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  1. What about NWN? huh.. Lol nwn was piece of s*** I think spoiling entire RPG genre for PC.. Would I ever actually say it was good remains seen but I see no reason ever to buy or even test NWN nor NWN 2 in matter of fact... About it's crappy engine with totally different view than this topic was even referring to it's funny it's even mentioned here..
  2. True RPG with IE.. maybe a Full Pool of Radiance-Pool of Darkness Series or even better Krynn series... Completly continue each other as they were. There's really thousands of stories to be used, but generally would like to see any deepstory. Also good other stories to be used "Death Gate" 1-8 for example. Although they made game over it in 1996 if I remember correctly. Nope it was 1994 http://www.mobygames.com/game/dos/death-gate would love to go with Haplo through the story again (the full story).
  3. Hehe, complaining in my english.. On lining the threat.. christ.. Where are we going to, idiots? I know I could of fit some of that text to very much smallr base perhaps but hell it looks much nicer in the way it is I still think. Anyhow, now that we are off from that... __ I saw some good posts on there alots on TOEE engine, IE++, and some good examples of 3D in VtM. Well yeah those are all good engines and even TOEE with patches looks insanely great I have to admit. Still as said there IE is god of this genre cRPGs as some said I would agree.. About now on the idea why I got pisse
  4. Well, watched that sleezy comment on one dev on IE and advances of 3D.. Don't make me laught.. There's not a single advance in 3D engines of today. To be straight forward as we have seen around last 2 history teaching years of RPGs. 'O you can add those to consoles' hehe... Cashing from publishers nothing else.. I see so much waisted work at 3D games from devs I am really feeling sad for them actually to "not be allowed" to make some real games. The Infinity engine was and still is only perfect cRPG engine there is and will be long time to come only thing mattering here is Atari an
  5. This I can only laught.. Tested these betas which has now come out and it's missing half the hell still.. I'll bet actually that all the leet people on net has full time work to actually make things truly work on Vista when it comes really out as retail.. Plus what I have seen it's few times more massive than even so so hard and I would say idioticly helped windows xp which windows 2000 was ofcourse perfect stripped version..
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