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  1. The other day I talked to the alcohol vendor in Neketaka with Aloth in my party and he rolled his eyes when she gave us her sales pitch. It made me think of Slotharingia's signature. :D
  2. You call BG's take "more realistic," I call it the same checklist with a patina of nostalgia.
  3. Has anyone else noticed that the skills you get as a Watcher/Herald of Berath change depending on (I assume) your dispositions? Phantoms of the Lost Chorus of the Lost Mercy for the Lost Sympathy for the Lost No Pity for the Lost Commandment of the Lost No Time for the Lost Visage of Death's Herald Ire of Death's Herald Mien of Death's Herald Wit of Death's Herald Awe of Death's Herald Cruelty of Death's Herald Majesty of Death's Herald Raiment of Death's Herald I got "Wit of Death's Herald" I assume because "Clever" is my highest disposition. Which ones did you get? Can you tell which disposition they're associated with?
  4. I personally enjoyed having the returning companions. Except for the fact that there are 3 of them, and only 5 party slots now. It made it really painful to choose who to take with me. Maia is an interesting character, but because I HATE the RDC I am seriously considering just not recruiting her next time. Xoti is obnoxious but Priests are just too useful and she is the only character in the game with that class option. Next time I might tell her to keep the souls and let her go crazy so I can get that sweet, sweet Threshing lantern aura. Tekēhu is nice if only for all that ~PLOT RELEVANCE~ and being the only party member who can pull off the cool Huana clothing. Serafen is interesting in concept but his cipher subclass is VERY risky to use. He looks good in one of the cool Principi clothings though. Rekke, Ydwin, and to a lesser extent Mirke were more interesting than I thought they would be, and I hope they are expanded in DLC or in the next game. Konstanten and Fassina... not so much. Their motivations for joining the party were really weak. Fassina at least was fun to kit out as a weapon-summoning, touch-spell-using Conjurer, but Konstanten was boring.
  5. yeah this one xD He followed you even with only skull... He complains about you ruining his schemes, but he's just being tsundere. Secretly he follows you hoping you'll cut off his skull and carry it around as a pet for another game.
  6. If I wanted to give Pallegina the "Honor Guard Breastplate" with her starting armor's unique enchantments already applied to it, how would I go about doing that?
  7. Dammit, now I can't unhear "Part Of Your World" in his voice/accent...
  8. I was actually pleasantly surprised by the sidekicks. It's true that Rekke had way more content than the others, but I was expecting to like them way less than I did.
  9. Wow, that first one would be perfect for an aumaua moon godlike!
  10. There's a quest in The Gullet (the slum area of Neketaka where the Roparu live) where you speak to a Roparu elder about the food shortage and how to resolve it. One of the possible resolutions is to convince the Queen/Prince to take responsibility for the results of the caste system. If you manage to convince them to do so, you get a special ending slide for The Gullet talking about how the situation there has been improved. I also remember talking to Queen Onekaza about Neketaka, and she suggests that living in a city is unnatural for tribal people and asks what I think. The option I chose was something along the lines of, "I've seen the bottom of this city, and what I saw wasn't good." That seemed to give her something to think about. All of the other cultures in Eora have done horrible things to advance. Most of them have the benefit of hindsight now. Why take the Deadfire away from its native people just because they haven't advanced as far? That's my take, anyway. My favorite ending is siding with the Huana and asking Eothas to inspire kith by exposing Engwithan ruins throughout the Deadfire. I also like to keep the VTC around (under Castol) but RDC and pirates can **** off.
  11. But OP, Eothas, Galagains and Chadbydon are the best gods. Yes, a FIERY WHORE is also in their camp, but this isn't a perfect world...
  12. Only the new companions. And they're not bisexual, they're playersexual. Which is way worse. Xoti shows no interest at all in women unless it's a female watcher that's coming on to her.She gave my female Watcher a suggestive once over when they first met, and also grabbed her hand for support during her character quest in a way that felt like more than just emotional support iykwim. In the epilogue she even wrote me a letter saying I'll always be in her dreams. What??? Can't blame her for being more into Eder than Lady Watcher tbh. I mean, there's really no comparison when you put them side by side...
  13. Yeah, there are some equips that have fixed colors for some reason. All equipment should be color adjustable! And we need a cosmetic slot so we can wear clothing over armor.
  14. Maia is a female option, but I guess amazonian shark tomboys are an acquired taste.
  15. I'll be testing out the negative approval romance once the next wave of patches come out, so I'll let you know.
  16. I think this character archetype is intentional (notice Liara and Xoti are intended to be the poster girl romance option for straight male players and also kind of fit the "manic pixie dream girl" trope) Because I am a female as well though, manic pixie dream girl characters just piss me off! In a fantasy game I want to be the center of attention for once damn it.
  17. https://www.nexusmods.com/pillarsofeternity2/mods/56 Some of the character voices really grated on me and/or I personally felt they didn't match the character. I poked around in the audio files and tried deleting or swapping files to see if I could remove the voices I disliked, but still have "bark" voices. Overall, I'm satisfied with what I ended up with. One caveat of this mod: Xoti and Maia had a LOT of extra bark files because some are for high approval, low approval, or romance. I did not replace all of these files, since the player voice sets don't have that many different bark files available. So, there is a possibility that these ladies might suddenly go very quiet on you once you start a romance or sway her opinion of you very far in one direction or another.
  18. Anyone else kind of tempted to turn Xoti into a Harvester so they can be the most popular girl in the party? (and for that Threshing lantern aura... too good)
  19. I want to upgrade Fleshmender but I think the only Vithrack I've seen was a bounty and I don't remember what happened to his brain...
  20. The negative approval romance dialogue fits my Clever Watcher better than the positive approval anyway. She's a rogue with a heart of gold. Still hoping Rekke is a full companion with a romance in the next game though.
  21. In my next save file I'm going to do Aloth's negative approval romance and encourage him to stick to his mission. As soon as he leaves Rekke and I are going on a cruise to Yezuha.
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