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  1. Indeed, I guess that it wasn't enough to rape the Shadowrun franchise.
  2. I wonder how ultra cheap the end boss will be in this one. Seriously, I broke a controller for the first time in my life when I fought and his cascade of death.
  3. Yup. It would be no Wing Commander without Mark Hamil. Come on EA, don't be too cheap :sad: I don't know, the first two Wing Commanders didn't have Mark Hamill (nor did they have some chap named Christopher Blair). I enjoyed Wing Commander 3, but I found the first two to be significantly better. Damn shame that
  4. As long as I get to stomp those faggy Eldars and shoot some overrated Spacemarine ass I'll be one happy boy.
  5. DM is fun game just as long as you don't expect a real RPG from it. As an action game it's great though. Backstabbing someone is glorious as in you give your victim a new smile with the acompaning red spurt
  6. Here is a link to the manga: http://groups.msn.com/BerserkManga/volumes.msnw?Page=3. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Sufficient to say is that the Berserk anime only touches on the beginning of the manga story and cuts off as the real action is about to begin. I can only hope that Berserk will get another chance as Hellsing got, as I said earlier in this thread.
  7. (snip)I don't know why you had any problem with interracial negress love though (I didn't even realize that the girl was Afro; just thought she was born a bit to the darkside.) Actually, Caska is supposed to be the equivalent of Indian heritage in the world of Berserk IIRC. Besides, what's wrong with some interracial lovin'? Afraid of tainting your precious genepool theslug, or what?
  8. I wouldn't even call it vague, more like terrible IMHO. The series start out great only to turn to crap in the last five or so episodes. Shame really but it seems that a lot of anime series have the same problem, starting out great storywise only to fall apart in the end.
  9. Speak for yourself. I already question his manhood. and yours <{POST_SNAPBACK}> It's not like the female Toreador looks that much better. I did like the female Tremere model though, might try out playing a Tremere character one day.
  10. I prefer to play my own gender, bit of a personal flaw.
  11. The biggest problem I have with Bethesda is that they aren't very talented in writing good stories and compelling characters. I can't really picture them writing a dark, post apocalyptic story that isn't PG-13. Heck, I can't even imagine them writing an ending such as the first Fallout had, especially where you
  12. I always wanted to try out a Toreador since they had a good selection of disciplines but I can never get past the fact that the male Toreador looks like one giant poof. Damn shame that Bloodlines didn't include more character models.
  13. I really liked Fahrenheit, despite the way that the story crapped out in the last 25% of the game. Although the "Simon says" button pressing game can go die in a fire for all I care. They were fun in the beginning but they wore really thin the further the game progressed.
  14. I live in the vain hope that Berserk will get the same treatment that Hellsing got, i.e a restart with closer ties to the manga and better animation.
  15. I think you just described 99.9% of the games that Russia and the rest of eastern Europe turns out..
  16. And that's what made WoW so sucessful, they didn't pander to the "hardcore" MMORPG player in the beginning of the game, instead they opted to make the game a lot smoother for those completly new to the genre, which in hindsight payed off. Of course, once you reach 60 and the uberl33t guild raiding mindset comes into play, those people are in for a nasty surprise.
  17. Which is a shame considering how much Daggerfall rocked. It had a giant map you could travel across and the story was great aswell, couple this with several factions you could align yourself with and you had a really great RPG. Damn, if Bethesda would remake Daggerfall with the Oblivion engine I probably won't see the light of day for a couple of years.
  18. It'll be interesting to see if this game will ever see the light of day. I guess I can only hope since it sounds pretty fun.
  19. Depends, I wouldn't consider an XBOX 360 good loot... <{POST_SNAPBACK}> It's better loot than a Wii at least.
  20. I've heard that the missions to obtain the HQ and ship is pretty lacklustre. I guess that Pihrana Bytes could use some help in coming up with more interesting missions than you get in X3.
  21. People, people! We are losing sight of the topic here and have forgotten the most important question: Are there any brothels in Gothic 3?
  22. Quick (somewhat) off-topic question: I recall that once you hit level 20 as a Wizard in Dark Sun you had to evolve into another kind of creature type. I guess that Dragons was one of them due to the sorcerer kings but where there other forms aswell?
  23. How high UMD is required in order to wear the NWN armour then? I also decided to put my Eldritch Knight on hold and start up a Warlock instead and choose to go with the instead. Out of curiosity, how will joining them affect the ending? Will it have an interesting effect or is it simply the "evil" choice out of the two factions?
  24. I still find it funny. I wonder when I start feeling guilt. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I'm still finding it funny too. Don't worry about feeling guilty about it, guilt ain't worth crap anyway.
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