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  1. It's part of the same "universe" but it's a turnbased strategy game where you buy new mechs and train artificially made pilots for your corporate outfit. You also get to fight cybrid forces on different planets.
  2. Does that involve killing the older vampire? Plus how's that relate to the blood bond that makes you more loyal to that vampire? <{POST_SNAPBACK}> When you diablerize another vampire you drain it of all blood and after that you keep on "sucking" until you even drain the older vamp of it's soul. Only then will you have lowered your generation and gotten hold of it's power.
  3. Gutts was raised in a mercenary company and was forced to fight from a really early age just to earn his keep. I can dig that one but usually the standard protagonist is around 16 years old and have recieved military training that should take 10+ years to complete in addition to having a somewhat normal life. I just want to see a protagonist that breaks that "magical" 25 year old standard.
  4. Is it even possible to find a protagonist in anime that isn't like 16 years or so? I always find it a bit funny how all these teenagers have military/scientific/survival training that normaly would take half a lifetime to aquire. Just like the Grand List of Videogame cliches says, people over 25 in anime seems to refer to themselves as washed up old fogeys that just want the next generation to take over. Must make for some dull 40+ years for those people...
  5. Yup, most are hard to find now considering that the Wraith and Changeling line got canceled.
  6. HOTU balanced? Now I know that we don't occupy the same world as Volourn...
  7. What's really sad is that we probably will get games that are progressivly more Monty Haul, making the inflation of magic stuff even worse. I recall complaining about the how fast you leveled and the ridicoulus amount of loot you got in KOTOR on Obsidians KOTOR 2 board. One of the developers explained how they were going to ensure that it wouldn't reach those proportions. Unfortunatly that stance must have changed since KOTOR 2 was even worse in that aspect. I guess I should stop ranting but I guess I'm one of the old farts that prefer to have a lower magic setting than the Forgotten Realms. That makes finding enchanted equipment something monumental and fun.
  8. I guess that the offspring would be like the ghoul families that exist in WoD. Those are the families that has been fed vampiric vitae for generations by their vampire masters. During the generations they have mutated to become "permanent" ghouls, i.e they keep their powers even if they wouldn't get any blood from their masters. IIRC the only thing they lose out on then is that they age normally.
  9. You still need to drink blood as a thinblood but some can also eat normal food without having to regurgitate the meal, which is something a "true" vampire can't do. I should also mention that a thinblood can't embrace, another thing about the weakened curse of caine in their veins.
  10. Anachronox: Grumpos: "Eat them..EAT THEM!!!!
  11. IIRC, don't get embraced by a vampire of 12th generation or higher. By that time the curse of Cain runs so thin that you won't be a true vampire, ie being able to eat normal food or even procreating.
  12. Hardly.. WW did the right thing and ended the old setting which honestly was getting WAY to crowded/bloated for it's own good. I really like the lack of a meta plot in Requiem, since it gives the the whole vampire schtick more mystery and discourages the kind of mess that the old WoF story became in the end.
  13. Troika was already leaking pretty good when they finished Bloodlines. All it did was speeding up the process more when people found out that Troika, true to it's traditions, had made a great game but bugged to hell. I loved Troika's games but they sure delivered badly coded games. One buggy game is one thing but when all your creations are so badly bugged as theirs was it simply wouldn't work.
  14. A Requiem game sure would be nice. I would also like to see a Mage game but considering how freeform the magic system is it probably wouldn't be feasible in a computer based setting.
  15. It sure is, boost your Fortitude with the Ventrue or Celerity with the Toreador and go to town. I made it through the game just fine with my Neo-ish katana wielding Ventrue. I would have gone with the Toreador just because celerity is awesome but the pretty boy look simply isn't for me and all the male Toreador outfits look like **** anyway.
  16. How about having a copy in my hands? Is that proof enough? <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Yea sure, I can tell that copy is real from over in michigan because i have psychic powers. Thanks! (w00t) <{POST_SNAPBACK}> No problem, happy to be of service in training your budding psychic abilities.
  17. I laughed my ass off when reading this, can't wait to see the comercial. Does this make me a bad person?
  18. If you complete it at the hardest difficulty you get a different ending.
  19. Go with Ultima 7+Serpent Isle or Ultima Underworld 1&2 instead..
  20. I'm considering getting this for the co-op. My girlfriend and I need a game like this. Is the co-op available in the normal game?
  21. What sort of excuse is that I have the same problem with RTS games. Fire Emblem is TB though like JA so it's not like you are under any sort of pressure. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> If I were to get a Fire Emblem game, which one should I go for and which console is it for? EDIT: Aftershock looks interesting, hopefully it has lost the bad stuff and kept the good. Has anyone bought it yet?
  22. How about having a copy in my hands? Is that proof enough?
  23. I always liked to play a Ventrue, classy, smooth and if words aren't enough open up a can of whopass on whomever didn't listen to your friendly "advice". The last armor for the Ventrue is pretty sweet too, a coat like the one Neo uses in the Matrix, except red.
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