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  1. In this situation what "evil" option would you prefer? Not have one? Why should a selfish and ambitious character even bother with an old lady and her cats? We don't know if the OP is defining "evil" as selfish and/or ambitious. I asked what "evil" option the OP would prefer the player to have in this scenario because after two pages he has yet to say what exactly he is referring to when he says "evil".
  2. Not quite. I was contrasting consequentialism with the type of deontology that derives the rightness or wrongness of one's actions from the specific action itself rather than the outcomes of the action. Broadly speaking deontology does require a codified set of rules which naturally could vary depending on the person however in this scenario in which I was trying to create a binary morality meter I'd say it's safe to assume the deontological set of rules would be those that most could agree on. (e.g. killing is wrong, stealing is wrong and so on).
  3. Even for a 'binary continuum' that's still too black and white. If they were to limit the morality to two simple options deontologism versus consequentialism would be preferable. Mass Effect sort of did this I a half-arsed heavily biased kind of way. Ideally though there won't be this kind of moral simplicity.
  4. I don't care at all. For me what matters most is the setting. If the setting demands that some languages are not able to be intuitively pronounced then they should not be able to be intuitively pronounced. Just as languages in the real world don't contort to my needs and force me to adapt, so should the languages of the setting. As long I have the means to find out how a word is pronounced I'll be content.
  5. What are these differences? Physically these differences are where hair grows on them. Wild Orlans are covered with a coat of hair on every inch of their bodies, including the face. On the other hand Hearth Orlans have tufts of hair the ears, but otherwise the face is covered with hair much like a typical human. The Orlan detective concept depicts a Hearth Orlan. I love how these types of questions are always answered. Thanks.
  6. I'm not making any value judgment about "white" individuals. "White" does equal "privileged," though. That's not insulting. It's simply a fact. False. White privilege is not a 'fact' it is a non-scientific theory that proposes an explantion for various inequalities in society. It's a very contentious term and by no means "agreed" as a fact. One may subscribe to the idea and use it as a paradigm to interpret the world but they should not delude themselves into believing it's an objective reality.
  7. This seems arbitrary. Why should the inclusion of bigotry be dependent on how major a theme it is? Would you advocate the absense of politics in the world of P:E if it wasn't a major story theme? I personally prefer all aspects of the setting to be fleshed out regardless of how major a "theme" they are in the core story. This made me lol. Not trying to be a jerk or anything, but apparently sexism, racism and other kinds of bigotry no longer plague us? Come now, friend: be a little more reasonable. Unless you're part of the privileged class/race/sex/etc, you'd be aware that stuff like thi
  8. This is likely a contentious issue. Personally, when it comes to medieval fantasy I prefer the setting to be rife with sexism, racism and all the other kinds of bigotry that plagued antiquity. Multicultural societies should be have deep racial and cultural tensions, mixed racial and mixed species couples should be an anomally often met with scorn, women in traditionally "masculine" roles should be a rarity and discriminated against and so on and so forth. The A Song of Ice and Fire setting would be an excellent example of this. So the question I ask is would you prefer a setting ri
  9. There's a 700 year gap between early firearms and the firearms we have today. I think you'll be fine.
  10. Although I've loved everything I've heard about Project Eternity and am pretty confident I'm going to be invested in this franchise for quite a while I hope they'll take a break after PE + its expansion and try and create another cRPG IP. Some of the ideas they've mentioned in interivews have been quite interesting.
  11. I'm afraid I must strongly disagree with the OP. I can understand the appeal in taking a more dynamic "show don't tell" approach when revealing the many intricacies of the setting and perhaps for the most part I'd actually advocate for games and most other visual mediums to take this approach. However, Project Eternity is a roleplaying game, and as a roleplaying game I must have sufficient knowledge of the ins and outs of the setting before I even begin to roleplay a character. With a game codex I at the very least have a working knowledge of the setting/lore and thus am able to determ
  12. A personal beef I had with the economic depiction in DA:O was that everything was distributed at the same monetary rate everywhere. If something was worth one gold piece in the capital city it'd be worth the same in a back alley slum. A game that [suprisingly] depicted a more traditional capitalistic market was Paper Mario: TTYD. The cost of inns would be dependent on the expected wealth of the local area and the price of an item would be dependent on the area in which it was bought and not exclusively just the item itself. Naturally this could be exploited. Example: You could purchase
  13. Suprised this doesn't have a few more posts. Anyways Called it.
  14. Why not both? When I play a roleplaying game I like the setting to be as developed and cohesive as possible. A fully fleshed out and organic economy would only enhance both the setting and the game for me. As a matter of fact I recall one thread on these boards requesting for the writers to take into account the commodity of magic and how it would influence the economy when constructing the setting. Example: the idea that raw materials would lose value and instead it would be the unique products of artisans that would be in highest value and demand. Little stuff like that would not on
  15. Oh god this is still a thing? Personally I do enjoy romances in RPGs as they are simply another means to help define my character and enhance the roleplaying experience. However if including romances creates the same insane culture that now surrounds the Bioware fanbase than I sure as hell want none of that for Project Eternity.
  16. I suppose they could both use the same loopy inter-dimensional kickstart autoconveyor gadget to travel somewhere and leave it a mystery as to where it came from. Ick. God I hope not. Cross overs are more often than not horribly contrived and hurt the setting more than they help it.
  17. I think you'll find it's actually just every few weeks, 3 - 4 of the same people keep bumping the same thread providing little to no actual content. Personally I've quite liked the artwork Obsidian has shown so far. If the portraits are of the same quality as that orlan piece we saw I'll be quite happy.
  18. Well from what I gathered from the post it wasn't the promiscuity that was the issue. Rather it was the fact that her promiscuity pretty much defined her whole character.
  19. I do love me some dragons and I do hope they're in PE, but god I hope they're nothing like how they're depicted as of late. Rather then just clever animals that amount to nothing more than a bag of xp I hope they're the more traditional style of dragon who is an intelligent, rare, mysterious and powerful creature who can't be simply taken down by the player with relative ease. Also I'm not a fan of a lot of the designs put forth in this thread. Stick with the classics.
  20. Dréag or driug? It's the Gaelic form of draugr (like Skyrim's zombies) and the language fits with PE's Aedyran language. Personally I don't mind zombie, it's the silly ones like "walker" that bother me.
  21. The origins in DA:O were fun but I vastly prefer the tabula rasa approach.
  22. Add another vote to the hatred of any 'new world' accents in fantasy settings. Especially American. Personally I'd rather instead of having the typical british accent as the standard/most common accent we instead have something else. Since the old Aedyran language has some kind of old-english/gaelic vibe to it I'm hoping/thinking the standard accent will be something like Scottish or Irish.
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