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  1. Salt about what ? Who are your favorite game designers from Bioware right now ? Beside, how does that answer my point at all ? Why would we speak of "bioware" when there's such a turnover and a close management with EA, we have no idea who's actually leading projects there ? What does bioware mean when a random development studio in charge of Command and Conquer bears its name ?
  2. Personally don't care about not knowing currency values. It's my money and I need it now.
  3. What about a paint module to draw every npc portrait ? I did the caravan chief from the beginning :
  4. ... man... people backed the game over what they said... now that the game is released is precisely the moment to care about what they said. Again, claiming it's not legitimate to compare it with baldur's gate is just foolish. This being said, IWD indeed wasn't as linear as people make it be. It sure wasn't much about drifting off the road, but there was still a nice share of side content.
  5. You do realise the game sold itself, and still does, as a game combining "exploration of BG, combat of IWD and narration of PST" right ? I'm not saying it succeeds in all of that, but that'd be foolish to consider illegitimate the comparision with all IE games. Who's interested in what they said it would be? Pretty much all the (sane) backers.
  6. You do realise the game sold itself, and still does, as a game combining "exploration of BG, combat of IWD and narration of PST" right ? I'm not saying it succeeds in all of that, but that'd be foolish to consider illegitimate the comparision with all IE games.
  7. Well banters actually trigger, from what I've noticed, only in cities, maybe only in big cities. I remember that during my exploration of the Bay, anytime I'd exit a building or transition through the districts, a banter would proc. There seem to be a lot of 'em by the way. So yeah, it's normal you haven't witnessed any yet, I understand your worries now.
  8. There are banters in PoE, maybe you missed 'em.
  9. There was no discussion between companions in BG1, unless you consider the random "i like you" "thanks" and "i don't like you" "well f**k you too" as conversations. Internal fights were cool, but of course wouldn't work with only 8 companions, that's the only thing I'd miss... and yet I wouldn't care past the first playthrough since I wouldn't, obviously, build a team with non-compatible companions.
  10. Yeah I remember how deep and interesting was Khalid stuttering... More seriously I see what you mean. Yet it's obvious that companions in PoE are closer to the design idea of PST than BG... that's why I don't get the grief about it, it's just not the same companion design logic at all. Yet the IWD self-made-team-of-aces is although possible in POE, so imo, it's actually way better than BG in terms of replayability in regards of team composition. (btw Durance and GM > any BG character)
  11. Why do people speak of Bioware like some sort of sentient supra-human being. There has been such a turnover since 2008, the only thing it shares with the baldur's gate dev studio is the damn name. "-Heard the news ? We sent some cookies and congratz to Obsidian Entertainment ^^ -Who the f**k is Obese Fan Entertainment ?" ...is pretty much how I believe some bioware employees perceived this gift.
  12. I've read people complain about that too, but I never did myself. Actually, companions are fine as they are, considering the impact of attributes on a character efficiency (which is not decisive imo). However i'll say it as long as I believe it, the hard mode doesn't fit its description in the difficulty selection screen during the whole Act 2, and all the side-content available during this part of the game. I'm kinda tired of the "damn ego maniac" bulls**t... fighting enemies with such a deflection that your base accuracy on half the party is already higher is not a situation that "requires optimization through items, spells, etc" as the description says. So my point being, the problem resides in the encounters during Act 2.
  13. 1. So basically, there's no lack of replayability, as you admit there's a wide spectrum of party building available right at the beginning... the fact you don't want to do it doesn't mean it isn't there. You can make your PC a barb, a rogue or a monk and you'd be able to play these classes. Again, the fact you don't want to do so, for any reason, doesn't mean it's impossible. 2. Damn right. That'd be fixed though, since this problem doesn't occur on Mac afaik. 3. It really is. Maybe not better than BG2, in terms of encounters that is. But it's clearly better than BG1 imo. The combat system is superior and only suffers from the lack of better encounter design, which is something easily fixed by an add-on and easily improved on a sequel. I'd have other things in mind to criticize though : encounter design as I said, items lack unique effect through the game, there's a lack of party vs party fights. Although there's a damn load of bugs right now :/ I'd add a difficulty drop on Act 2 (beside the tower in Defiance Bay docks) before it becomes interesting again in Act 3.
  14. Concerning localizations, paradox is improving since 2006. I remember EU3 and Victoria II on release... their french versions were simply unplayable :') I play POE in english since I wandered in the temple ruins in Gilded Vale. The translation of the clues about the three bells was so f***ed that I just wasn't able to resolve it. Turned the game in english and it got crystal clear. Anyway i'm not surprised. Still like what I read there : Hope the cooperation goes well for Obsidian, i'm a paradox braindead fanboy and it seemed the swedes wanted to step a foot in the RPG genre for some time now. Glad there's a publisher focused on PC and earning some fame and success for 5 years now.
  15. There's a level 2 priest spell (last in the list) that cures any negative status if i'm not mistaken.
  16. I'd say that means the weapon with "accuracy 1" can't receive another enchantment from the first type, while the weapon with "accuracy" can.
  17. Rpgcodex folks aren't that harsh about the game. Beside roxxor doing his roxxor and sensuki pretty mad after he realised people actually don't care about engagement, it's pretty much like here in a more codexian way (ie. they always tone down the appreciation so they keep their street-cred yo). I mean, their rating thread is pretty clear about that. Although i think that press and player reviews is enough praise, and it's now about fixing bugs and reworking stuff, so it's kinda counter-productive to create another thread for that.
  18. Yeah it seems that some people struggle in easy mode while some easily wander through Path of the damned, dat's news. Now to go back to what you said, yes, it should be challenging but not frustrating, that's how normal mode is described. You claimed it's not. The rest is pointless shenanigans to determine what challenging means, whatever, it's still how normal mode is presented.
  19. Not today. And not by BG1's/ IWD's/ IWD2's/PS:T's standards. Dude it's literally written in the game. As for the lack of challenge, I think it only concerns the mid-game. I still believe rewarding a bit less xp from gilded vale to defiance bay would be cool. For side stuff at least, so the crit path isn't affected.
  20. I think the safest way to go is to : - Never swap any party member. You can dismiss them, but don't take 'em back after that. Though that's probably not a problem as long as you dismiss them with nothing equipped, but I still don't really know if that affects the missions you send them on, so... Although dismissing them reset their general stats (which I don't care about but some do), in addition to all the potential stacking defenses etc. - Don't equip items that grant bonuses for the same attribute, defense, etc - Avoid raedric's hold interiors beside the main one. - Obv. don't double click to equip stuff. I'm pretty sure there's nothing else that can bother your game beside that list.
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