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  1. In Tekehu I saw a lot of myself/my peerage (children from privileged backgrounds, for whom the world is their oyster... but they also carry a heavy burden of high expectations) I also felt like my Watcher and Tekehu both acted silly to hide their real feelings of fear and self-doubt. Which Aloth hates!
  2. But you go around picking up souls as the Herald of Berath. And I don't think you ever release them, do you?
  3. I didn't hate Durance. I pitied the poor guy. Think of what he went through - he followed his goddess's will and killed another god, did horrible things in her name when he participated in the Purges, and how does she reward him? She intended for him to die and now he's invisible to her. It's the ultimate betrayal. My Watcher wanted to help him, but there isn't much you can do for him. Debating him and questioning his beliefs is, ironically, the nicest thing you can do.
  4. I got pretty attached to the initial crew members you start the game with. In the opening area of the game, they have unique personalities and unique dialogue, so it was pretty disappointing that they only had generic lines when you spoke to them on your ship afterwards.
  5. I play Beguiler/Rogue, and I WANT to multiclass. So... make Rogue worthless as a multiclass for Beguiler? AKA ruining my preferred build? No thanks, friend! This post kind of highlights how players look at Rogue more than anything else. It's a vehicle for Sneak Attack bonus damage and that's it... On the subject of focus gain - I tried my preferred build with both Draining and Biting Whip. I did not have any issues gaining enough focus with Biting Whip. I use a "fast" one-handed weapon (rapier) so maybe weapon choice can negatively impact how much focus you gain. I supplemented the damage from Biting Whip and Sneak Attack with Dirty Fighting, One Handed Style, and any hit-to-crit conversion equipment I could find. At the end of the game and level 20 every other hit my character made was a crit. Once I am able to open every fight with Phantom Foes, bonus damage from Sneak Attack is not hard to achieve. PF has a HUGE AoE. One of the first passives you can pick for Cipher extends the durations of Afflictions caused by their spells. I pretty much ALWAYS take that right away as a Beguiler.
  6. I want to get Aloth's ex boyfriend to board my ship, if you catch my meaning. Even better if he can do it repeatedly, while Aloth watches and sighs through his nose.
  7. Unlocking his quest seems to be related to talking to Dawnstar NPCs. The earliest you can interact with Dawnstars is in Port Maje (where you recruit Xoti) but you can also interact with them in the Sacred Stair in Neketaka (Temple of Gaun) and Gullet in Neketaka (I forget her name, but there is a Dawnstar woman sheltering terminally ill Roparu) and in Hasongo (there are a group of Dawnstars hiding out with the Rauatian soldiers)
  8. Yeah, that voice clip is linked to his romance state. Congratulations, you've won a snooty elf.
  9. Two questions: 1. Did you try every possible dialogue choice combination between [Kiss Him] and him rejecting you? Because he definitely resists it and you have to talk him into it. 2. After he "rejects" you, do his lines when you talk to him or click on him change? If they do, then you successfully initiated the romance. If not, then something is going wrong.
  10. With the southern accents getting oddly shoved into Eora's setting, maybe this godlike and those from wintery lands will get a Canadian accent and just be overly polite. "Dammit Rymrgodlike, all our supplies have spoiled again!" "Soory, eh."
  11. All three. It's strange, because pre-patches -1 triggered normally for me and I was able to go through all the dialogue. I told Aloth he was misunderstanding my Cleverness because it is how I cope with difficult decisions.
  12. Were you able to fix it somehow, or did you keep playing without finishing those convos?
  13. Yes, finding Tekehu's debauchery amusing really pisses the elf off. Maybe he's just jealous. He's already at -1 with both Serafen and Tekehu.
  14. Aloth REALLY doesn't want to like me. Or maybe my Watcher is finally done with his attitude?
  15. I'll add captions to these eventually. "10 Deflection, because Chad needs no armor"
  16. I took Aloth and Tekehu to the Wild Mare and laughed at the stories of Tekehu's "exploits." As expected, Aloth spoke up as soon as I exited the innkeep menu, but this time, instead of instigating a longer dialogue where I had a chance to somewhat smooth things over with the exasperated elf, I got this: As you can see, the only option available closes the dialogue entirely rather than continuing it.
  17. He should be a gloomy nihilist who is cynical about everything and everyone.
  18. My r290x GPU has BSOD on me in Port Maje. To be fair, this happens to me with other poorly optimized games as well, and this is an industry-wide problem. If anyone has any tips for "failed to reset display driver and recover from time out" BSOD errors, please let me know.
  19. rhugga, you're obligated to livestream Trump's campaign in the Deadfire now.
  20. But that's a pipe dream. Obsidian said 7 fully-fleshed companions is too expensive. How do you expect them to afford 12?
  21. Was ToB the "final" game? I guess I'm looking at it as how expensive it would get to make ANOTHER game and have to provide reactivity throughout based on the protagonist's deific status.
  22. This. I *don't* call it a bug when it's something very obvious that the devs didn't have time to fix before release.
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