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  1. Really good portraits zenzei, especially the middle one. I couldn't let go of the deathlike with the large head, so I did some more work on it. It's still not perfect, but a lot better : I guess it's a problem that can't be solved, and it's present with the in-game models as well. How can the female godlike with the large bat-ear-head wear any armor at all ? And now that I think about it, how can the fire godlikes sleep at the inn, and not burn the place down, pillows and beds made of stone ? Perhaps it's best not to think too much about these things
  2. I played around with some of the official portraits, and this is what happened... Female deathlike, a mix of several different portraits. I don't know how she got her head through the armor when putting it on, I guess it was magic Female orlan. I tried to make her prettier by changing the shape of her face, and made some hair/Eye/skin color variations. And my favourite one: This is the original portrait from the game: Aumaua moon godlike : And since there was a request for a scarred orlan, I made an attempt:
  3. Very good and challenging game, a bit like Jumper 2 that I posted. Give me more games like this please! )
  4. the Blob was a fun game, good graphics Here's another one, Lyle in cube sector. A great platformer, reminds me of the nes game metroid. Scanned and virus-free. Lyle in cube sector
  5. Virus, are you sure?? I have scanned it with AVG, no virus found. It should be safe to download.
  6. Perhaps, but it's a lot of fun :joy: Trust me and download it!!
  7. Post links to your favourite freeware games, and comment on the ones posted! I will start the thread with Jumper 2, a fun but difficult platform game with simple graphics. Link: Jumper 2 Screenshots:
  8. My final review of Gothic 3 (after the second patch) I couldn't finish the game, because of boredom. Good graphics and sound doesn't help, the game is boring. It's the first game I have bought and not finished. It was when (SPOILER) I got a quest to retrieve some artefacts to Xardas when I gave up, because I had no idea where to look for them. And the gameworld is huge.... I got a hint from Xardas to talk to someone in one of the towns, but when I got there I realised I had liberated the town earlier and probably killed the person I was supposed to talk to. He was nowhere to be found an
  9. Ogre and dragon from NWN2 :joy: I'm just about to die against the dragon...
  10. I like to know which ones you can have a romance with
  11. I have given up. I am in Nordmar, and it's so insanely difficult, that it's not fun any more. Every enemy is hard as h*ll too kill, even if it comes alone. But it's always packs of 5-6 at a time. I can barely kill a single snowwolf before it gets me "stunlocked", and lets not talk about the trolls. They are impossible. I'm level 35, and the game is now even harder than in the beginning. Hoping for a patch that gets rid of the stunlock problem...
  12. Now this is actually not on the "Bad things" list for me. The Gothic games have always been difficult. That's kind of part of their trademark. I'm actually worried that the game will be too easy, since they (Piranha Bytes) were aiming for the North American market. We will see soon.. after the second patch has been released. That's when I'm planning on installing the game. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I can promise you, it will not be too easy. It's much more difficult than Gothic 2, a game that I finished without too many problems.
  13. I have played for some days now, and the game is really good, but often frustrating. It's very difficult, and the combat is more about luck than skill. But the atmosphere is great. I'm in the desert now, trying to clear out a temple from undead. It's hard as h*ll, but fun. I had to take out a giant scorpion-man guarding the entrance with the bow. He was impossible to beat in melee. Good things about Gothic 3: * Great atmosphere * Good graphics * Big and interesting world to explore * Good art direction * Good voice acting * Many interesting factions to side with * Very open-
  14. Played for three days now, and the game is getting much better. My character is much more powerful (level 19), and I can actually kill some animals without endless death/reloading. I am working for the rebels, and have freed two cities from the orcs. It's fun to see them flee for their lives the story is still about that the orcs have invaded Myrtana, and not much else. But I think the story may be more interesting later on, I'm still just in the beginning. I have encountered some bugs, and the questlog doesn't always update finished quests, but I don't think it matters so much...
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