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  1. Wow I did not know about Eric and the Gazebo. "'It's too late. You've awakened the Gazebo; it catches you and eats you.'" This made me laugh. However I think from this day on I will view gazebos through different eyes :s
  2. May I proudly present my personal coat of arms? All honors go to LordCrash for this Thank you
  3. Welcome! Please choose a title Rabidlamb. Uhm... Is it me or... has dlux not noticed the title given by Rabidlamb? "The Berk Cutter of the Obsidian Order"
  4. I see your concern. I just noticed for myself: The same announcement but made by a certain other company would have a much different impact on me than by Obsidian. You gave the answer yourself: It is faith. So the difference is, I can believe in Obsidian Entertainment to handle this properly. I would not believe in certain other companies...
  5. More stretch goals could mean more money and having to add more content. More content means spending more time for creating that content. At the same time however you can afford to hire more people working for you with the additional money, which would mean less time spending. More content means bigger game and can increase the chance of pleasing a bigger audience, which can mean more customers. On this stuff, we can only speculate. I do not have insight in the staff of Obsidian Entertainment, nor in their financial situation. I am not able to tell what the guys at Obsidian Entertainment can do or cannot do with what amount of money. I do not have insight in this company. This is why I would prefer an offcial opinion of somebody working there on this issue than mere speculation.
  6. Hey Fellas, concerning the latest update: "Additionally for our $500 backers and above, we will let you put your name and a personalized message on a memorial stone in game. Your unique message will be encoded into Glanfathan runes, and can be decoded using a unique in-game ring. It's a way for all of us to remember your large contribution to Project Eternity." I wondered a few things that I would like to discuss here. (If you are below 500$ backer, just assume you had donated 500$ or above) 1) Would you enter your real name or a nickname? And Why? 1a) Does the issue of data protection influence this decision? 2) What message would you enter? A general saying, idiom, or something very personal? I'm torn on the subject of the real name (out of data protection reasons), that is why I want to see what you guys think about this. But feel free to discuss anything else here related to the memorial stone as well.
  7. I'm okay with: "I do not like it" I'm not okay with "I do not like it hence it should not be ingame" (especially when it is optional) I have seen this so many times before, no matter if it's the bioware forum, the BG:EE forum or here: People not wanting optional stuff ingame because they are not gonna use it. 1) It is optional, you can avoid it 2) The game is not developed just for you, there may be someone out there who likes this optional content. The decision if this someone should get optional content is the developers one, not yours. 3) Concerning the argument: "Only optional stuff for majorities should be added, because the devs could save time if they did not implement options for minorities (and spend that time on other stuff)": a) Maybe one day you will want to have something implemented that only a few players want (i.e. you may belong to a minority yourself one day concerning an ingame feature). b) Once again: It is the developers decision: They decide if they can afford the time to add optional content. And what content this may be. Out of a game-developers view: I would really like to know how they see it: Adding a content for a minority that absolutely did not expect it and is grateful for it. Or adding a content for people who believe themselves to be majority and take it for granted that they are being catered to.
  8. And we all know who this mighty allfluffly utmost tasty Marshmallow God is! *coughs* *puffs up chest*
  9. Haha funny! When I first checked your symbols I thought you had missed that one, so I went google to find it and came to the same conclusion: They never made one. Eh.. wait... Did someone call me "roasted" ? -.-
  10. Baldur's Gate Baldur's Gate Tales of the Sword Coast Baldur's Gate 2 Shadows of Amn Baldur's Gate 2 Throne of Bhaal Icewind Dale Icewind Dale Heart of Winter Icewind Dale 2 Planescape: Torment To sum it up: All of the Infinity Engine RPGs (or simply: The most awesome awesomeness of RPGs ever)
  11. Okay this is the plan: Mighty Kerfluffles is the final boss of the mega dungeon. When you defeat it you can rip off a tiny part of it and animate it. From then on tiny Kerfluffles will be your loyal pet and follow you whereever you go.
  12. Wow, did I hear right? An animated gelantinous cube named Kerfluffles as a pet? Sounds great :D BTW @ Obsidian As feedback: I'm fine with this pet, because it is vanity. However please understand that people are very very sensitive to this kind of concept because of what EA is doing with its games. When you go this way, some people may fear you go some other ways as well that EA has gone... It's a thin line... As you see even though it's a vanity pet, there are already some complaints.
  13. Candlekeep Tutorial doesnt bother me so much. Does anyone remember NWN1 though? Going through all that stuff in the academy? That was annoying...
  14. Omg it's official now: I'm member of the Obsidian Order :D Free marshmallows for everyone And hello to my new Obsidian Order pals
  15. The flaming fist is the Law and Order along the sword coast mainly known from the Baldurs Gate series of games. "We serve the flaming fist" is their motto. I have killed many, MANY flaming fist members in my time. Ah... so theres another way the Obsidian Order can exceed the Flaming Fist in number of members... Either get more recruits for OO or reduce the amount of Flaming Fists...
  16. Hey I'm new here, and I want to join the Obsidian Order. I have already raised my pledge by 8$. I want the following title: "Fluffy Marshmallow of the Obsidian Order" (which is as well my kickstarters name atm)
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