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  1. One thing I would like to see in KOTOR 2 is making the other classes viable options, as it was in KOTOR they were pretty much a joke. I know that a Jedi is supposed to be a veritable steamroller in combat but I feel that the other classes should get more love than they got. I tried to make a team composed of a Jedi Guardian(me)/Sniper(Mission)/Heavy Gun specialist(Canderous). This looked pretty good on the paper, but I had to abandon it since it could never compare to the raw damage that a 3 Jedi team dished out. One of the solutions could be to make blasters more lethal since I never felt especially threatened even without blasterdeflection, and therefore made the other more blasterdependant characters pretty much useless.. Anyway, thats just my musings...
  2. I'd like to see some steampunk for once......
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