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  1. hmmm didnt read all the topic , so the following is only my personnal feeling i Like to play with fun builds ( i mean i do more Rp build ( one of my char is an inquisitor called Casandra Rivan darcozzi paladini who had a a far far familiy link with a certain lucia rivan ^^ anyway thats my fun ) . I love the combat part but not solo i like to play with companion before the patch i ran really too easily in normal and veteran and i enjoyed the potd but now with my way to play i m stucked with veteran level ..... i need to really micro manage everything during fight and IF one thing is goind wrong it s the end. so Normal is too easy and boring veteran for me is Boring cuz too much micro management and theory crafiting and most of it the addition to the encounters are ...... hmm odd drake everywhere ? ? ? army of critters ?? not really lore friendly So maybe adding a level of difficulty bringing back the old potd will be a nice way to satisfy everyone Cuz i perfectly understand some people play the game only for the challenge of the combat engine some only for the story ^^ but i guess many people are somewhere between the two extrem my two cents
  2. - quest fixes - Faction reputation fix and more rep dilemna , for example you chase principi ships with bounty ...... fine but at some point the principi should start to hunt you too - and speaking about principi as it s obvious there are two principi faction why no two differents reputations ? old guard young guard ^^ - more different solutions to end some quests, there"s allready a lot of work done here as there are many ways to end quests but not enough in my opinion for some. - Companions and no sidekick or make sidekick companions ( mirke , rekke , Ydwin , fassina are all good candidates the only one i find a bit fade is konstanten ) - i would really love to have a party of 6 instead of 5 not for combat reason just because i traditionnaly travel with the same team all along the game and so i miss some of the funny interaction and dialogue between companions - more crew members , ( btw did someone notice that if in dunnage you don't start the event in the tavern , there are 3 more crew members to recruit ^^ ) and also no dual position for a crew member when you first recruit it - more special ships ( ever dream of a Nautilus powered by animancy ^^ and to explore the depth of sea ) well i would love that - a new way to manage the group its insane to be oblige to be in a tavern or on ship to make change in your team - a way to see skills tree not only when you level up - would be nice to be able to respec the dual or mono class choice you do for companions and of course Dlc extending the story
  3. my question with reputation is : I m allready +5 with principi if i manage to get it down to -3 or - 4 it will not change the +5 from what i understand the color link will be purple and not red, so will it still make that special encounter trigger or do i need to start from an old save ? "that s a bit annoying to see that kind of stuff pieces linked to "faction reputation" there should be another way to get those pieces of stuff even if it s an harder way than just lowering a reputation and doing a fight my two cents
  4. i thought it would be great to have an altenate way to obtain the submarine , you can have the fonferrus and sail it before making a faction choice for the final , i was hoping the same for the submarine ^^ and agree 100 % the fonferrus need something apart from esthetic to make it special my two cents
  5. aim spirente is a obsidian adaptation of that one ^^ and my favorite , i was so surprised to find this song in game good job anyway with all those musics ^^
  6. ok odd.... i went back to port maje after quite a while , still no dialogue icon with eder , but i asked for a talk and the quest began
  7. i listened to them at first, then when they asked for a sacrifice i just took the option to fight, there s a group of cultist , and then i decided to explore the whole tiny map , i encountered a skaen priest , and well he dropped "unique boots" ( dex +1 , athetism +1 , +5 reflex )
  8. Hello all , ok i m quite surprised with his quest, it s my second run in the game and the only thing i changed is a bit of background from PE1 ending and now the personnal quest of Eder won't pop up , i was just wondering if it is because of the choice i did : "reinforcing Eder faith" in the companions ending selection or if it s a bug and if it s a bug if there s a way to still initiate the quest thanks for you answers
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