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  1. I want a new Obsidan Fallout too. Just putting it out there.
  2. I just offed the both of em. This was a boring quest. I'm sure there'll be some description of the effects of killing the 2 beasties as is usual with these Obsidian RPGs.
  3. I kicked the ogre mage posse's butts using confuse/sleep/charm/dominate and area denial spells(web,grease,traps) to keep the mob from swarming me. I focused fire on just 1 or 2 targets at a time + debuffs to carve through the enemy DR. For more spacious engagements you can also try kiting enemies and double back when they try going back to their original position. Also you can set the game to pause when an enemy is spotted so you dont accidentally run into the enemy while looking for them on the map. You can also enchant weapons to get bonuses vs the creature type you want to kill.
  4. the game fails simply for putting in a space pig stand in for a giant space hamster without the lunatic who made it funny.
  5. You're not alone. Also the Hagspawn/Sandman pastiche was fricking annoying for some reason. A lot of recycling of themes happening in POE from MOTB. The souls thing and the anti-religion/anti-god thing going on.
  6. The game needs more irreverent stuff like this. The only source of mirth I find in this game are the quips from Durance and that's not saying much.
  7. Well the game does have probs, like spot check available only in stealth mode, enemies with insane attack speed, and other Sawyerisms but you'll just have to work around them until the next game. Like I mentioned in the Diablo3 forums waaay back devs/creators tend to do the opposite of what you want just to prove a point. With that said the only real way to make them listen is to punish them by not buying. I'm currently trying to get the most out of the game as it is. Its also easy to break stuff in the game like engagement. If you roll a paladin with Zealous Charge you can pull enemies and a
  8. Not the best yet imho but has a lot of room and freedom to get better. I really want them to throw a lot of weird stuff like in Arcanum for expansion or sequel
  9. They probably wanted implement this and weighed it against making some encounters too difficult for new players. I wish they did though. The enemies feel samey, they dont have any traits that make you differentiate them aside from the type of damage you need to use on them. The "equalizing" everything design theme of the game makes it very middle of the road.
  10. I dont find the plot mysterious at all. The info dumps basically kill it. They should have held back on the walls of text and made some things cryptic. The fact that the character is a ghost whisperer allows you to dive into the heads of other beings to know what they know. I'm 41hrs deep and its still a slog. Maybe if they showed more about the effects of the souless rather than beating you over the head with lots of text.
  11. this kept me fighting the ogre magi bounty make for maybe 15-30 min bec my party would not stick to the plan and kept getting out of position. Grrr somebody pls patch this. Its like RTS game like Starcraft havent been around like forever. Stand ground should be mandatory in these games at this point.
  12. I got the same stupid bug. I got into a fight with some boars just to cast suppress. Now maybe if the game allowed certain spells to be cast out of combat this wouldnt have been much of an issue. Tsk tsk.
  13. Aside from Pathfinder, doesnt Obsidian also have Wheel of Time somewhere in the pipeline?
  14. Engagement - sounds good on paper but implementation sucks and doesnt work consistently, these were called attacks of opportunity in D&D. The monsters here dont do special stuff like swallow you like those giant frogs in TOEE if you try running past them. You cant still run past and take the hit with enough DR and buff. pre-buffing isnt cheating. You know what you're going up against and prepare accordingly instead this turns every encounter into a shootout at the ok corral or shield up like in Star Trek before firing photon torpedoes. It just more needless busy work or pretending you'
  15. Again with this strategic playing nonsense. It seems like you have a pair of blinders on. I havent deviated from the block, buff and focus fire strat in my 15+hrs of game time so far. Every fight is pretty much the same. The creature types arent anything really special. You dont need turning from a priest in this game to fight undead for example. You're still buffing urself or neging an opponents buff/DR. Your just doing it after initiating the fight. Sounds like you're too caught up in all the magnificent bean counting occuring behind the scenes. How is this game fairer or not broken? I us
  16. I dont really buy the argument that prebuffs make a game less challenging or tactical. That's like saying you shouldnt be able to use psycho or jet before attacking a raider camp or using buffout to beat the super mutant in an arm-wrestling match in Fallout. If you want to play the game in a difficult, brutal as Satan's wheel house fashion by all means give yourself the handicaps but why limit the ways to play a game?
  17. Instead of having to click stuff over and over, they shouldve put in ai scripts, which are a glaring omission.
  18. Every encounter is the same. Its boring. I like replaying fights to test out different stuff. Here its mostly put tanker/melee to block where needed, priest/caster buff on party/ self , focus fire desired target while debilitate minions. I miss roasting the enemy alive from afar/sending insect plague/traps to soften up opponents. Also why is the writing so ..I dont know.. humorless not on par with their other stuff. That's very very speculative. Obsidian has yet to deliver a really well put together game. This is coming from someone who has purchased the older games from Black Isle,
  19. Yeah, I was actually really surprised I had most recipes already written down and everything. That was pretty...underwhelming. So you dont find more recipes?? Ugh so much for the discovery aspect. It certainly doesnt make it feel special or well thought of.
  20. Combat is tactical in this game?? Sorry but I feel the enemies just try to bum rush your squishier party mates and proceed from there. Engagment sounds interesting on paper but really its not especially when the game subverts this by using teleporting enemies to end up next to the spellcasters and use stamina drain/stun and the like to lay out the target. Imho a lot of the brokenness and discovering exploits/op combos in the older IE games were what made them fun, balancing diminshes the rock paper, shotgun aspect of the metagame for me. The balance in the game feels weird. Wiz
  21. I'm of the same opinion. No prebuffing or casting of spells kills the immersion. The limit on camp supplies just forces you to hobble back to the nearest inn. It just becomes busywork imho.The food buffs are basically the drug use in Fallout. Some people may like the challenge of managing resources but it kills a lot of the fun, this should be optional. Aggro is messed up and some monsters just teleport to disengage my melee guys which makes some of the encounters artificial/contrived becuz they just immediately go for my spellcasters.
  22. Are there going to be insta-kills like coup de grace or non-lethal damage in this game btw?
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