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  1. You're the kind of dude that denies the fact any piece of art, in the wide sense of the term, belongs as much to its creator as it belongs to people who experience it. (otherwise, pro tip for any artist/creator/whatever out there, keep your product in the closet and don't share it with anybody, it's yours you know). The kind of dude that doesn't find anything wrong to Ridley Scott claiming, in an interview, years after Blade Runner got released, that "Deckard is a replicant" when one of the most important aspect of the movie was speculation over this specific point. And the dude claims it with a smile. T'is ok, you know, since he's the creator. No it is not. Pillars has its ass on the fence on many aspects of its gameplay since the release. But at least, the rest system, and the gameplay designed around it, going to the point of allowing different rests depending on the difficulty selected (which emphasizes the importance of this feature) was one of the few consistent things of the game, and now even that is out the window But yeah, we could consider it's nothing since it's optional. Although Highlander 2 didn't alter Highlander in any way so where's the problem with how terrible a sequel it is, right ? Same logic for Fallout 3 and Fallout and so forth and so on. Whatever, we'll never agree on something if we go from opposed principles anyway.
  2. You seem to be avoiding the fact that this was the quote I reacted to. Never said I would be forced to play this mode but you somehow focused on the fact it's an option. Dude, wake the **** up. This optional game mode completely removes the supplies (which, btw, is the subject of the topic). The whole gameplay revolves around supplies/rests being limited. So obviously, YES, the story mode harshes the developer's design, it even ****ing shreds it in pieces. Not surprised it totally flies over your head though. Love 30 Rock btw.
  3. Didn't know you answered that. Glad you acknowledge the fact that you indeed suck, which is the reason you're among the people who think a "story mode" doesn't affect the game design. I don't see how being forced to play story mode would be a butthurt for me though. I'd probably just quit out of boredom, since, you know, it wouldn't be an actual game anymore, which is heavily implied by the name of the difficulty setting : story mode.
  4. So does the existence of "story mode" harsh the developers vision, for you? To be honest ? Yes. And there's a reason it's called "story mode" genius. But frankly, Gfted1, you already admitted several times that you sucked ass at IE games to begin with, so nobody's surprised you're glad to see a "story mode" coming, or bitching about ressource limits.
  5. I read the OP just now, can't stop laughing at the irony of this thread :')
  6. What about someone who's been swinging his long sword for 3 in-game years but hasn't invested in weapon specialisation ?
  7. " and and and... the system doesn't make any sense and... why is there an engagement system in a real time game ? I mean ok, per rest spell use doesn't make a single f**king sense in these games either but, uknow, it was in bg2 and I have wet dreams about it and and and... " But yeah the game is not particularly good, I'll agree on that. The worst game of Obsidian ? Dude you need help. It's funny because he only had to hold his hand, just a bit, so his review was full legit, but hey considering how DarthRoxor has been considering the project in the last year, the conclusion is not surprising. I'd like him to review Dungeon Siege 3 now
  8. Congratulations ! Interesting choice to go with the cipher, I've read a lot of vets raise the idea that the chanter would probably be the best option for this achievement, why didn't you go with a chanter ? Or did you try/want to and then, what made you switch to cipher ?
  9. It's funny how many people are really upset about this. I only find hidden items when I'm looking for traps or scouting in dungeons, I agree it'd be damn awful to go stealth mode all the time just to find a fine dagger with corrode damage :') Why do you guys do this to yourselves ?
  10. I don't know, I didn't buy a single dlc or add-on for CK2, yet my game keeps improving since release for free... They reworked the whole map and added India on last big update... It's either a disgusting dlc policy, or the most generous update policy out there (especially considering how ez it is for these games to get illegaly downloaded)
  11. It's not comparable to the memorial one. Nobody cares about the memorials, everybody agreed that a mod to remove backer stuff (including them, especially them) would be cool. Now however it's about the main damn f**cking tone and story of the game. There's just no way anybody would agree to change that. It'd simply be an artistic suicide. But the memorial joke, who the hell cares, really...
  12. I'd admit that I am more susceptible to be offended by the stick of truth than pillars of eternity. What the actual f**k.
  13. the problem with your thinking here, is that you're looking at base damage minus, instead of base damage plus. your damage goes up quite a bit if you get your might up a few points past base. Its the difference between one or two shotting with a spell, vs 3 or 4 shotting with the same spell. best defense being a good offense and all... I still say you're better off focusing more on might. mages simply are not well designed to be battlemages in this game. that's why there are other classes to do this. why force a round peg into a square hole? *shrug* True, especially considering the lack of speed of a lower dexterity. It can actually reach -40% damage compared to an optimal damage dealing wizard. Though my point was, can he survive the frontline with such a setup ? Because with like 3-4 times less health and endurance than frontliners (and without the evasion of the rogue), my concern is more about "would such an extreme min maxing change the fact a wizard usually responds to close encounters by fainting and/or convulsing in his own vomit ?".
  14. It pretty much wouldn't work. Dropping might and dex means your damage would be terrible so what's the point in buffing yourself for close range burst exactly? You'd be a ~somewhat less likely to be hit wizard with terrible damage output and slow spell casts. You make it sound like the wizard would do half damage. If you put 6 in might, you'd only lose ~10% of base damage... Now what I find terrible is a battlemage with the deflection of... well a wizard of PoE. I think a permanent +30 deflection is way more impactful than -10% damage. Without mentioning the spells with base damage that might doesn't affect, like the third level concelhaut drain one. I think it's worth the test, because the main stat that is difficult to self-buff with the wizard is deflection. Beside Lengrath displaced image at level 5, I don't think there's a way to buff it up. Well unless a battlemage is something else than a tanky frontline spellcaster (which is what I have in mind right now), then any wizard would be a battlemage now, wouldn't he.
