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  1. So, when there are WIS-related lines in an conversation, are there INT-related ones as well in order to balance out?
  2. Who said anything about MMORPG's beside WoW isn't financially viable? I sure didn't. My point is that a lot of developers of MMORPG's gives me the impression that they will be pulling in as much dosh as WoW does for the moment, which frankly isn't going to happen for the moment. I can only hope that this job will tide Tim over until he (hopefully) starts working on a new single player RPG.
  3. The problem is that the majority of those companies thinking that MMORPG's pull in the big bucks is that they are using World of Warcraft as an example. Emulating WoW's success is pretty much a slim to none chance.
  4. Fixed that one for you. If Tim had been working on a singleplayer RPG I'd be all aflame but lead programmer for an MMORPG? That doesn't even register on my radar, I can only hope that he'll be involved for a few months and then jump ship for another project.
  5. No no no, you got it all backwards. Ninjas grow exponentially more powerful the fewer there are so you won't have any problems wasting the first 20 or so. It's the last one that'll be a bitch to take down..
  6. I'm not sure if I can drum up any enthusiasm for a great single player RPG programmer working on an MMORPG...
  7. As I asked in the old thread, has anyone tried to play as a Sacred Fist and what are your impressions of it?
  8. The Divine Fist looks like a pretty pretty fun concept, although I wouldn't have minded to get the Arcane Fist PrC as well. Has anyone played a Divine Fist enough to give some impressions of it?
  9. So awesome! About goddamn time. We Euros usually have to wait months sometimes for games to cross the pond. I guess that sometimes it's possible for us to get games before the Yanks. Oh, and Gromnir? Thanks for the comprehensive build help
  10. You know, that one sounds pretty fun. I'll have to try one out, all I need is to calculate what kind of Feats and Stats I should go for so that I don't gimp myself entirely in either arcane or martial matters.
  11. Apparently not... IIRC some dev said so at the Bio boards. Damn shame. I really liked that part of the NWN 2 OC. Oh well, guess I need to start a new character before I get the expansion. I was pretty disappointed with the NWN2 OC but I've heard some pretty nice things about the MotB campaign so I'll probably get a copy next week. Now to decide what kind of character to make...
  12. Out of curiosity, is there a Castle building aspect in MotB?
  13. Sorry to say this Sand (Wow Hades, how many times have you changed your user by now?) and Volourn but you guys simply stink for enjoying Evanescence. That's pretty much a natural law but don't worry, we won't rib you too much about this.
  14. Has anyone tried Spaceforce 2(or Rogue Universe) yet? Is it worth picking up or does it have the same problem that 99% of the easter european games have? That is, they aim high but end up hitting you in the nuts instead.
  15. X3 ruined me for all Space traders/shooters. If I can't bag myself a carrier and set myself up as a pirate lord then I won't be interested. Freelancer didn't exactly rock my world but I wish that more space shooters used the same kind of mouse control as Freelancer did.
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