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  1. The bugginess looks fixed, but Rose played her party as Fighter tanks while every other party member spams from range, which tends to be the most effective way to play atm (which is pretty banal) - something needs to be done about that. The stream really demonstrates exactly the issue with the Health system for me (I know I focus way too much on that!). At no point she had to use any resource really, the fights were cakewalks. She did, but really, no point and not needed. The fights were normally executed: Fighter grabs aggro, others stay at range and kill everything. No real "mistake" was made, just random fights against random creatures. Select all > auto attack, move on. She fights 2 groups on easy difficulty and while EVERYONE is still maxed out, the dwarf is at 40% Health, forcing her to rest. Then she moves in, fighting TWO easy random spiders. EVERYONE is maxed out and yet the dwarf, again, is at 50% health, forcing her to rest, AGAIN. She fights another group, everyone is still maxed out and yet rests AGAIN because the dwarf took a beating! As for stability, nothing shown had any issue in the beta version you guys have from what I've seen and nothing that has issues currently was shown to be fixed (again, from what I've seen). On hard difficulty, one rest per area. Just because she played bad doesnt mean you need to play bad too.
  2. Might be the recording but it looks like theirs alot more contrast now in outside areas.
  3. I wonder: did they actually ask the majority or just went with a groundless assumption? In my eyes occasional "crit dead" (read: not prepared or not careful enough) certainly beats getting hit all the time and having to rest after every fight. Resting after every fight made the whole limitation of mages in BG useless. Ask yourself do you like getting hit often for small amounts which gives you time to act or do you like getting no damage for a long time and all of a sudden getting crited for huge amounts which propably kills a squishy instantly? Mutonizer doesn't seem to have access to the beta, only observing youtubers. Just because someone streams does not mean that he knows what he is doing. In general almost anyone with beta access here on the forum thinks that we have no real clue about how combat will be because it has bugs that cause cluster****s, no readability implemented and zero balance.
  4. OMG the horror, btw do you know what a beta is?A state of development in which the underlying mechanics should be functional for the majority.This feels more like an alpha state. "Functional for the majority" Like I said somewhere else, you are lucky if betas dont crash every minute for some dubious reason, welcome to the real world baby. Your definition is closer to a release candidate than a real beta.
  5. On hard you usually need to rest once per area-map right now if you know what you are doing.
  6. that's true. I remember how in BG2 i would send one party member into rooms that had tough opponents (most prominently a lich in the city gates of Athkatla) then summoned creatures and waited for the opponent to waste the tough spells on them then went outside and waited for them to follow me and face my party. I would reall like it if such tactics would not work, having a AI that is clever enough to make stuff like this impossible would be great.
  7. Your whole answer is so loaded that I just focus on the most irritating thing. The difference between d20 and d100 is marginal in almost any situation. Second are you really trying to say that "lots of misses, big hits in between" is in any way more controled than "alot of hits, low damage per hit"?! Developers tend to do the later not because they believe that missing a lot is boring they do it because the majority hates systems that go like this: Miss, miss, miss, miss, miss, crit dead, reload... ...also what does a clever man do if he finds out that a tactic doesnt work? He adapts, he tries to find a way to beat it instead of trying to rush head-on through a wall. Their are also spells that reduce health damage, use them.
  8. Well yes but they had a reputation for having really good PvP so people kinda expected them to not do dump decisions.
  9. Tbh thats not the best example because gw2 could really learn some stuff from gw1. Seperating PvP and PvE for example.
  10. Theirs a good chance that it would be useless at anything else beside clubing someone to death. Lets call it it in-combat crafting.
  11. If you don't reward "degenerate" tactics you need to make sure that you appropriately reward "legitimate" tactics. E.g. I saw a thread here somewhere stating that spellcasting is currently weak and not competitive. If true, guess what it can do to how (if at all) people will play wizards. In other words insisting that players play the game the way it's "meant" to be played will do you no good if your perfect design vision is crippled by a buggy or incomplete implementation. The game is more or less zero balanced right now, which is common knowledge.
  12. Today on radio PoE: Beta has bugs! All is lost! I cant count the number of betas that I had to crawl through here at work. You guys are lucky that it doesn crash every minute.
  13. Tbh you didnt need to rest much because you can steamrole through the beta. Balancing will show if it is really makes the game more tactical.
  14. Some lions seem to respawn if you enter the map a second time but dunno if bug or intended.
  15. Can we have a NPC in the final game that is named Marceror that has a sign round his neck that reads "the end is near"?
  16. Translations usualy suck, for example the english translation of edna & harvey: the breakout which is a heartbreaking tragicomedic game in the german original turned into something like a dump adam sandler joke-fest in the english translation.
  17. Well sarex said that gameplay > story always in rank of importance and I just pointed out that this is not always the case because people really love games like planescape torment, you could also add games like the old silent hill ones which had also horrible ****ty mechanics. After that people started to ****talk torment using the miserable sales as the argument to proof how bad it is. At which point I said that I find it rather ridiculous to assume that amount of copy saled equals quality and posted some links that show that a lot of people really like torment. After that people started to question my sources because they ran out of arguments. EDIT: The reason why I couldnt resist doing it was that the same people that complained that no kill-xp is a result of the general direction of the gaming industry in which shallow games are bought by the "stupid" majority now basicaly use the same argument in that gameplay > story debate in favor of kill-xp. Its almost impossible to not play the devil's advocate here.
  18. I am pondering if I should wait for the first patch to come out before I give it a go. First impressions and all that. -ONLY load from the start screen -dont stack items ever -dont save to often and you should be fine
  19. Imo THE important thing about that pic is that it shows a godlike from one of the gods that you cant choose in the beta.
  20. Look I really dont get why you all say amount of selled copies equals quality in those xp threads. On the one hand, people here express their hate against those "soulless" trible A games and on the other hand you say that sold copies is a indicator for quality. You basicaly say that assassins creed and cod are the best games ever made, also they should make PoE closer to diablo, guild wars 2 or the witcher because those games sold more copies than baldurs gate2. Following your argument thats exactly what you want.
  21. If I was a leading dev I would release a patch that only fixes some minor stuff like adding the intended music for character creation and wait a day bevor I release the real patch. Just to see what happens.
  22. right click the exe file and select "select gpu" or whatever its called in english windows.
  23. I only posted 3 which are from different angles, use google and you will find out its basicaly at the top of every list, lots of them made by communites.
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