  15. I haven't tried at all, though anybody knows what would a more-or-less mix-maxed wizard with high Perception,Intellect, Resolve would do ? The idea is to max out the bonus deflection and duration of self buffs, leaving constitution, might and dexterity behind. Spells would obviously be about self buffs, summoned weapons and close range burst and aoe's. How would that work, considering the extreme feebleness of the wizards upfront ? According to the manual, it happens at higher levels than what the game allows. Probably in the expansion. It changes per-rest to per-encounter for lvl 1 spells, then 2 and so on as the wizard levels up.
  16. Engagement is the aspect I wanna see improved. I like this idea of setting a line of front during the battle. When you manage to do so, it even gives some really cool setup for several spells and abilities. The most obvious is line-shaped spells like ray of fire, when you manage to engage enough enemies with little frontliners and can hit 'em all with these spells/abilities, it feels good :> But right now it doesn't seem to work well. Pathfinding doesn't help in its current state.
  17. Patchnote has something about that if i'm not mistaken. Wait and see.
  18. Trial of Iron is usually something suited for seasoned players, whatever the game that features it. Going Ironman on the first playthrough is quite the challenge, but you're potentially doomed from the start. I don't think your problem really needs any fix, you should expect to fail while trying to go ironman without knowing much of what lays ahead.
  19. I see you're more eager to compare POE dungeons with BG2's instead of BG1 not surprised.
  20. Liked the endless paths because it reminded me of IWD dungeons, where you'd go deeper and deeper and discover some quests, some dudes, environments would evolve as you'd go deeper. Only problem I have with it is its design as a increasing-difficulty dungeon. So you either complete levels from time to time or you do all at once at the end and stomp over the 2/3 first levels. As I did a bit of it from time to time, I find it hard to see the dungeon as a whole and appreciate the general design as I did for IWD.
  21. You think whatever you want to think mate. Is this some kind of sick joke to start this thread after the patchnote has been released ?
  22. I like the design idea behind Dark Souls that the narration of a game should be game-specific. We got, for a long time, literature-style narration and when the technical aspect allowed it, movie-style narration. Dark Souls is pretty much in the same vein as Half Life, except that it pushes this idea to the extremes. Pretty much any enemy, its placement in the world, the items he wears, the attack-types he uses (type of magic/miracle) is relevant to the lore, and sometlmes is actually the only way to know more by deduction. From the hole in the roof in the undead asylum to the corpse of Tarkus in Anor Londo, there is no text nor cutscene and yet you can understand what happened through world design and bestiary. It's pretty brilliant for that matter. Problem is : - Dark Souls lore is entirely back-looking. It's almost always about what happened while there's actually not much happening during the course of the game, besides the player deeds. - Dark souls got a rather tough world. It's difficult to take time to notice Tarkus fate in Anor Londo while DEM THESE F***ING KNIFE THROWERS AND WHY IS THIS PLANK SO NARROW. You know :D But yeah Dark Souls is pretty awesome in that regard.
  23. It's just not the same companion design logic. Baldur's gate was all about second degree, a sort of hommage to the typical characters we'd incarnate during p&p sessions. The sneaky thieves, the plotting wizards, the light-hearted badass warriors, the aragorn-like rangers etc. Added to the general funny tone were some very peculiar individuals, including a depressive folk (love you xan <3) or a power-mongering crazy midget. They kept, somehow, this logic for BG2 though they added a well-deserved and needed depth... that still makes 'em archetypes, the faithful aspirant to a paladin order, the plotting wizard is still a plotting wizard etc. POE companions are more about participating in the game's lore, hence why so many of 'em either come from a specific land or worship a specific god, and their design is both about their own personality and giving the player some insight on the universe and its history. It's clearly not the same, Edwin for example is a red mage of Thay, yet his purpose as a character was clearly not to know more about them, but more to reference it. Since BG design considered the player would be familiar with the forgotten realms, and those who wouldn't still had a tonne of books to know more if that interested them.
  24. Mike Laidlaw is in charge of DA. No idea about Mass Effect 4. Salt at even mentioning that BioWare did something. Why do you care if a dev at BW doesn't know who Obsidian are? And if they are in the industry, and in the RPG genre, and they work at BioWare, you can 100% bet they know who Obsidian are. I get that it's cool to hate on BioWare because of EA (and let's face it, that's the only reason), but getting angry simply because one group of people did something nice for another group of people? That's lame. There are better things to get upset about. Was about people who'd say stuff like "glad bioware likes crpgs again" and how it doesn't make sense. But I get the confusion, sorry for that. like this : Yes, and this Bioware that developped Baldur's Gate is nothing like the ones who made DA2 and DAI. And wasn't that free about the conception of DAO in the last 1-2years, see the itws of forgot-his-name who was lead on the project (and who quit after that). Concerning DAO I quite didn't like it, but I'll admit the intention was there (at the beginning, before console-shenanigans). You should tell that to the people who worked on its marketing, they sold Dragon Age Origins back then as the spiritual successor to Baldur's Gate :')
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