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  1. An update regarding ideal experience for completionist. Just finished the game with 33% increased experience required per level. I hit level 16 right before the start of Act IV completing every quest, all bounties, all Caed Nua, all WMI & WMII content, and exploring every inch of every map. I would guess that for completionist 40% would be too high to reach the maximum level, while 25% would see you hitting the maximum level somewhere around 80% of game completion. So 33% is a pretty good value to use (maybe 30% if you're aiming for 95% completion). A few stats from the playthrough
  2. Personally, I don't find the game text heavy at all and I'm not sure how someone could perceive the opening sequences as having 'too much exposition'. Maybe someone could make that argument for some of the companions, but those tend to be the best written ones. Then again, I read a lot of books and I appreciate the little details - it's what fleshes out the world and separates this game (and BG II) from the hack-and-slash snoozefests.
  3. The cog is in the same area as the lift. I can't remember exactly .... but maybe it was in the slime room? If so, you can break open the back wall to release the poison or run in and grab it.
  4. http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/84356-too-fast-leveling/
  5. If I play any game extensively on Steam I always play in offline mode to ensure that there are no changes to my character or the game when I'm playing.
  6. Unfortunately, I use Steam in offline mode while I play a game to ensure there are no updates/changes. Thus, I am currently playing version 3.0 and can't supply a 3.01 update for the exp change. However, it is really easy to make the change assuming the hex location of the multiplier hasn't changed. Here is an example procedure for the 50% increase: 1) Download https://mh-nexus.de/en/downloads.php?product=HxD 2) Run the hex editor and open Assembly-CSharp.dll located in your ...\Pillars of Eternity\PillarsOfEternity_Data\Managed folder (make a backup) 3) Press ctrl+f and copy paste F4 01
  7. As someone who is playing on PotD and Expert, the only time I needed to return to town for more supplies was during Raedric's Keep at the very of the game. Not only is this my first time playing (I put in 10 hours when first released), but I've also completed a vast majority of the game so far (around 90 hours) with no meta knowledge. So I have to disagree - you do find supplies while out of town, but it forces you to continue even with low health and injuries. Nothing beats having almost the entire party with red health, one camping supply left, but still another group before (what's likely)
  8. Hmm, it works for me. Let's try this one last time ... here's a different download link: http://s000.tinyupload.com/index.php?file_id=08375347562832433823
  9. I'm not sure if we can distribute the dll files (I guess this post will be removed if we can't). But I've placed a 25%, 33%, and 50% increase dll into the linked zip folder. Simply copy the desired Assembly-CSharp.dll into your ...\Pillars of Eternity\PillarsOfEternity_Data\Managed folder. Note that I haven't tested these dll's, but they should work (a good idea to make a backup first). Also, I can't guarantee they will work with non-Windows and non-Steam versions. Lastly, I've been playing in offline mode on Steam since last Tuesday to ensure there are no changes (i.e. patches) while I play,
  10. I used a hex editor to increase the required experience per level by 25%, which doesn't disable achievements. This old info is still valid: https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/76717-how-to-change-experience-per-level-requirement/. However, in my game, it's the first two instances of F4 01 00 00 that control experience per level. Just open the Assembly-CSharp.dll in a hex editor and change the first two instances of F4 01 00 00 to the multiplier you want (they should match!) and you're set - really easy to do, I did it in a minute or so. Edit: In case you're curious, you can change the above
  11. Could always have the main character in the sequel 'awaken' to their past life as the watcher, which would effectively continue their story. It could be spun in such a way that it doesn't feel like a rehash of the first game. As they progress through the sequel, decisions you make either agree or clash with previous dispositions which grant certain bonuses. Also, I like the idea of epic levels (> level 20).
  12. I really like 'The Ascendant Warrior' (ie Vin) portrait; fits the PoE art style well.
  13. Ugh, min-maxers ... I'm easily dealing with PotD without any godlikes in my group - by no means do you need moon godlikes. I'm not sure why people think they need to do something due to some notion that it's 'the best'. Play the game to have fun, RP if that interests you, but certainly don't run with six moon godlikes if it's annoying you (which it clearly is). Personally, I like an even split between male and female, everyone a distinct race, and using a distinct main weapon - it gives the party a unique feel, and to me that's fun.
  14. I actually like the submenu. It's much cleaner and organized.
  15. I'm going to disagree with those tweets. Playing through the game (in prep for the release next week), and I'm finding that it's very enjoyable (quite a bit better than W2, and the closest CRPG to BG that I've played). I've found no issues with 'linearity' and I think the companions and their back stories so far have been good. Also, I liked what happened to the first companions - it was unexpected. Not only are the tweets unprofessional, it sounds like the guy is whining; guess it's a reason to not back a game if his name is on it.
  16. Probably a solid state drive. My loading screens are only a few seconds (if that), and I have a solid state drive.
  17. I would argue that if a platform represents around 1% of your total sales, and it wasn't very quick or easy to port to ... why bother? It's a loss of resources, and for a small development studio this would be very important. Besides, I'm sure Linux users could easily run Windows on their machine by having a dual booting OS or (perhaps) a virtual environment.
  18. The next beta patch should have a lot of positive changes to cipher powers to balance things out; lots of the underpowered powers are getting buffed to compensate for the increased costs. I suspect that as the level cap got higher they had to rework ciphers to keep them from getting crazypowered. I hope you're right. I can wait a few months if necessary, I have some books to catch up on
  19. Well, that sucks. I was planning on playing a cipher for the expansions ... I don't think I've ever seen a non-MMO game have so many radical changes to the gameplay almost a year after release. From reading various forums, this appears to have been going on for some time. One comment seems to be particularly apt, "The Devs just can't seem [to] leave well enough alone." Damn, maybe I'll wait another 9 months to play to see if this lunacy will end so I can play a character and not worry about their abilities being nerfed into the ground a week later.
  20. Topic. I backed the game oh so long ago, but only put in a handful of hours on release. I wasn't happy with how much experience quests were giving (and the fact that you could hit the cap far before the end game) and decided to wait until the expansions were released hoping this was fixed. Now the last expansion is coming out, and I'm itching to finally complete the game. However, I'm now a little concerned that starting the expansions mid game will trivialize the main storyline. Does anyone know if the enemies scale with level or have been rebalanced to account for the expansions? Thanks!
  21. If you're worried about hitting max level too early, you could always change the xp required to gain a level. You may not hit the max level if you do that, but better than sitting at level 12 for hours imo. http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/76717-how-to-change-experience-per-level-requirement/
  22. In case anyone was interested, there is a neat post describing how you can change the required xp for level up. It's very easy to implement - within a few minutes I changed the level up xp to 125% of the original values (25% more xp required to level up). Going to start a new game and see how that goes. http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/76717-how-to-change-experience-per-level-requirement/ Edit: some notes - if you do 125% additional xp required for level up, you will get to level 12 right around the time that you would of reached level 13 with the original xp scaling. If you do 150%, y
  23. A way to control exp would be great. Would love to set exp at around 80-85% to reach level 12 near the end game with all quests, etc completed.
  24. Just my opinion, but I think it depends on the conversation between Obsidian and the backer. If the backer contacted Obsidian and suggested that it be changed, that's their decision and I'm okay with that. If Obsidian contacted the backer and asked if they were willing to change it, then I'm okay with that as well (still the backers decision). But if Obsidian told them they had to change it, with no choice from the backer, then I don't like that one bit.
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