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  1. I can't say that having a tactical battle with 60+ units was any fun. I'd rather take the version that GalCiv2 uses then.
  2. Actually.. If you played Daggerfall to the end, you ended up with one of seven pre-rendered cut scenes, depending on which faction you were friends with. Sure, they were pretty short, but they tied up the loose ends much better than the scripted even that took place after Morrowind was completed. You can watch them all here: http://til.gamingsource.net/tsod/mantella.shtml <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I've played almost every TES game and I went through almost every ending in Daggerfall. They weren't that much different in length or content in my opinion compared to Morrowind but whatever. In the end every ending in Daggerfall is a moot point since they all happened according Morrowind due to some kind of paradox tied to the Mantella and the Numidium.
  3. You're right. You got to see , using the graphics engine and a not-so-complicated script. I was actually referring to a change in the world, perhaps a pre-rendered movie showing people celebrating, some sort of reward for completing the game? I just felt ripped off that even after I defeated an evil god, all that happens is that before mentioned ten second scene. One of the most unfulfilling end sequences ever. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> It wasn't much but Red Mountain became normal and people you talked to would recognize you as the Nerevar. It wasn't just " a statue crumbling", you also saw how the blight dissapeared and the sky over Red Mountain became blue again. I was fine with that ending since it was as much "ending sequence" you usually get with the Elder Scrolls games.
  4. I think I gave Morrowind 8/10 when I reviewed it a billion years ago :'( The damn game fooled me. It kept me thinking "Soon it'll get better, soon the good bits will start" but it never did. It trudged on until it suddenly ended without even a cut-scene as consolation. Gaah, stupid game makes me angry even now! <{POST_SNAPBACK}> What are you talking about? Morrowind had a cutscene when you completed the main quest.
  5. What? It doesn't make your gay senses tingle? ) <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Nope, only firm muscular chests here please, otherwise you only get to first base.
  6. Man I still remember the "Crossword dungeon" in World of Xeen. Good times.
  7. Best strategy game in a long time and I daresay even better than Master of Orion 2. I really like how important trade and diplomacy is on the higher difficultys and the shipdesigner has sucked me in for several hours at times.
  8. Meh, this game was never about old-school roleplaying. It's a fast action romp with some customizing options for your character, which is just fine with me. It looks like they have managed to make a fun combat system, all the better when I get to decapitate a gobbie and play soccer with his head.
  9. Am I the only one who thinks that the Superman model looks like crap? I mean the guys chest looks like it's made of silly putty..
  10. Thanks for reminding me why I don't visit these forums more often..
  11. Has Shiny really released something worthwile the last years?
  12. I really liked Arcanum but I have to agree that the only NPC follower that was somewhat decently written was Virgil and that was simply because he had a sidequest. When Troika made Bloodlines you could see some beginnings of better character writing, not enough to make me care for the NPC's though, but a beginning nonetheless. I really wish that Troika could have had someone capable of writing good characters and someone with better coding abilities, maybe they would have stayed in buisness for at least one more game then..
  13. My character is usally called "Locke" and is often a fast talking magic user or rogue. I've used this character long before there was a Final Fantasy 6, in case someone feels the need to point it out.. Maybe I should sue Squaresoft for using my character..
  14. That's what I did. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Just don't play the male Toreador, that is unless you like to play one of the fruitiest vampires ever..
  15. Damn shame that the story turns to crap the last third of the game. It started so promising but ended up as DBZ. It seems that they ran out of time/funding considering how fast the story develops in the las parts of the game.
  16. Yeah, I was just trying to turn her into a complete strumpet.. little did I know how far I went
  17. The Federation is perfect. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> And boring, dear god, so boring....
  18. " <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Heh, looks like Sharkey got the same ending I got.. The horror, the horror...
  19. I'd rather see them using their time to make a better franchise instead..
  20. As I said in another thread, I dare anyone to go for the "Daddy dearest" ending. That one came from the leftfield for me, all I tried to do was to raise a healthy, anorectic matress but I got something completely different..
  21. It's going to be Toad on a quest to find the four mutagenic serum vials so he can become attractive and be given powers that do not suck. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> What!? So you mean that an 8" long tounge, an offensive body odour, webbed digits and green, warty skin is a sucky power?? Where is the world heading to!
  22. I didn't mind the increased difficulty but I didn't agree with the new skill system where the cost of increasing a skill is doubled after 30% and tripled after 60%. I understand why they implemented it but I feel that they could have set the limit a bit higher than every 30%. Mercenaries won't notice it as much as they usually only have to invest in strenght and whatever weapon they choose but as a Mage things get hairy quite fast. The magic system wasn't my favourite either since it quickly turns into a chug-a-thon and if you run out of potions in the world (or doesn't have Alchemy) you are screwed. A slowly regenerating mana system would have helped but what I have read this far of Gothic 3 it will change the magic system quite a bit.
  23. If you think that "vanilla" Gothic 2 was hard just wait until you try it with the expansiondisc installed. Quite a rude awakening for many newcomers to the series. I personally feel that Pihrana Bytes overreacted when they turned up the difficulty, which in turn will probably turn away a lot of newbies.
  24. I didn't understand what you were trying to say. I've had groin pulls that were more fun than KotOR combats, but otherwise you're right. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> as crazy as it sounds, the fact that josh and Gromnir hated kotor combats did not keep many gamers from enjoying seeing and hearing star wars lightsabres and blasters battles. lord knows that we cannot explain why so many folks liked kotor combat, but there it is. HA! Good Fun! <{POST_SNAPBACK}> The only good thing with the KotoR's was that you could twink your character to the high heavens combatwise, which in turn minimized combat time. I guess that is the kindest thing I have to say about it..
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