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  1. I've been able to get radically different allegiance results with the same save file. It feels like maybe the final part of the game was not as thoroughly tested as the rest. I've killed the Hazanui, installed Castol as VTC director, ignored the pirates, and sided with the Huana. Furrante was my nemesis. Maia left the party. Then I killed the Hazanui, installed Castol as VTC director, killed Furrante AND Aeldys, and sided with the Huana. The Canta Niesce was my nemesis. Pallegina didn't have an ending slide.
  2. I talked to the RDC leader NPC (Hazanui Karu) accepted their allegiance quest and then refused to go through with it, prompting her and all her cronies to attack me. When I killed her the quest failed. Fine. Afterwards I went and spoke to the Huana faction leader NPC (Queen Onekaza) and I had the option to pledge allegiance to her. I did (this is the faction I wanted to side with) However, pledging allegiance to the Huana did NOT automatically fail the VTC allegiance quest. I was able to complete "Skipping Ahead" and then Director Castol's trial. When I spoke to him afterwards I automatically pledged allegiance to the VTC (there was no option to refuse this) This resulted in "The Coming Storm" journal entry being completed and stating I sided with the Huana, but when I went to Ondra's Mortar to finish the game the VTC were my allies. I assume that once you pledge allegiance to one leader all of the other allegiance quests shoukd fail, but it seems that killing one leader messes up the exclusivity checks somehow.
  3. Are you SURE you want to know why? I think Wael has the right idea on this one. Let it stay a mystery.
  4. He has the most dialogue of any sidekick. He's cute and fluffy. His multi-class combos are wicked OP.
  5. Thank you for even considering it. It really bugs me that my character with maxed benevolence and 1 point in cruel can still trigger cruel checks.
  6. The one where the guy stashed a black pearl up his (ahem) and you have to craft a super laxative for him. You get to keep the pearl afterwards. Assuming you still want it.
  7. Yeah you can't really be a femme pirate princess in this game, if that's your thing. At least we have that "dancer outfit" that looks like a cute minidress with cleavage and buttcheeks peeking out! I play a female character in English and wasn't bothered by the gendering, because it fit my expectations of being a pirate captain.
  8. That sounds like a pretty good outcome to me. Getting really tired of the imperialist, socialist sharks. Did Maia leave you? How did you handle Sayuka? I skipped Sakuya other than to turn in A Matter of Import and finish Serafen's quest. Maia did not leave me (she seemed pretty chill with murdering her bosses) and said nothing.I tried accepting Karu's offer of allegiance and then refusing to go through with it (so I had to murder everyone in the RDC HQ) and when I spoke to Maia afterwards she left. I did complete the quests at Sayuka - I killed the druids (only because I couldn't side with them) but I flooded the machine at Cignath Mor. I also completed Maia's quest but unwittingly helped her assassin buddies. However, when I spoke to her after she completed her own assassination, she seemed to admire the Huana for picking up right where their ranga left off, so I thought maybe I could reason with her.
  9. Me too, which is why I went with Passionate vs Rational instead. Clever vs Rational doesn't really fit, but Stoic opposes both Clever and Passionate nicely.
  10. I think it would be preferable for dispositions to be assigned to pairs that oppose each other, and gaining points in one puts the same negative points in the other. Opposing dispositions (my take): Benevolent <> Cruel Honest <> Shady Passionate <> Rational Aggressive <> Diplomatic Clever <> Stoic In addition to the disposition gain bug being fixed I think this would go a long way towards making the disposition system feel better.
  11. My PC was the only one in the party with a Will score under 100 and she was constantly dominated any time there were fampyrs onscreen. She was also the only one using a ranged weapon, unless scepters count.
  12. I don't think there's enough time or money in Obsidian (hell, any dev) to make a game as big as Deadfire that also has all of the combats handcrafted for PotD. Poor Codex.
  13. That sounds like a pretty good outcome to me. Getting really tired of the imperialist, socialist sharks. Did Maia leave you? How did you handle Sayuka?
  14. I copied all of the companions'/sidekicks' normal portraits and overwrote the watercolor portraits with them. You can find them in the "gui" folder under "PillarsofEternityII_data" in the game files. Unfortunately the NPCs only have watercolor portraits, so you'll have to wait and see if anyone is up to the challenge of un-watercoloring all of those.
  15. Is this a limited resource? I need one more to upgrade all of my party's equipment to Legendary.
  16. Someone on the Nexus was kind enough to format some of the old voices from Pillars 1 for use in Deadfire. I was curious if I could add them as new voice sets rather than overwriting existing voice sets, so I gave them new names ("noble" > "virtuous") named the folders appropriately and dropped them in the Voices folder. Sadly, that didn't work - when I made a new character the new voice sets didn't show up in character creation. How can I add them in?
  17. I got a unique arquebus from Atsura during her companion quest, but it does damage in a line and was killing party members so I stopped using it. I think it was called Three Bells Chime, or something like that.
  18. You can give them to Ruanu, Nairi, or Vektor, and they all react differently to them. Who did you give them to, and did you notice any reactivity from that choice later?
  19. Out of all the sidekicks, Ydwin and Rekke are the most interesting and well-developed. I know I'm not the only one who would like more dialogue, relationships, and personal quests involving these two.
  20. This isn't a HUGE deal since the companion still functions appropriately, but yeah, it would be nice to be able to name it.
  21. I really want a cosmetic equipment slot so I can wear the awesome cultural clothing that was added in this game but still have decent stats.
  22. In my current game the Huana queen asks me to blow up RDC's gunpowder and frame VTC for it, so I can't tell who is considered their "strongest" rival.
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