. hey J.E. great work indeed i'm looking forward to play Blackhound
  15. It would be nice to know how many projects do you actually have Obsidian. So do they have two projects being created for sega ? Is the rumor about another D&D game created by Obs. which is not expansion pack to nwn2 true? (spotted at codex). etc etc there are so many questions.
  16. I would prefer single player partybased FireFlyRPG made by Obsidian I'm not interested in MMo's anyway...
  17. In the first issue of Kotor comic Squit says "sometimes you have to enter the darkness to save the light" In #10 issue he says this : "My Master (<--Kreia?) has plan to defeat The Mandalorians, Fast -- But there are risks." And when Jarael tells him : "Good luck out there squint" he replies "Oh that's just a name the guys made up. My lastname is a bit of mouthful" Does this all mean that he is Revan? Or maybe Malak? What do you think?
  18. I think that the way he dissapeared, after beating him was a good sign that it was probably that battle which he has survived. Also this character has to much potential to remain dead, we know absolutely nothing about him, I think we will have a chance to meet him in Kotor III:)If the mask may be considered as his armor, remember that there is an option for Exile in TSL to take his mask, so maybe in KIII Nihilus will resurect in Exile's body.
  19. Are there any new informations about PNJ and PG? I wonder when they will release some infos P.S Necromancy
  20. The engine is pretty difficult to work with from an art perspective. I can say that although the Jefferson/Van Buren engine could produce some very nicely-lit areas (for its time), the NWN2 toolset/engine is far easier to work with for level building. The workflow is much swifter and it is a lot easier to rapidly iterate through level geometry changes. In TBH, building White Ford took us months and the exterior maps had to be divided into three chunks. Last night as an experiment I roughly laid out the same village on a single map in about an hour. I was able to maintain similar spatial r
  21. This console fucntion can open the way to Baldur's Gate\Icewind Dale\Torment mods I have to get better computer to finally run NWN2!!
  22. I saw some of this things for the first time in my life, but after seeing it i can tell you that i'm really looking forward for any kind of Black Hound's resurection It would also be nice to see one day the engine with docs released for three on the internet, Is it possible J.E.?
  23. As I said before Leonard Boyarky works now for Blizzard.
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