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  1. I'll admit, I thought Deadfire was going in that direction. But, they would have to make that non-negotiable, right? And not giving players a choice to become a god or not when the theme of the game is "are gods real"/"what is the meaning of faith" wouldn't make sense.
  2. That isn't a bug. That is the line that reflects the highest possible approval from Xoti. It's triggering in the right place. Someone just needed to do a pass to make sure that reaction made sense.
  3. = Most human reaction ever. Really, it's the watcher's fault for accepting so many people with divided loyalties. Her hypocrisy around "trust me that this is for the best" might be very human, but I'll still hold it against her. That being said, in future playthroughs I will probably decline her company so that my party is less divided.
  4. Make Deadfire Great Again. Which faction would Trump side with?
  5. Please replay Pillars 1. Apart from the 2 Avellone-companions no companion has more than 5 3 minutes of dialoge and and 1 shallow quest. While I really dislike the Deadfire-companions on a character-level, they certainly don't have less content than the ones from P1. Which doesn't mean it's much either. I disagree. I'll leave it at that.
  6. Please compare companions in Pillars 1 to "companions" in Deadfire. It's already happened, and we're still paying for it. The addition of the relationship system makes it easier to overlook, I think.
  7. He's going to build a wall. And he's going to make the orlans pay for it.
  8. No one wants to hear this, but... after Sawyer said that "full" companions (and their associated personal quests) were very expensive to implement, and "sidekicks" were introduced, I immediately suspected that future games will have fewer (or none at all) "full" companions, and just a wide assortment of "sidekicks." They're cheaper to make, which means Obsidian can make more of them, which means players get a wider variety of class/subclass types to play with. Honestly, I liked the sidekicks more than I thought I would when they first announced as a stretchgoal. And since the "full" companions' quests and dialogue was dramatically cut compared to Pillars 1, the sidekicks didn't look like such a downgrade. I do hope that in future installments the dumbed-down companions get more dialogue/interactions than, say, Ydwin or Konstanten in Deadfire - especially if they will be replacing what we consider "full" companions entirely. I would also like for ALL of the dumbed-down companions to have unique classes/subclass/skills, to further set them apart from the player, hirelings, and one another. Still expensive, but hopefully not as expensive as the companions from Pillars 1.
  9. Ugh, the worst part about Maia is how throughout her companion quest if you question her she tells you to trust that she's doing the right thing. But she won't do the same for you.
  10. If it was Rymrgand and Magran... Needs 3 bulging eyes. YOU HAD ONE JOB!
  11. I took screenshots of the conversation with Eder (at +1 rep) that gave me the feeling that he thinks the Watcher is too creepy to date because they are a Watcher:
  12. This is amazing! I thought it was a wasted opportunity that Pike and Scanlan weren't orlans and Grog wasn't an aumaua.
  13. Jingle Bells~ Eothas Smells~ Pallegina laid an egg~ Caed Nua II sank into the blue~ And the Watcher died again~
  14. I voted for Rekke, but he only beat out Ydwin because I think he's cute. Both of them have interesting backstories that I'd like to see explored as full companions.
  15. Avian Godlike MC: LEMME SMASH Avian Godlike MC: PLEASE Pallegina: PER COMPLANCA POSTENAGO
  16. All new portraits found are most likely from incoming DLC. So companion is not out of the question. Since most of the portraits found are Pale Elves, I wonder if this godlike is also a Pale Elf?
  17. If Skaen godlike are considered the most misshapen ones... makes me wonder if I want to know what THEY look like
  18. How DARE he!? My OC is the PERFECT woman for him! AND I think he's hot! How can this be possible???
  19. And the Watcher isn't given the option to slap him and tell him, "I'M RIGHT HERE! LOVE ME AND WE CAN HAVE A BEAUTIFUL LIFE TOGETHER!" ...or, you know, convince him in a less dramatic fashion.
  20. Did you try expressing romantic interest in him as an Orlan? That was a pretty "WTF!" moment.
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